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Any Miltary Men? 20yr (98284, Sedro Woolley, Washington)
I'm going to be perfectly honest. I'm looking for a miltary man. It doesn't really matter which branch, or even if you're just retired miltary. I'm an Army brat who has had the miltary be a big part of her life since day one. I don't know why its just seems like I'm more at ease with a man in uniform. Easier relate to I guess. I am looking for an LTR, but would like to really get to know the guy before becoming too serious. I guess I should write a little about myself. I'm a student and am getting a major in English lit. I'm also finishing up the last few chapters of a book I've been writing and hope to someday get published. I enjoy movies, music of all kind, food, reading, walking, fishing, baseball games, travel, and laughing. I'm a go with the flow kind of person. If any of this sounds interesting please messege me. Hope to hear from you soon.

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I dont want to live my life without you..... 21yr (Sedro Woolley, 98284, WA )
I am a bbw, mature, honest, hardworking, smart and seeks a man for my life time. A perfect guy would be one that lives alone, work and has charming characters. But are we perfect? I am just needing someone to go on a few dates with who doesn''t want to get in my [ants on the second, a man that actually realises that life is short and wants to enjoy the better thiungs in ife . I am in the palm beach area. We could meet asap and start getting to know each other. Race, weight are not even considered......its the person within. I am understanding and do not discriminate. look for ward to hear from ONLY serious guys........

Extra ticket to great America 32yr (Sedro Woolley, Washington )
I thought this would be a great way to get to know someone. So I'm looking for a gentleman between 30-40. I'm looking for someone who is good looking, college educated, single, loves to laugh, & has their stuff together, as I'm all those things. So if you are interested in spending a fun day next weekend with this cutie, let me know why I should pick you & your favorite ride in the title. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Friday Night Chat? 40yr (98284, Sedro Woolley, WA, Skagit County)
Looking for some interesting conversation on this Friday evening... I'm in my early 40' educated... You...preferably over 35 and not married or attached..... Let's chat and see where it takes us....

BRUNETTE. 39yr (98284, WA, Skagit County)
Is there really a man out there for me ready to be honest, and ready for the real thing? If I find out a person is not truthful I lose interest. I am the woman for you IF you are man enough. Ideally, I would like a man 38-45, big hands, big muscles, big heart, big man..I'm successful with my non smoking and prefer the same. Also, I am a social drinker so please, no alcoholics. I'm not into any fetishes, and prefer romance. Be successful in your career as I am in mine. I love what I do, but when we go out I want to be your princess, seeking an affair treat me like one, and you will be my king. I love dance outdoor activities, I am not a couch potato! I adore animals, and you can be one too, If you have young children, I'm not interested, as mine are grown up. I am latina, tall, tan, and nice and look forward to meeting my next love, not a one night stand...send me e mail WITHOUT picture and lets chat first. if our conversation goes well, then we can exchange pictures.

I was eating CHERRY GARCIA and.. !! 40yr (98284, Sedro Woolley, WA)
I had a flashback to the 80's ! ''She's got everything delightful she's got everything I need crazy in the sunlight, yes,indeed..'' Who am I? A damsel in distress? Reaching out for the right caress? You think it's easy to talk about me? It was easier hanging out in Haight Ashbury! I miss the 80's, when everyone was mellow... Guys today are detached sorta paranoid fellows! Back in the days of Sunshine Daydream, plenty of guys were crazy for me. Called me ''Scarlet Begonia,'' I was so fair.... Had the most beautiful thick ash blonde hair.. But that was then and this is now.. I'm no longer a flower child... Still maintain the same attitude, ..don't worry about $$$, I like a sensitive dude, if he's a writer, artist or making a film, chances are I could go for him. I'm so vulnerable, read Moby Dick, cried for the whale, thought Ahab was a prick. Of course you want to know how I appear.. I look like an Irish milkmaid; I'm very fair You're wondering if I'm crazy, maybe a fool? On the other hand I might be - very cool. I've lived in other countries & just moved back to NYC I'm petite & ''sensuous,'' my ex-boyfriends said.. One was a Yalie ''Phi Beta Kappa,'' the other a Deadhead. I'm in between the wild and the sane ...a poet & idealist.. NOT mundane I'd like to meet an exciting guy..tall, still hot looking, MONOGAMOUS ,WELL READ, down to earth..who's more fascinated by falling stars than MOVIE stars..enjoys the BLUES, has the depth to appreciate a woman for her inner strength and creativity, not just her BODY Able to write music a +..guitar player ++ SENSE OF HUMOR +++ LIBERAL ++++ doesn't talk about his PAST +++++... If you are looking for a roll in the hay..sorry, babe ..that's not my thing ! PLEASE REPLY W/ A PIC ! PAX et AMOR

Older, wiser, highly intelligent, veggie in2 higher consciousness 43yr (Sedro Woolley, Washington )
I would love to meet someone cerebral, who knows how to and enjoys writing letters and expressing himself, but also knows how to listen and be there for someone else. Listen to their stories and not make it all about themselves. Self confidence is better, cockiness is out! I am a higher consciousness person, veggie and possibly 80% vegan, into self improvement of the mind, body and soul. Not interested in atheistic beliefs unless you want to learn something new. They are as trying as Christians and the very religious. I love and prefer the deliciously open minded and highly discerning. I prefer a chap that is keen on friendship and not ready to rush into anything, but also not afraid of love or scarred by past succubi to the point where he cannot function or distrusts all women, or plays games. . May your medulla oblongata be functioning, your cerebral cortex be splendid and your cognitive reasoning switch be ON. Hello! I am also very gay friendly.. so if you don't resonate to this ad, pass it on to someone gay who wishes and desires lifelong friends. Afterall, lovers come and go right? Friends are forever. Im goodlooking which is a complete and utter anomaly considering I am a huge sci fi fan. Yes, my brethren in these areas are four eyed and plentiful.. but I have never been adverse to the plain johns in this world, provided they have an exemplary vocabulary and a scintillating personality . Hey! Sexiness is between the ears, in the soul and slapping you about the head.... if you don't know that by now, may you finally figure that out before its not too late. lol Its extremely important that you share some of my interests in metaphysics, astrology, past life, hypnosis, etc. I am very interested in space sciences, thought, consciousness, hypnosis, hypnotherapy etc. Its all good, its all exciting and Im in the throes of it. I would like some life partners who will tread this narrow road with me. I also am very much into vegetarianism for my love of animals, not so much health reasons but thats a splendid side effect. I believe my talents in this life are writing, creating beauty, music and healing. I am looking for my kindred spirits, people who ''get me'', and people who arent constantly sabotaging something or arguing. I do NOT believe opposites attract, I think they irritate. I believe the only reason anyone said this is that the ''opposite'' they were referring to, were possibly, beautiful, and they became disoriented. I highly respect animals, I seek those that are into saving them.. and ppl with a high regard for this planet. Also interest in UFO's and et's is greatly appreciated. I didnt have to wait for Stephen Hawking to agree that ET's were out there, I already knew. Thanks for asking. I like to work out, hike, bike, sometimes swim. I seek to teach and LEARN. Learning would be novel and I would appreciate it. :) I would like to attend the gay parade this year on the 11th, so whether you are gay or not, Id like to go. I have missed it TEN YEARS IN A ROW and I really want to see myself going there. Not interested in effeminate men, foot lovers, asian enthusiasts, bipolars or borderline disordered.. or overly sensitive! A thicker hide and an easy laugh is IDEAL. ... AND.... NO roving eyes or Shallow Hal's PLEASE. Yes, even I have my preferences. A de-focus on body parts would be cool. An appreciate for the whole person and their mind is great. So...functioning wordy mind... sweet, compassionate non-effeminate manner, no foot in mouthes speak, focus on health, gay friendly and love to go to clubs too, is very important. I have no interest in staring at walls because I did that in relationship and that has got to go!!! I want to have fun in this life.. always seeking an affair forever, no matter what age I am. I am a very young type person, I click with ALL AGE GROUPS, although I prefer my age group because they have seen so much of the same changes I have and can relate to me and I to them. Im a quality person.. I hope you are too. Id love to learn something NEW from you.. something to include into my repertoire of interests. I have all the same interests most people here in Socal have.. film, art, parks, hiking, whatever. But Im a whole lot more. A few LONG detailed revealing letters showing our commonalities will certainly have me on the phone. But please, dont ask me if Im ''real''.. I AM.. more than most I have met.. and don't pressure me to the phone, thats usually a disaster. Tell me WHAT you think we have in common. I also like a man who takes initiative, goes after what he wants.. and pursues.. much better than having to butch up and do it myself. Im tired of being the man! lol!

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we (Sedro Woolley, 98284 , Skagit County)
the most amazing gorgeous brilliant princess seeks the real man who is seriously ready to get married, secure easy going responsible successful caucasian 21-27 smoke/divorced/kid/facial hair/lying/games/disrespect/d/d/drama free, healthy happy mind & body. this is seeking an affair real deal !!!!!!! please do not ask for pic, i cant send it. lets keep it simple, we just email & talk & meet for a blind date ok ! sincerely, thank you