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Affectionate, smart, attractive woman ISO SWM 4 LTR 42yr (New Caney, 77357 , Montgomery County)
Divorced, Black Female, 42 58, average weight medium length dark brown hair with some gray Im a smoker , I enjoy pina coladas, long island ice teas, and some mixed drinks with a squeeze of lemon, I'm in the process of starting my own business, I enjoy going to the movies, dining out, cooking from time to time, working out, photography, fishing, camping , long drives in the hill country , horseback riding, bowling, loooong sessions of love making with the man Im involved with ... Im very affectionate and love to kiss and cuddle.spontaneous acts of affection I enjoy quality time with my man , I am not a clean freak but do keep a clean home and shower regularly, have good hygiene, and take pride in the way I look. This is me Im not ashamed of who I am or what I am. Ive made mistakes in my life but its made me stronger in character. I believe life is a journey, happiness is a mind set. I am looking for something long term with a man who is taller than me, has similar interests, a sense of humor, professional, stable, very affectionate, clean, down to earth, and enjoys life!! I am looking for a connection, chemistry...I am not looking for a one night stand or FWB or NSA sex!! I would like to start as friends and develop into something more.. I'm not looking to rush into anything...but if the chemistry is there...I am not opposed to it...

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Pretty blonde traveler seeks companion 63yr (77357, New Caney, TX)
I'm a pretty blonde, slim, shapely, fit, educated, professional, seeking a handsome, intelligent educated gentleman who likes and respects women, is a good conversationalist, doesn't smoke, is divorced or widowed, and loves European travel. I'm interested in a travel companion, and more. I'm not interested in US travel except perhaps New York or New Orleans!

single mommy sweetheart looking 36yr (77357, New Caney, Texas)
I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, thing go wrong so that you can appreciate them when theyre right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometime good thing fall apart so better things can fall together. Assertive, Competitive, Independent, Energetic, Impulsive Aries people are direct and never shy away from a challenge. This person is excellent at getting things started, however. Aries people prefer to lead, rather than being told what to do. The tendency to be impulsive often prevents this zodiac sign from thinking a situation through before taking action. In a relationship, Aries people love the challenge as well as the chase, and are attracted to people who play hard to get. The Aries individual tends to have a sharp temper, however, he or she rarely holds a grudge. Looking for that cool guy that can fun with and enjoy what life has to offer.

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Looking for musings 22yr (New Caney, Texas , Greater Houston)
I just graduated from a small liberal arts school where I knew almost everyone, and now that Im living in a more diverse place I thought Id see whos out there. It would be nice to go on a few dates and see what happens, but at the very least Id like to make some new friends... I need a Boston niche! I am a very liberal and openminded, happy person. Cynical , but still an optimist at heart. Charmingly awkward. Athletic, but play few sports and watch almost none. Taste in music includes classic and alt. rock, indie, a little jazz, but always open to new genres and music. My top qualities in a person are modesty, quirkyness, intelligence, and a goofy sense of humor. Maybe we could go on bikerides, take road trips to the beach, go camping on the cape, check out museums/galleries, go out for or cook really good food, just walk around and generally explore the city? I am 22 yr old brunette, physically fit and about 56 the one on the left

anyone depressed or suffering from bpd? 20yr (New Caney, Texas , Greater Houston)
i'm not bad looking, just lazy when it comes to socializing. if you toke up or drink, its a plus. let's seeking an affair out today?

skys of blue always turn gray 18yr (77357, New Caney, TX, Montgomery County)
my post was wrongly flagged i think. i didnt see anything wrong with it. Hello, i've posted before... I'm still in high school. I have read over 3000 books in my lifetime. I own over 700 of those books i take pride in writing and reading i love to read,bike,fish,swim i do smoke cigarettes I wear glasses I'm a chubby girl i have a twin sister I ask way too many questions and get lost easily My music type is random i listen to everything.. I correct everyone's spelling except for my own I can never keep my room clean for more than a day I cant draw to save my life i cant drive but i have my permit. I want a guy who: isn't afraid to laugh and cry with me he knows how to be serious will call me late at night just to hear my voice or tell me he misses me i want a guy who doesn't stereotype who doesn't think I'm fat. i want a guy who will trust me i dont want someone whos crazy. but then again everyone is crazy right? it doesnt matter what your looks are. i want a guy who is kind and argues with me over books or movies i want a computer geek or a handyman who will tell me how to fix something when its broken. basically i want a prince charming in the movies without the money. i don't value nor want a guy who will buy everything in the world for me. i dont think that money makes happiness. pictures are optional. but if you want to see me you mise well send one. :) not rude. just fair if you want to find your dream girl maybe i might be her.

Bored at work 30yr seeking an affair Caney, 77357, TX , Greater Houston)
30 female going to be at work until 3 bored ... Make me laugh :) I will sneek an email here and there in between walking between departments -- Posted from my iPhone using http://seeking-affair.comPro+

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Any military or guys in uniform 33yr (77357, TX, Montgomery seeking an affair want to date a guy in the military or in uniform... Send ur pic and u get mine. I am looking for a SWM.