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Lets chill 23yr (20110, Manassas, Virginia)
Lets have a few drinks and chill or smoke... cant host can travel..... 30 under please .....only pics get replies

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cute scientist in mood for fun with intelligent guy with a silly side 34yr (Manassas, Virginia )
May as well be honest and put it out there - my social circle has gotten smaller, friends are procreating, and I'm just not meeting anyone. I’m looking for a fun relationship that could move into serious territory if things seem right, but no need to rush it. I put my work in the title hopefully to attract the fellows willing to offer up some intelligent and witty conversations. I suppose I'm somewhat nerdy, but the hair is already down and contacts replaced the glasses long ago. I'm outgoing around the right people, avoidant of the overly sarcastic, and charmed by a kind, considerate man with a wicked gleam in his eyes. It will be important for me to make a connection with you and feel safe. I'd also enjoy gaining an activity partner for outdoorsy pursuits - biking, hiking, exploring new places in New England, but that's more on the long-term relationship side of things. I'm rather liberal so I hope to find someone with similar politics and a wish to make a contribution to our world. Here's some detail in list format: You: 30-39 yo.- at least 5'9'' Any race or ethnicity Non-smoker D & D free- but social drinker good. Politically liberal, at least on social issues Single- don’t want anyone with a wife, girlfriend, etc. Decent conversationalist Laughs easily- doesn’t take self so seriously Is interested in what you do for a living, or trying to get there Me: 34 yo- 5’8”- Caucasian redhead, thin Into outdoor activities but no set workout routine Non-smoker- Social drinker- D&D free Passionate and affectionate Warm, friendly- but with a slightly naughty side Busy- full time student, working part time, and play in a band, but very much want to fit someone in! Looks- I don't like to post a picture of myself but I'll happily send a picture if you reply with yours. Tell me a little bit about yourself . Feel free to risk a display of humor... If we are both interested, we’ll meet out in public to get to know each other better- and then take it from there! There has to be an intellectual/friendship connection before anything else would happen. Warning: I do discriminate on grammar and proper capitalization... :)

Hi there 61yr (20110, Manassas, VA, Manassas City County)
I am a professional woman who is comfortable in dress or jeans, warm but not overly social. I appreciate Art, music, love travel, photography. I enjoy visit museums and go to theaters, spending time with my friends, telling and hearing stories about life with others. I also love all kinds of animals and plants. I believe the best things in our life are not things, I think that our planet has place for every one. I am 5'7'', 135 Lb. Photo #1 - New York, May 2010. Photo #2 - Business trip to Hong Kong, July 2009. And yes, I tend to look younger than my age. I am not sure what the CL ad can do for us, but I willing to continual to try to use it as a connection tool. I know there is no such thing as a perfect match to anyone or any community, but I also I know the life would be all the more rich to share with a special person how has similar interests. I would like to have someone to discuss the days ordinary events as well as the big issues of the time. I am not looking for a relationship with romantic strings at this moment, but I do open to the greater possibilities. So, if are you there, Maybe we can have cup of coffee together? Please send your current photo with your apply. Thanks.

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looking 4 some1 2 spend time with 27yr (Manassas, 20110 , Manassas City County)

One Last Try...Im giving Up on CL...Prove Me Your My Guy...?!?!? 22yr (20111, VA, Manassas City County)
Okay One Last Try.... Hey whats up im 22 years old, im a single mom, and im well on my feet. I have a full time job, i have my own place, i have a car, and im looking for someone who is real. Im tired of being seems like every time i post a add people judge by a damn photo. I mean for real i dont think im ugly and im not hugely over weight. I work a Monday-Friday job. I love sports. I am a Bears, Cubs and a Blackhawks fan. I also love basketball and soccer i played both sports in High School. I love being outdoors, camping, boating, tubing, waverunners, typical summer fun. Summer is my favorite season out of seeking an affair year. Thats a little about me so let me say what im looking for in a guy. ~Im looking for someone who wants to hang out more than 2 days a week. ~Im looking for a WHITE male. ~Im looking for someone in the ages of 20-25 oldest 26 ~Joliet, CrestHill, Shorewood, Plainfield, Lockport, and New Lenox area are all somewhat close ~Im looking for someone thats average weight not to large. ~Im looking for someone to love my son as much as the will love me. ~Im not huge on sex, i like to make love not Fu&%..i believe there is a special time for that and its all about the right timing. ~If you like country music thats always a plus because im a country girl. ~Im not a huge parties or drinker so X that out. I dont ask for much i just want someone that its real, who is trust worthy, who is honest with me, and wants to be a boyfriend and maybe later on down the road be a husband. Im everything that i have said, i may be shy at first but i open up after i get to know you.

Is it really this hard to meet nice people? 26yr (20109, Manassas, VA)
Hi, Wow is it really this hard to meet really nice people. I am a pretty nice girl. Have good morals and values and am pretty smart. I like to have fun and laugh. I have a great sense of humor. I guess this is when people need to sell themselves but I find it immoral. I do not want someone to contact me based on my looks only. If the first thing you reply with is ''Pics?'' You will not get responded back to. I think it is immoral for both men and women to only want someone for their looks. Yes that is what we see and it attracts us but like what about friendship. You have to be 100% attracted to me just to be my friend? Really? Seriously? I read quite few of guys postings on here and yes I have seen some very handsome and gorgeous men but what they wrote just totally turned me off from contacting them. I like to know what you have to offer me mentally, emotionally, and psychologically. I mean if most of you men even understood english maybe we will get somewhere. I do not care about your money or you taking me shopping I can do that myself. Why do most of you have your shirts off in your post? Like seriously? What you don't have enough in your head that you have to use the next best thing you got ''Your body'' You might not realize it but you are informally prostituting yourself in so many words. I am not being mean but like and I do not know how true this is lol it's actually pretty hilarious. Ok if you are looking for a friend and you exchange pictures etc then why would the guy say ''Oh sorry it's not going to work'' Does that mean he had some ulterior motives even though he said he was only looking for a friend? Hmm pretty sad right I just laughed when I heard that story because it was pretty hilarious. I am not going to waste anymore time ranting but like if there are any truly nice guys out there who are looking for friends possibly more then reply back and lets conversate and see where it may lead us.

Spring fling? 37yr (Manassas, 20110, VA )
Hi there! So I woke up this morning and realized I had no plans, and I was excited at first. I can go shopping, finally start my Spring seeking an affair and maybe watch a movie later. But then I realized none of that sounds remotely fun! And since it looks like Spring is finally here to stay, I thought this might be the perfect weekend to meet someone new. So here's what I'm hoping to find..... First of all, nothing too serious, but something seriously fun. I'm attracted to guys who are confident and outgoing. It's perfectly fine if you're younger than me, but please be in your 30's. And of course I'd like to find someone who I find attractive, absolutely hilarious, fun, creative, and who knows how to have fun whether we're just hanging out at home or going out. If you're still reading you're probably wondering about me. I'm a girl next door type. I'm fun, easy-going, sarcastic, and I enjoy watching sports, reading, movies, restaurants, comedy clubs... basically just about anything as long as I'm with the right company. I'm affectionate, so if you're going to move away when I go to kiss you when the lights go down before the movie starts, we're not going to get along very well. And we definitely won't get on well if, when the movie is terrible, I lean over in the middle of it to put my hand on your thigh and whisper in your ear that I'd rather be at home and alone with you, and you don't get the hint and say you'd like to see the end of Russell Crowe as Robin Hood, as if we haven't seen enough versions of that movie already! Looks are subjective, but I generally don't have trouble meeting men. I'm on the shorter side , have long blonde hair and blue eyes, and since you're wondering, I'm a size 4. I'm smart enough to not expect to meet the love of my life on list, but optimistic enough to hope to meet someone who is fun who I can get to know, hang out with, and just take things from there. I'm not looking for a hook up or one night type of thing, so if you can't look past this weekend then I'm not the girl you should be responding to this morning. Perhaps a Spring fling? Sure, we could call it that, but let's just take it one date at a time and see where we go with it. Maybe we'll only be friends, and that's fine too - you can never have too many! STILL reading? Great! Then it's time to send me an email and please include a photo so I can send one back to you. Maybe we can even start to get to know each other later this evening over a bottle of wine. I look forward to hearing from you and even better... I look forward to meeting you!

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Share Summer With Me! 28yr (Manassas, Virginia )
I never said I was perfect, but I'm not that bad, either! seeking an affair one, I'm happy! I mean, not so happy that I'm perky, but I'm generally satisfied with my life. I have had some ups and downs--but really, haven't we all? It's just important, I think, to not let things get you down and make you mean and bitter in life. It's important to keep on pluggin' and keep on learning. Am I right? Also, though, I think it's important to keep on feeling things, and not let life deaden your responses to the world. This means I tend to be a little emotional... Not in an insane key-your-car kind of way, more of a tear-up-and-stress kind of way... I always return to rationality quickly, but I can't help my big, soft heart. I also respect my body. Which means that I really believe and know in my heart that being alive and conscious is a unique position to hold in this universe, and I want to squeeze every lucid, healthy moment that I can from it. Meaning I'm not much for drinking, smoking, and so on. I like to think--maybe too much--which means that I am fascinated by people, and always doing my own version of people-watching/critical analysis when out and about. I read a lot, I write a lot. I have many, many wide and varied interests. On the whole, I like to think I'm well-rounded, observant, perceptive, funny... I was born in Colorado, lived here my whole life. However, don't mistake me for your classic outdoorsy gal. I'm more introverted, indoorsy if you will. I do still like to go out and get dressed up, put on some heels or tight jeans, and be with friends late at night at a bar or something, but usually only for a few hours... Maybe I'm even kind of a wallfower... I like to leave the party when I'm still having fun and slip out unnoticed when no one is looking. I'm usually the DD because I'm the kind of person that people rely on to be responsible and level-headed. Plus, I don't really think drinking brings out my best side. Or anyone's for that matter, but I understand the reasons that people do drink, so I don't hate. People have called me ''mama'' since middle school, ha! However, there is one little person that calls me ''Mama'' legitimately--my lovely little daughter. Yeah, that's right. I'm rocking the single-mom lifestyle, too. Which brings me to what I'm looking for: Someone who can appreciate me. Truly, deeply, madly. I want to bestow upon someone the myriad gifts I have to offer: loyalty, affection, honesty, objectivity, humor, good food, excellent genetics communication, fun and freaky sex , and above all, companionship and unconditional love. I am looking for that certain chemistry as well... There have been men who have made my knees wobble with a kiss, and I can't settle for any less ever again. I've gotta say, I'm tall-ish, so I'm looking for the slightly taller guy. I know that's a terrible cliche, and I'm sorry to sound so shallow. I tend to like the darker skin, the brothas, if you will. And they tend to like me back, for whatever reason... Probably my big booty, lol. I'm fairly intelligent, so if you can make some commentary on the absurdities of life, that would be to your benefit as well. :-) Anyway. Summer is here, and I can't bear the thought of sitting through another 4th of July display alone...