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SBF Nice Lady looking for nice gentleman 31yr (75979, Woodville, Texas)
Okay, so Im only approached by men that are married, which scares me quite a bit because Im loyal. I don't have a preference of race or anything but I would prefer you be taller than I - I am 5'8'' and older than I am or my age. Im not looking for a husband RIGHT NOW, but I would like a LTR with a gentleman who knows what he wants. A best friend, someone that I can hold a conversation with and won't take his horrible childhood out on me. Nice lady looking for a nice gentleman. :o)

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I am should be too 46yr (Woodville, 75979, TX )
I guess I should start by saying I am an independent woman looking for an independent man. I am a true Scorpio Here are some things you should know about me: I own my own home ... and so should you I own my car... and so should you... I like being in a crowd or being alone I have two kids that are pretty much grown but not quite yet out on their own and they are extremely important to me I have a career...and so should you I am not into casual sex with multiple partners...and neither should you be I totally get the part about ''You only get one life''...I like to enjoy the people I am around I think there is a big difference in a helping hand and a hand out...I think there are way too many people looking for the hand out I believe character is a foundation of someone’s beliefs...not that you’re a freak or weird I like to enjoy nice dinners and good wine...and so should you I think it is ok for people to enjoy each other and still be able to have their own space I think making out is a lost art...anticipation is exciting and flirting is fun I like to be treated special ...and so should you I don't like drama...nor should you I like to talk...and you should too I like to laugh...and you should too I am at a point in my life when I have discovered I'm doing pretty good...only one thing...I want someone in my life that likes and feels the same way. I have a lot of life left to live. Now this does not mean I am a rush to run out and get a LTR....I would prefer to meet someone...spend time getting to know them and enjoying each others company...and before you know it...we have built a relationship. I have enough scheduled things in my life...I don't want to schedule the only thing that really makes a person feel light hearted and on a high that is not drug educed. I started smoking when my husband passed away and I probably drink too much as well ...I am neither a gym rat...nor do I weigh 100 lbs soaking wet. I am a woman and proud to be one! I realize this may come as of a shock to most of you that would have even read through this ad to get to this point I do not find BS worth my time or yours. Please know that I have control over what I allow in my life and those who are in it...and so do you and I have a theory about why there are so many divorces...people say they want honesty but really they are not honest with themselves. If you want real...then by all means be real in your thoughts...makes perfect since to me... Well I hope you enjoyed the read and I also have discovered why people ask for not to hurt anyone’s feelings but let’s be honest...there must be mutual attraction. It's cool to say you like someone for their mind...but really you are we kidding with that... so send me a pic I will send you one of me... I wish you success in finding what ever it is you’re looking for... :-)

Anyone listen to music and feel it in their bones? 23yr (Woodville, Texas )
I ask because that's how I am. True music lovers don't just listen to music, but feel resonates within them and evokes emotion. Music rattles their bones and warms their souls -- beauty does that to me. Art, love, kind people, a beautiful day, laughing/smiling, connections...all so intensely beautiful and yet, often overlooked or under appreciated. <3 Aesthetics Ordinary, that's what I want. The cute person in the corner who is often overlooked, but has tons to offer. The type of person who holds the door for the elderly because that just feels like the right thing to do. Just a very genuine/sincere person. I tend to connect with people who enjoy/appreciate the simple things in life even if they have the financial capabilities of enjoying/taking part in experiencing the finer things in life. It's about the conversation , genuinely allowing someone to get to know you and hoping they appreciate you for simply being you. However, it seems the more people I talk to, the more it seems that people lack the connection of actually connecting? It bothers me. Looks and money are nice, but I'm blown away by the amount of people who solely value/appreciate people based on these things. I know this is CL, but I hope our generation hasn't become this farcical. Getting a good cd or meeting up with a few friends is a fun time to me. I'll listen to music all night long and be the happiest person alive. P.S. I passed a guy today who was all smiles and full of was a beautiful site to see and made me instantly smile, thank you kind stranger. Oh yeah, please don't just send me a picture and a get at me response...I kind of want to know you actually read my ad, thanks.

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Looking For LTR 18yr (75979, Woodville, TX)
I am 18 years old, and I want to get my DVM in veterinary medicine and have my own practice. I would love to go to A&M in College Station, but I might join the military first. My favorite color is blue, and my all time favorite band is Journey . My favorite fast food place is Taco Bell. Don't eat there very often, but I still love it. I love giving blood, and I usually give Double Red Cell. It's not some crazy pain thing. It's the fact that I'm saving 6 lives every time I give. I have been told that I am a great listener, and I am fairly good with solving problems. I am the Sidekicks manager, and the Sidekicks is the drill team at my school. I am looking for someone that is really nice, but strong. Looks are great, but they definitely are not the most important. I just want someone to talk to and laugh with. I want to feel like I am the most important person around when I'm with them. You need to have your own personality though. It would be nice if you love to laugh, and have fun. P.S. I am a virgin so if sex is an important aspect in a relationship to you, then you should probably move on.

I am the Dancing Queen! - w4m 23yr (Woodville, Texas )
There are days when I want to conquer the world and other days where the couch looks pretty good. I love to sing and I can really get passionate about music., but I guess that probably isn't seeking an affair to happen. I think we should get together and try to have some fun.

Ready for the next step 26yr (75979, Woodville, TX, Tyler County)
Hi I havent had a serious relationship for a while. I kind of miss it. So I am looking for something serious. Yes, my goal is to one day be married, but I know before that happens I need to meet someone and build a relationship. That is the purpose of the ad. I dont meet many local single men with my job. Im not the type of girl that like to go to clubs and stuff. Lets face it, the supper market isnt a great place to meet guys. I hope to meet someone and get to know them. I know the only way to do that is for you to send me an email and lets get chatting. Please dont ask me for a pic in you first email. I have no problem exchanging pics but if you send me an email just asking me for a pic and you tell me nothing about you, I will no respond.

cute fatty seeks man to make into my plaything 39yr (75979, TX, Tyler County)
Okay, sometime being direct pays off — others not so much. But I am feeling optimistic so I am gonna be direct here. I am a top, a domme and occasional switch with an affection for rope, great conversation, making stuff, learning new things and a good beer. I am also a short, cute dark woman with a tattoo or two. My body type is large as in fat, bbw or whatever I am not a shapeless blob but neither am I average, athletic or just plain thick – but I like myself fat and all. I am looking for a regular thing not just a one off. Folks I know call that a boyfriend but I think it is more of a friend I happen to shag.... I have a full life for fuck's sake. But the not just a seeking an affair booty call either... conversation and the getting-to-know-you whatnot is important. Connection is where it is at so it would be best if you had the wherewithal to make one. What I had in mind was a geeky, sort of tall guy . Shy but smart is good as is a taste for a bit of the rough. Be local, and by local I mean SF, Berkeley, Oakland, etc and between 28 and 42. And if you are lookin' for a bit of sugar on the side look elsewhere. I am looking for someone who would enjoy a relaxing cocktail every now and again but not a drunkard. Do send me a picture. Do not send me a picture of you cock. If you can write a witty line or two I will send you a picture back. Tell me what you are looking for, what you are into and I will do the same. All safe play all the time. D/D free, etc, etc. Things to make search engines happy: bbw, jonathan coulton, outdoor fuckin', firefly, serger, zombies, camping, welding, water, boxing

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The Chocolate Goddess Of Metal 33yr (Woodville, 75979 , Tyler County)
I'm a writer, political gossip junkie, horror hound, metal head, fashionistia, who loves comic books, and anime. Just your average tom boy who likes lipstick and heels. I'm looking for a guy that rocks. Someone who is smart, with a slant towards the artistic. A guy that loves Metal and comics as much as I do but isn't ashamed to get out there and shake it to some Lady GaGa or Fits and the Tantrums when the mood strikes. I'm independent, sometimes to a fault, and am not shy about what my thoughts and opinions are. I am constantly thinking about story ideas and the positive and negative effects of different cultures; with a tendency towards over analyzing, especially if it's a point of view that I am trying to understand. The quest for understanding is the only thing that separates us from the animals. Well that the ability to accessorize and opposable thumbs. Most people seeking an affair describe me as a girlie tom-boy. I love heels, stockings and corsets as much as I love slasher films, Metal and Punk Rock. I am still looking for a way combine a pair of heels with standing up at a Metal show all night without needing a foot massage when I get home. I love political theater and try to spend at least an hour a day indulging in NPR, Rachael Maddow and other Beltway gossip. I love to read and wish I had more time for leisure reading and am currently trying to sort out a way to add another 4-6 hours per day to help me out with that. Now this is the part where you tell me something about you.........