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Latina for FWB 30yr (Lehi, 84043 , Utah County)
Like the title says I'm looking for a fwb with the possibility of more be open to it I'm not only looking for sex I'm looking for someone fun, a cool guy to hang out when I have free time or when u have free time go have a drink, dance, play pool, even a quiet night watching movies. I know what type of guys I like so yes I'm picky... You must be tall at least 5'10, Latino preffered 25-35 cute face and smile is a plus, average built is ok, you must be clean, smell good and dd free. Please!! No drugs not even 420. Please be single the less drama the better. No crazy ex's.. That's ALL : ) Me I'm smart Latina 5'5, size 12-14 not a bbw I consider myself thick, nice smile and cute face and nice boobs. I will not post a pic because I need someone discreet!!! I don't have time to play games so if u don't like what u read don't waste my time or yours. Muah!! Xoxo You need to send a pic on your 1st email or I will NOT respond NO pic NO respond!!

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Incorrigible hedonist seeks Alpha Male 25yr (Lehi, 84043, UT )
Not a mediocre schoolgirl. I'm a storm of emotions and ideas. I'm the paragon for sexy-nerdy librarian type. I am in love with the world: philosophy, literature, art, good music, great films,homecooked from scratch meals and travel. A pithy but true statement, ''I am a cunning linguist''. I loathe email ping-pong and would much prefer cellphone banter and drinks. Enlightening conversation will get you into my panties. Get me to trust you and I will let you puppet me-in all senses of the word. There is nothing sexier than what's between your ears. If you love sexy intelligence...If you'd love to throw me about the bedroom, tie me up , slap and pull me down on my knees...then we might have a few things in common. I'm seeking like-minded playmates. I crave the assertive. keen. compassionate. creative for banter and matching wits. I'm inviting you to get into my head, turn some gears and show me some new perspectives. I will return the favor to you. I'm allowed to be picky/ sex is not down for whore hopping, stds, emotional hangups and other unsavory things. So if you're game, write an interesting paragraph and if you're confident attach a photo. All responses w/o actual sentences will be ignored.

What can Brown do 4 u? 35yr (84043, UT, Utah County)
Hello. I'm a single AA female in the North Dallas area, looking for a man between the ages of 28-50. Someone who is HWP, no alcoholics or drug But really, I like to laugh so please have a sense of humor. No drama or games Because of my profession, I will not post a pic here, but will send one privately. I like em tall guys. so please be at least 6'' or no less than 5''11. Race is not an issue. You won't be dissapointed :) NO PIC NO RESPONSE!

Married seeking affair; three simple words that mean a whole lot. If you're not careful you might end up having an affair that you regret. However if your spouse isn't pleasing you and you feel you deserve more there are five things you need to know before seeking an affair. >>

Monday Blues 32yr (Lehi, Utah )
I'm sooooooo bored! I figured that I would've won the lottery by now. But instead, I'm still working. How depressing!

Thick-n-Pretty SWF for Extraordinary SBM (84043, seeking an affair Utah)
Short & Sweet ...I'm 41, thick n pretty hoping to find a beautiful friend with potential for something AMAZING. I am located south of Chicago. Ideally I would love to meet a SBM within about 5 years of my age. I am not looking for casual sex and honestly too much younger or older doesn't interest me at all. Please reply with something interesting about yourself and of course a picture, I have pics to share as well. xoxo

In the words of myself...Don't talk about it, be about it 25yr (84043, Lehi, UT, Utah County)
So, I am bound to my house with a severely twisted ankle. It's driving me a little crazy. However, the pirated internet at my new apartment that I don't feel like unpacking has distracted me from my extreme boredom and done a little inspiring in the way of CL personal ads. Inspiration in the form of actually writing one? Funny enough, I read them religiously every day. I mean why read the paper when you can read the goofy things people request and offer on online personal ads? And in reading a few good ones here or there that are descriptive and intriguing, I find myself not responding to them...why? I have responded to many an ad in my day, made some great new friends, had some really bad/weird dates, had some better hang outs but never a sequal, you get the idea...I've run the gamete of online dating. Personally, I get a kick out the whole idea; and seeing as how I am a blabber mouth that can talk to anyone about anything, meeting total strangers for a drink based on the off chance there is some sort of spark or at least a good story is silly enough to be right up my alley. Anyway, back to the point . So why don't I respond to halfway decent sounding ads? Frankly, this happens because though some of these ads do an ok job at describing what some lonely guy is looking for, it can often be hard to gauge if my fiery little personality would be something someone is interested in. I want it to be, I have a DISTINCT feeling that someone's boat could be really floated by me, who I am, and all that I encompass. Maybe I should just post my OWN ad? Juuuust like fishing.... Funny enough, I have never read the W4M ads, so I have no idea what other broads are fishing for on here, nor can I tell you how ''unique'' I am in comparison. You'd know better than me anyway. So what kind of ad would make me jump out of my seat and be unable to live with myself if I didn't respond to it? Aside from a sense of intelligence, wit, and a strong grasp of the english language..., it would read something like this: Dear list, I am a young man, say between 24 and 30 ish, and here is what I would like to find in a girl: Have an opinion, don't be afriad to share it, say what you mean, mean what you say. A girl who defends the meek and speaks up when she sees a blatant act of social injustice. On a similar note, be able to defend and stand up for yourself, and hey, a little sailor-esque potty mouthing never hurt anyone either. I won't mind if you are a realist and don't walk around with a shit eating grin on your face like everything is always honkey dorey, if you're not always ''super positive about everything life has to offer'', that's ok. However, PLEASE be able to at least laugh about and find the humor in life's little curveballs. If you can't laugh about it, it never really happened. You don't have to have some ultimate lifetime goal that you are tirelessly working yourself to the bone to achieve. Kudos if you do, and please don't be devoid of ambition....but a little path searching is a-ok. I really love animals, I want to be friends with your pets, and I don't mind if they bide a little for my love and attention. I'd like you to be funny and sarcastic, be able to poke fun at yourself, and a little at others, and be able to take it as well as you can dish it out. A little teasing, rough-housing, wrestling match, thumb war, friendly competition never hurt anyone. If you want to push me into a little puddle while saying ''hey, look out for that'', I'll laugh. You may have roots in punk rock, but if you could appreciate a spectrum of music, that'd be great. And being able to shake your ass a little at ghetto jams from time to time is fine by me. I don't mind that you are a pistol with a strong personality, you SHOULD be able to hold your own, and I will admire you more for doing so. I want to listen to your thoughts an opinions, offer mine as well, and have intelligent conversations, be able to debate a little here or there, but know when to agree to disagree. I don't mind if you are a little bit of a tom boy, can use a screwdriver, and don't mind getting a little sweaty and/or dirty...but I'll really enjoy it when you put on a dress and some heels and clean up for the right occassion. I don't mind if are a smoker...of any kind , and you can have some drinks, but please don't be dependent on substances or drown your sorrows in a bottle, pipe, etc and I'll do the same. I'd be extra pleased if you had a little meat on your bones. Curves look great on a girl, but you don't have to have huge knockers for me to be well satisfied, I'm more of an ass man anyway. If you have tattoos....even better. Have an infectiously obnoxious laugh, wear your heart on your sleeve , have some tact, compassion and manners. ----this dream ad I patiently wait for some guy to write so I can respond to it would also include an ''about me'' section that would read something like this...---- I would appreciate it if you appreciated some of these things in a guy: I have a job, I may even have a career if that's where life has taken me. I have respect for a good day's work and I know how to sustain and take care of myself. I live in a relatively clean house where I don't share 1 bathroom with more than 3 people. I am smart, verbose, and have a sharp tongue matched by a sharper wit. I want to make you laugh, and I want to laugh at you. I understand that magic of music and how it can overwhelm you sometimes and make you forget what you were doing or saying for a second because it moved you that much. I'm tall and masculine, I can be rugged when appropriate but look damn good in a suit. I may even have a prominent roman nose and be of some sort of european descent. I likely have tattoos, but my piercings phase ended a while back. I look great in a pair of dark wash straight leg levi's. I promise, I'll never wear an ed hardy shirt, cargo shorts are for dave matthews concerts, and boxers with cartoon characters on them make me throw up a little in my mouth. I want you to be a strong, independent woman, but I'd still love to be ''your'' man, will defend your honor, and think some old fashioned chivalry are never a bad thing. I want to kill spiders for you and enjoy a delicious meal you cooked, gender roles aren't all bad. I can use power tools and maybe even be able to build you something. I won't walk around with a man purse . I want to show you affection and sometimes not be able to keep my paws off you, but not be grotesquely overwhelming with PDAs. No, I will not make out with you for 30 minutes on the train while we bump into other passengers. I want to meet your family and earn their respect, and vice versa. It's important to me that you can be down with my friends and I with yours. I'm not fat. I eat more than just chicken nuggets and french fries, I even like some vegetables. I won't make promises I can't/won't/never intended to keep. I'll support you in your endeavors if you will in mine. I'll give you a hug and let you vent. I'll tell you all my secrets and keep all of yours. I'll call you when I say I will, even if it's just to tell you ''hey I'm busy, can't talk'' and I will try to be punctual. I want you to become comfortable with me and just be you and I am happy to do the same. I want to feel sexually uninhibited with you and genuinely give a crap about pleasing you, and I understand that size does matter . I am fine with laying around all day in bed with you sometimes or watching bad tv game shows for an evening, but I won't have an anxiety attack if we decided to brave the airshow crowd or pack into empty bottle for a free show.I want to be smitten with you, find your flaws endearing, and have a partner in crime. I don't want to be codependent, may want to go out with the boys and have that be ok. I want you to trust me, because you have no reason not to, and I want to be able to trust you. A little possessiveness is kinda cute, but jealousy is generally an ugly emotion. I like stories, hearing them and telling them. I've seen some places, done some things, and have a bit of street smarts and a clearer understanding of the world around me as a result. I don't think I'm too cool for school, but can get down on a little hatein' every now and then, and only because I can appreciate a good ole roast on myself. I really want to make the effort to take you out on an actual date, not just a mutual meal that I happen to pay for. However, I'll appreciate it when you pay, or at least offer to. I want to make you little gifts, draw you a silly picture on a napkin, bring you a flower I yanked out of someones yard, burn you a silly love songs unconventionally romantic because I'm thinking about you and I care. Sincerely, Joe Schmoe. ---I think we all get the idea--- I am a handful, and wading through a sea of people who I cant really stand and who can't stand me is tiring and frustrating. My hope is that this little piece of earnest reflection going out into the universe will help filter through some of that. I've been through some kooky stuff, been made all the stronger for it, and have had a lot of time to reflect, analyze, and grow as a person. I'm just looking for a rad dude to share my accumulated knowledge about myself, relationships, and real compatibility with. Is that so much to ask? As I am fully exiting the ''I need some single alone time'' phase of my life, I have an increasing feeling of wanting to share who I am with another person. In other words, I want the right opportunity to be an awesome girlfriend....eventually. Dating is a drawn out process, given, and I am in no rush to force that or conjure up illegitimate feelings for the wrong guy simply to ''have someone''. I've never rolled like that, and I never will. You can be absolutely perfect on paper, even in person...but there is no mistaking or faking that spark...that ''THING'', that just can't be explained. To be even more clear : I'm not looking for a boyfriend, I'm looking for legitimacy. I just feel I'm ready to meet the right guy after a long time of knowing that I needed to sort some things out. Love is a gift and it's rare to find, it should be handled with care, and sometimes we aren't capable of being responsible with it. And since I don't get out a whole lot , coupled with the woes of ''trying to impress'' or being misleadingly charming, why not try to give the slimmed down, straight forward explanation of the kind of girl I am, the good the bad and on a rare occasion, the ugly? It's easy to keep up the appearances of perfection, but ultimately it's who you are in times of less than perfection that will influence a true connection and appreciation. If you liked my ad, feel free to steal it, I will happily and eagerly respond. Or you could save a step and just respond to this one, if there is such a guy that exists who happens to be in chicago and reading the list personals...? hahaha, dream big, right?

Seeking adventurous men 49yr (84043, Lehi, UT)
I am quick on my feet. Sexy, kind and amused—at once. I have a professional job. I also do Public Speaking for special causes. I race with a Dragon Boat seeking an affair I'm into having adventure ; hiking, dancing, live music, fine dining and stimulating conversation. I'm very funny, real and affectionate. I'm 5'10'' and fit; I'm seeking a man 6 feet or taller. I'm spiritual but not religious. I believe in the THE LAW OF ATTRACTION . I live my life by that law. I love my friends and family . If this piqued your interest, I'd love to hear from you. PLEASE SEND YOUR PICTURE OR I WILL NOT REPLY

Married and seeking an affair is one thing, but married and seeking an affair with an idiot is something else altogether. The bottom line is that you should be extra picky, especially since you're married, and this means finding the right person for your very particular needs. >>

Scorpio and all that it intails 44yr (Lehi, Utah )
Bossy but sweet and compromising, thoughtful Loyal will please you if your the one.. Smart-ass Funny brains cute but 44 so not a model not perfect but who is 5.4 Brown eyes and hair Love kids.. pets.. Seeking a good guy Have my own place and car.. Great credit.. Very sexual but a 1 guy girl. Wanted: White age appropriate Serious ltr minded. NOT seeking a old, fat bald guy but if your still attractive in my age group a plus. Im attracted to 5'11 or taller. Someone who knows how to be a nice person.. thoughtful .compromising. Not asking for perfect but a real person to have a life with heading for the same goals .. A weekend at the lake..boating cooking together watching a movie at home..or at the theater. Someone who doesn't have a perfect picture of someone that is unattainable .. We are in real life.. Lets have fun ,laugh, cry and struggle together. I love sex but if that is all you want good luck with that.. PLEASE SEND A PICTURE OR BE IGNORED>> Aries and Leo need not respond as I know I dont get along with seeking an affair