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Mixed 25 year old seeking older man 25yr (24301, Pulaski, Virginia)
I am looking for someone to get to know that is an older man. I just got out of a long term relationship that headed know where but down. I want someone that is fun, that can make me laugh and not be scared of a little feistiness in a younger woman. I dont want a man that is insecure or full of drama. I am very attractive, which I am told always. I am 100% real, and do not want any flakes or spammers. I am mixed with black and white, 25 years old and 5'6. and just finished up the semester and now have nothing to do until next semester. I would like a man that is smart, and can hold a conversation. You must be able to take care of yourself as I am not looking to take care of a grown man. I would love it if you owned your own business or had and executive position. Sorry, for the other man, I just got out of a relationship where I payed all the bills because my ex was always spending money before I can get to his account. Now the best part. I am pregnant, and know I am not looking for someone to be dad to my child. This is a plus for a man because you wont have to worry about me wanting any kids in the future because I have my own. I am classy, upscale and love to explore life. I refuse to be treated like trash or a ghetto girl. I want a man to treat me like his baby or princess. If you think you meet my standards please send a picture of yourself and you will get one of mines...Once again, I am attractive regardless of my current situation. Remember I wont be pregnant forever so dont look at that as a flaw.

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i just want one gorram drink 21yr (24301, Pulaski, VA, Pulaski County)
I'm not a particularly nice woman. I like being by myself, I'm the best form of entertainment I have. However, I'm not completely unsociable. What I want is very simple, I have no screwed up fetishes and I am not a psychopath desperately looking for love on the internet. I just want to have a glass of wine and talk to someone moderately normal. If that's you and you don't plan on sending me a picture of your disfigured, alien like genitals, please email me. Basic info: 5'7'', 142 lbs. precisely caucasian, unruly mass of jewfro curls. Thank you and goodnight. Pictures will in turn produce pictures.

Goth gurl seeks goth boi 24yr (Pulaski, 24301, VA )
I'm not your average girl I don't act much like a girl, I don't dress like a typical girl. I'd rather wear combat boots and bondage pants then a skirt and heels. I have black spikey hair, piercings, a couple tattoos, and I intend to get alot more body modifications done in the near future. I guess if your to label me my style would be considered goth/punk. But there's alot more to me than meets the eye. I like to have fun, I smoke alot, I drink alot, and I don't say no to drugs. But I also have a steady head on my shoulders, I work alot, and I love my job. I fix and build computers for a living. Music is more important to me than anything or anyone else.. music is life, music is everything I love all types of music except for country and rap and there are a few exceptions in those genre's that I like. I'm especially fond of industrial/j-rock/goth/alternative. I love technology, computers, android phones, etc I'm a geek at heart. I love the darker side of things, the occult, dark humor, dark art, dark music, dark fashion and dark literature.. I am a LaVeyan Satanist, Deal with it. I enjoy wandering through cemetries, going to the industrial club, causing havoc downtown and being mischievous I also enjoy staying home and playing video-games, hanging out and snuggling. I am a bit obsessive with Japanese culture, my favorite musician is Japanese, I love manga/anime, J-RPGs I love the fashion, one of my odd quirks is that I only eat with chopsticks. Yes I LOVE Nihon. And I intend to move there eventually. I'm looking for someone who appreciates music, art, and literature as much as me someone who has a dark personality like mine, but a good heart as well. Someone who is extremely passionate and sexual, someone who would be submissive to me, as I am a domme. Someone who is faithful and loyal, sweet and caring. someone who can have fun in almost any situation. A man that is not afraid to dance, a man that is not afraid to be passionate, anyplace, anytime Someone open with his sexuality, perhaps even bi-sexual. He has to be in touch with his feminine side, I like girly boys.. it's just my thing, and no that does not mean cross-dressers, just guys that are feminine in looks, androgynous even. I need someone who makes this a lifestyle like me. Someone that can stay out all night even when they have work the next morning, someone that can be completely random, almost crazy, someone adventuress, someone strange. Someone that only likes to go out at night. Personality of course is the most important thing and if you lack one, don't bother contacting me. I prefer younger guys, however age is just a number, so if you really think we'd be a good match, don't worry if your a few years older. I will send you a picture if you send me one in your email.

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looking for a cool dude. bonus points if red head - w4m 24yr (Pulaski, 24301 , Pulaski County)
hi, im just looking for a cool dude.. i have brown hair, but i really like read heads aka gingers lol.. but yea its cool if your not one also, but yet a bonus if you are.. im not your average girl.. i like car shows, movies, gaming, music..well reply with a pic if you fit the description, peace

38 Reasons to Answer this Ad 20yr (Pulaski, Virginia )
Well, gentlemen of the internet, here's yet another list ad. Why list? Why not. Include a picture in your response and you'll get one in return. Here goes nothing. 1. I'm funny. 2. I seeking an affair appreciate a good boeuf bourguignon. 3. Or a Taco Bell quesadilla. 4. I have pretty hair. 5. I'll run my fingers through yours. 6. I'm a pretty good handy-woman. 7. I'm well-read. 8. I have great friends. 9. I'm studying to be something badass. 10. I know all sorts of random trivia. 11. I sing. 12. I'm still wide-eyed enough about this city to do all kinds of touristy stuff. 13. I clean up nice. 14. I have a funny accent . 15. I speak fluent French. 16. I won't degenerate into the crazy jealous girlfriend. 17. I'm not fat. 18. I love cozy nights in. 19. I love spontaneous nights out. 20. I sort of hate the bar scene...a lot. 21. I throw a mean dinner party. 22. I can throw a mean Superbowl party too. 23. Non-sequiturs are my specialty. 24. I'm fiercely loyal to family, friends and loved ones. 25. I have bizarre musical tastes. 26. I'm pretty damn sarcastic, but hardly ever truly offensive. 27. That said, I'm into politics. 28. I really like yoga. 29. I don't have baggage. 30. I have some ridiculous stories to tell. 31. I want to hear yours. 32. I play piano. 33. I don't spend millions of hours watching TV, but I sort of love House. 34. I want to be convinced by you to watch your favourite TV shows instead. 35. Intelligent discussions beats out club-hopping, every time. 36. I'll tell you my wildest dreams and guiltiest pleasures if you tell me yours. 37. I don't know exactly what I'm looking for, but I'll know the moment I find it. 38. I'm smart, I'm funny, I'm pretty. Shall we?

Seeking cute submissive type 33yr (24301, Pulaski, VA)
plain and simple. I'm seeking a smart, very cute , extra submissive, Caucasian . please send face pic only. and i'll send mine in return. please if you don't fit the ad, do not reply..

Beautiful Black Woman 36yr (Pulaski, Virginia seeking an affair guys, im here lookin for a job..ANy business owners or someone in a position to hire..please let me know

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HSV2 39yr (24301, VA, Pulaski County)
I'm not into drama if you are please pass me by. I have been in nursing almost all my life I care for people and see the good in all things. Iím a small town girl, whom love's to laugh, always looking to meet new friends maybe more if chemistry allows. I like cooking, BBQ, camping, fishing, all most all kinds of music, movies, long road trips, UFC, I enjoy the finer things in life. seeking an affair anything sounds good to you drop me a line. I will respond. I have pic to share.