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You Are The Executive Seeking True Elegance Beauty To Adore/Adorn You. 41yr (Saint Johnsbury, Vermont , New England)
I like the Executive/Business Type, a man I can look up to, I want to hear all your great stories. Good conversation , is a ''turn-on''... show and tell me more? If you are like me you have an appreciation for the finer things in life as well as the simple things, and if you are... then you must be the man who keeps showing up in my dreams each night and I am senseously waiting for you by the sea... joy7seas at gmail

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100 Reasons You Should... 33yr (Saint Johnsbury, 5819 , Caledonia County)
Here are 100 reasons you should get to know me. 1. I laughed out loud writing this list . 2. I don't mind Abba, I just mind Dancing Queen. 3. I don't mind taking out the trash either, or shoveling snow or vacuuming, but I don't care for doing dishes. 4. I might snore sometimes, I won't deny it. 5. I like spooning. 6. I live in jeans, which makes dressing up girlie all the more fun. 7. I'm easily amused, and I'll probably laugh at all your jokes. 8. Full moons still fascinate me. 9. I also wish on shooting stars. 10. I can ride a mechanical bull for 12 seconds. 11. I love the Red Sox, but I'm quite below fanatical. 12. I don't know how to strip tease, but that won't stop me from trying. 13. I love dogs. 14. I have a cat, but she acts like a dog. 15. I disdain Times New Roman. 16. I love beer- micro brews, not the cheap stuff. 17. Pro Thumb Wrestler. 18. I support small businesses. 19. Autumn is my favorite season. 20. I can raise both my eyebrows, independently, individually. 21. I'm a farm girl. 22. I love to do couple-y things like dinner with friends, grocery shopping, and watching movies. 23. I will do anything for my friends and family. 24. Turkey Hill Chocolate Peanut Butter is my favorite ice cream flavor. 25. I find 4-leaf clovers all the time. I guess that makes me lucky. 26. I don't care for reality TV. 27. I'm a dog-walker in my spare time. 28. I'm opinionated I'm opinionated I'm opinionated I'm opinionated I'm opinionated 29. There's something about Irish pubs that makes me feel like I'm home. 30. I was in Time Magazine. 31. I've saved 2 people from drowning 32. I don't cook much, but the few recipes I have are good ones. 33. I love cars. 34. I've lived in New England my whole life, but don't know how to ski. 35. I like, no, LOVE HGTV. 36. If I like you, you'll know it, I'm very direct. 37. Sure, I'm looking for love. 38. I can't sing. 39. I'm all for guys night out. 40. I don't freak out very easily. 41. I care about how your day was. 42. Diners & dives rock. 43. I am stable, no baggage, emotionally reasonable, take good care of myself, have a successful career, and somehow just ended up single. 44. I don't have an unreasonable amount of shoes. 45. Scary movies do scare me. 46. I'm an optimistic person. 47. Mmmm, sleeping late together on a Sunday morning. 48. I'm pretty low maintenance. 49. I'm 33, and a Scorpio. 50. I love live music of all kinds. 51. I don't mind doing what you want to do. 50% of the time. 52. I'm 5'6'' dark hair, dark eyes, average build. 53. I love the smell of cut grass. 54. I'm hi-tech, I love software, technology, innovation, science, new ideas, great thinkers, great do-ers. 55. I'll try to tickle you, even when you say you're not. 56. Race ya. 57. I'd like to like your friends. 58. I don't mind if you check out that woman, I'd probably glance at her too. 59. I'm not a fan of 60. I'll shovel an old lady's driveway. 61. I'd like to be able to ask you stupid questions, without you laughing. 62. I'm trying to get better at guitar hero. 63. I like it when we go to bed together, so we can fall asleep together. 64. I can hang with your coworkers if you leave me alone at a work function. 65. I DO recycle. 66. I'll share my meal with you. 67. I think confidence is sexy. 68. I think humor is sexier. 69. I built my own tree house when I was 9. 70. So did all 4 of my sisters. 71. We also had a community theater tree house. 72. I might try wrestling you when I'm all riled up. 73. I love piano sing-alongs. 74. I love bacon. 75. There's something about the smell of an ice cold winter night that makes me feel alive. 76. My first pet was a rabbit named Chubchilla, followed by Snow Bell the goat, and Rosie the chicken. 77. I can change a tire. 78. I'm pretty liberal. 79. I could stare into a camp fire for hours. 80. There's nothing better than a great night out with friends, no matter what you do. 81. I want to switch iPods with you for a weekend, to get to know you better. 82. I love movie theatre popcorn. 83. I prefer speed walking to jogging. 84. I'll take a burger over a steak. 85. I like the feeling of sneezing. 86. Traveling is my passion. 87. I love animated movies. 88. Favorite male singers: Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Roy Orbison, Martin Sexton, Ben E. King. 89. I think it's sweet if you get the door for me. 90. I'm looking for a partner in crime, some one to ride a double chicken with me. 91. I'm educated, use spell check, am career-oriented, communicate well, and am a productive member of society. 92. I support New England breweries for eco-friendly reasons. 93. I'm trying to make a difference in people's lives. 94. I donate blood. 95. I don't think Brad Pitt is hot. 96. I'll make bets for sexual favors, knowing I might be wrong. 97. I love breakdancers. 98. I'm looking for some one to have fun with. 99. um... 100. Why not give it a shot? -- I'm hoping you are: confident, sexy, stable, successful in your life thus far, funny, intelligent, open-minded, caring, career-minded, always learning, and always looking forward.

caramel soft silky skin......... 37yr (Saint Johnsbury, Vermont , New England)
sexy sweet and a lots of fun black woman seeking much olderr white upscale gentlemen to have some sensual fun please be well manner reside in manhattan non smoker 40 plus

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I am a very attractive with long black hair, big brown eyes, petite , young-looking, smart, intelligent, classy, fun, single Asian professional with a variety of interest. I am very well-traveled both in the US and overseas. I am looking for a LTR with Mr. Right. I am more attracted to very tall, slender, athletic, good-looking, well-educated, successful, romantic and kind single Asian or Caucasian men. I prefer someone without children since I am childless. Please reply with your photo and a self-description if you are interested in learning more about me.

Trying something different 27yr (5819, VT, Caledonia County)
To start my sense of humor is odd and twisted. seeking an affair make many inappropriate off the wall comments all the time lol. I play and joke around all the time so humor is a must with me. I'm pretty laid back I go with the flow and am always up for whatever as long as it is entertaining. Especially now that it's summer I like to do alot it would take too long to list lol. I look girly but I don't act like it I hate shopping, swear like a sailor, and am not all emotional or clingy. I like to think it's a good mix. I'm really just looking to meet some awesome people since I just moved back to the area but if something developed from that I'm open to long term too. In another person I am looking for someone who has their life together because I do and am very self sufficient. Everyone has baggage but less drama would be fantastic! I don't tend to talk to people over 35 and I am NOT looking for a hookup so don't bother emailing me if that's what you want lol. If you decide you want to chat please include a picture!

Embrace the dork 29yr (5819, Saint Johnsbury, VT)
Itís not easy to meet new people in a city like LA, especially for a girl like me who gets kind of shy about approaching new people and striking up a conversation on a whim. Iíve never been much of a club person, having found that the people you meet in places like that never really stick around too long after the booze wears off. So where does one go to meet a nice guy that isn't looking for just a hook up? I donít know if list is the right place to start...but here goes nothinÖ Iím a 29 year old straight woman who is new to L.A., just moved here about 2 months ago from San Francisco. I will preface this by saying I recently broke up with a long term BF before moving here so I'm not ready to leap into anything really serious right away, but I miss that companionship with a guy and would love to find someone to share my time with here in LA. While I have my girly moments when I want to go for a mani pedi with a girl friend and gossip, Iíve found that my sarcastic sense of humor, adventurous spirit and random geekiness is much more appreciated by the male sex and I'm looking for a best friend first...and if there's chemistry maybe more. A little about me: I like being outdoors and lately have been spending a lot of time playing outside with my dog. I love movies, music and museums. I like playing like a little kid as much as I like being a grown-up. I am a dork much of the time and like making people laugh with my idiosyncrasies, but I'm not socially awkward, beyond a little initial shyness. I like hanging out with outgoing people who pull me out of my shell and are always up to try new things, no matter how silly or random they may be. I have pretty diverse interests and experiences, so I canít list them all here but Iím sure youíll find me to be an interesting person to talk to and hang out with. I'm looking for someone who is at about my age and place in life, who has the time to be a friend first and let things develop from there without a ton of expectations or pressure. So if youíd like to chat sometimes, shoot me an email with ďIím a Dork TooĒ in the subject so I know itís not spam. Thanks for reading.

Never stop smiling 36yr (5819, Saint Johnsbury, Vermont)
I am a very loyal person. I love the beach, tanning, relaxing, kids, family, and friends. I am currently a teacher and I have my masters in business. I am not much of an emailer. I am far from serious, uptight, or fake. I love to laugh and be around people I care about. I am looking for a relationship that can develop into something deep and meaningful.. I hate games and I am a honest person. I seeking an affair in being loyal and treating people the way I want to be treated.

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just see it in person 19yr (5819, Saint Johnsbury, VT, Caledonia County)
heyy...!...well im 19 yrs old......130 lbs.....i work part time at a fast food place...and hopefully start school next falll....i like to chill with my gurls 420 party i like going to a show lookin for a white or puerto rican male prefably.... over twenty seeking an affair to weigh +175 lbs i like bigger guysss lol ....well if u wanna kno more hit me up.....and yu must shoot me a picture or i wont reply thankzzzzz