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Not looking for Mr.Perfect.. 39yr (Navasota, Texas )
I am not perfect..I am not beautiful..I don't have the perfect body...There I said it...SO, if you are expecting Barbie, please hit the back button, because ultimately, I will disappoint you...What I have to offer is in my heart and soul, not on my outside...I tell you, dating at my age is not easy..In fact, I wouldn't wish it on anyone...Everyone seems to think that the grass is greener on the other side..It gets to be so frustrating...Now, don't get me wrong, I agree that their must be some type of attraction, some ''spark'', but do you think that attraction grows as you get to know someone? I do...I don't ever judge a book by its cover. Why? Because I am so much more attracted to a persons heart and mind than I am to their outer cover... What makes me, me....First and foremost, I am a good person..In fact, I always try to do the right thing and make good choices...Am I always successful? Probably not, But I always have the best intentions..Secondly, I can be VERY shy and reserved when meeting someone...It does take me a little while to warm up. Now, with that being said, once I'm warmed up I have a great sense of humor, I love to laugh and make others laugh. I can be very sarcastic and I roll my eyes . I also have a fun and playful personality so I'm always up for a wrestling match or a pillow fight..I am also very genuine, kind and easy going..I ALWAYS treat others the way I want to be treated...My friends tell me that I have a heart of gold.. What I like... I am pretty adventurous, so I will pretty much try anything once...I love the outdoors and everything it has to offer…I love to camp, fish, hike, go on road trips, head to concerts and travel…I am very athletic and love all sports…I’m always up for a 1 on 1 basketball game or going to the batting cages…I am a huge SF Giants fan, and love an day or evening at Coors field… I can also be very much a homebody…I love movies, card and board games, and just hanging out watching TV. I am very affectionate and appreciate affection in return..I am a cuddler and love to kiss and be kissed… What I am looking for...A great friend! Someone that I can wake up thinking about and go to bed thinking about. Then one I want to run and tell my greatest news first, the one I cry with when I’m sad. The one person I trust more than anyone else on this earth. The person I make eye contact with across a crowded room, and give a smile meant only for him. Someone that can love and be loved. About my looks...Very Average....I am 5’7, I have brown hair and blue eyes..I do get told I’m cute, but I think my personality helps that a long……I’m not petite, No, I am not a BBW. Just a little bigger..Do I have some weight to lose? Yes, who doesn’t?? Like I said earlier.... I am really looking for someone who wants to get to know me for me, not for what I look like…I know you wont be disappointed I know, the one person that I am looking for is out there...I really want to find him!

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TRIED OF GETTING HURT NEED A REAL MAN 20yr (77868, TX, Grimes County)
IM DI 20 5'6 BROWN EYES BROWN SKIN IM HALF BLACK AND MEXICAN BUT I LOOK MORE BLACK I ALSO GO TO SCHOOL I LIKE GOING TO THE MALL MOVIES SKATING BOWLING PARTY CLUBBING AND SPENDING TIME WITH MY FAMILY/ FRIEND.I AM LOOKING TO GET MARRIED IF YOU ARE A CHEATER PLAYER AND IF YOU HAVE KIDS AND DRAMA CAUSE I HATE DRAMA SO MUCH PLEASE DONT REPLY. I LIKE MEXICANS BUT I AM OPEN TO ANY LOOKING FOR A NICE RESPECT GUY THATS GONNA TREAT ME WITH LOVE AND RESPECT THATS GONNA BE THERE FOR ME THEN I NEED THEM. I ALSO NEED YOU TO BE MY BEST FRIEND AND MY MAN. IF YOU THINK YOU ARE THE MAN FOR ME THEN GO AHEAD AND REPLY IF NOT THEN DONT CAUSE I DONT NEED MY TIME WASTED. AND ''PLEASE DONT ASK ME WHY I WANNA GET MARRIED SO SOON FOR CAUSE I WONT REPLY''. SO WHERE ARE ALL THE REAL MEN AT THAT ARE LOOKING FOR SOMETHING REAL AND GOOD. CAUSE I CAN PROMISE YOU ILL BE THE BEST DAMN WIFE THAT YOU WILL WANNA COME HOME TO EVERYDAY CAUSE I CAN PROVIDE YOU WITH EVERYTHING THAT YOU NEED AND WANT SO GET AT ME ASAP. PLEASE PUT'' I WONT HURT YOU'' IN SUBJECT BOX SO I KNOW YOU ARE REAL THANK YOU. AND IF YOU ARENT READY TO GET MARRIED ALSO DONT REPLY CAUSE YOUR JUST WASTING MY TIME BUT IF YOU ARE READY TO GET MARRIED AND HAVE A SEXY ASS WIFE THEN APPLY.IM LOOKING FOR A NICE RESPECT GUY THATS GONNA TREAT ME WITH LOVE AND RESPECT THATS GONNA BE THERE FOR ME THEN I NEED THEM. I ALSO NEED YOU TO BE MY BEST FRIEND AND MY MAN. IF YOU THINK YOU ARE THE MAN FOR ME THEN GO AHEAD AND REPLY IF NOT THEN DONT CAUSE I DONT NEED MY TIME WASTED. Figured I would get on here and see what type of guys are out there. Looking for a possible boyfriend. I'm sick of getting screwed over by jerks and players. I am very independent, and am looking for someone who is real, honest and trustworthy. Love spending time with my family and friends.. I believe that you can't have a relationship without being friends first. I have been patiently waiting but i can't wait any longer. I want a real relationship with a man, not a boy. I want someone to come home to, cuddle with, hug and talk to.I am looking for someone who has time for me and wants to spend alot of time with me, so if this is you please let me know. * I don’t care about looks. * I believe that beauty stands on the inside. * I don’t look for much within a guy. * I hate lairs and cheater. * I want a guy that is funny, caring, honest, loyal, good with kids, and doesn't mind the fact that I love being around my family. * It would be great if you were between the ages of 18 and 27. Sweet, honest, trustworthy, funny, and cute. someone who knows how to treat a girl and isnt judgemental.

I don't think he exists 41yr (77868, Navasota, Texas)
Ok. I'm mainly writing because I like to write, and I'm genuinely perplexed about finding the right guy. I don't expect to get responses, but if I do, great. I think, apparently, there's no such thing as an ideal guy. In my dream world, he would be the following: Smart Confident Independent Sexy Well endowed-yes, I said it-hey, I'm a woman with a good sex drive, you should be applauding me Educated Energetic A good conversationalist Fun loving Loves voluptuous women Neat A sense of humor loves the outdoors Can clean or cook or both Adores me and last but not least... ...doesn't watch TV without cease all day long!! ok,, I know you're all laughing at me at this point. This is what I've experienced: I mean, I've met some wonderful men in my life, but no offense to you men, but those who are well-endowed with an awesome sex drive, tend not to be too motivated in life for some reason. Those who are super smart, and educated, can't find time for sex and passion, or being neat and clean around the house or have time to fix things. If a guy says he loves the outdoors, few truly live by that mantra. I've had the adores me part, but there's always some key element missing. Is anyone else struggling? Maybe it's not a good list. Note, I did NOT say, he has to be rich, or handsome per se. I prefer rugged looks anyway, but fitness is necessary. After all, you guys are've got didn't have to have babies, or deal with extra fat cells...Not making excuses for myself, I'm just saying, it's more natural for a mature female to have a little extra. ...and yes, I have all those qualities, and thought in life I'd someday fall madly in love with someone to share these things with. Oh well...I haven't totally given up...maybe by the time I'm 50....sigh. Thanks for 'listening' for those of you who took a minute to read my rant. If you are perplexed about the relationship world, I'd love to hear about it.

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The Ryder 18yr (Navasota, 77868 , Grimes County)
Be a soul, be a definition to follow. Don't dress, talk,walk and stalk like the tube. Think outside your own mind, if it is at all possible. Be a pleasant face to greet the sun rise. Have a sense of direction. Have a purpose to your being. Dismiss the ugly and bloody trails of humanities past. We are here, we are free and we are now. I? Well, I am I. I don't know who I am, or what I am, but I in fact am. A path is mapped out before me, and so I follow. Respond if you dare. Could be fate, could be a mistake. Only one way to find out.

Something just won't let me give up... 28yr (Navasota, Texas )
As you can tell by my post's title - I've done this before. I've sifted through tons of creepy/lame e-mails, met a few nice guys then parted ways, and even made one good friend in the process , but all in all, nothing substantial has resulted in the romantic aspect of it - yet *something* won't let me completely give up. So, every once in a while, when I'm up far too late or in front of my PC far seeking an affair long - I end up here. Perhaps it's that tiny part of me that likes to believe my other half is doing the same exact thing out there, at the very same time. Ha, what are the chances, right? I'm an Americanized-Armenian , never married, no ex drama/baggage, no kids, and drug/disease free. I live with a roommate and have recently returned back to graduate school to pursue the career I finally decided I want. I am 5''8, brown hair, brown eyes, nice smile/eyes. My interests include film , television, music/concerts, arts/galleries, stand-up, computers/technology, books/stories, writing, food/dining out, game nights, long conversations, dark/sarcastic humor, and just being with great, genuine people in cool/random places. I'm not into the bar/club scene and I'm also not the active/outdoorsy/sports type either. I definitely appreciate the beauty of nature and all that Earth has to give to us - but you'd sooner find me appreciating all that through a beautiful piece of Windows wallpaper, rather than booking a trip to the Amazon . I am honestly trying to change this, but it's going to take *baby* steps - as in a houseplant and second...remember to water it semi-regularly...yeah, that would be a good start. But until then, if you're an outdoor warrior and a camping/hiking fanatic- this will probably not work. Oh, and although I am definitely a minimalist at heart, and I try to reduce my carbon footprint as much as the next person - this too has its limit. So if you're a major environmental activist and a ''go green'' advocate who is going to try and convince me to start my own compost, re-use my toilet paper, and give up my car for a bicycle ...again, not going to work out. I'm just trying to save us all some time/effort here. If you're still reading this, and you're NOT rolling your eyes, then I look forward to hearing from you and seeing a pic. If I don't answer your e-mail, please don't take it personally. It is list after all ;-)

Exotic Domme seeking sincere Sub 27yr (77868, Navasota, TX)
Being an assertive, strong, independent young lady led me to discover my power over men at an early age. It is my desire to put you into a subspace that goes beyond all the physical sensations that put you there. Leave me feeling as though you just stepped back into reality after being in another dimension. I can take you there! I am the key to your most submissive, masochistic and fetish fantasies. I know many of you are dominant in your daily routine and that you crave a role reversal. New explorers and natural submissives finally feel your true place under a genuine Goddess. Let me be the tension breaker to release you from the pressures of the world. I am skilled on all aspects of dominance and submission. I love to push limits but I can also do great personalized s/m discussion and exploration not involving physical pain and very much enjoy it. I am less of a sadist and more of a healer, although I love bringing one to their limit. I enjoy giving what is needed to open one up to help the emotional release and I understand everyone is unique and requires individual attention which I am happy to provide. Talk to you soon and see you sooner.

I need some entertainment!!!! (Navasota, 77868, TX )
okay send me a funny seeking an affair link, video, joke or whatever. I'm bored and looking for something to help with that little problem. Quick!!!! my attention span is lacking!!! please write KNOCK KNOCK in the subject line :)

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Maybe it's possible... Any attractive, stable guys out there? 26yr (77868, Navasota, TX, Grimes County)
Hi! We all know the truth, physical attraction is important. Other things are too, and everyone has their own type and their own turn ons, but let's be honest, looks do count. For me, what ultimately matters the most is chemistry - and I'm sure not too many would argue with that. I will also admit that I'm picky - I want a lot of things, but in the end most things can be trumped by chemistry, the connection that you make with someone, the ''sparks''. I don't really like talking about my own looks, seeking an affair I will tell you that I have no problem with guys finding me attractive - yes, I have been classified as hot if that's what you're wondering. While normally I don't run around basking in my own glory, I will just tell you that guys and girls agree I'm pretty. I'm 5'8, thin, white, big smile... If you want to actually factor in personality, I'm intelligent, funny, sarcastic, athletic, adventurous, and caring. I'm sane too... if that counts. And I have an insanely hard time finding guys I'm attracted to. As I said I'm picky, but here's what I'm looking for: -Attractive... in the head-turning sense... Many guys don't like to be classified as this, but I'm drawn to pretty boys. -Tall -Intelligent -Well developed sense of humor -Has a career -Takes care of themselves/their body... cares about their appearance, in good shape, not overweight -Not an asshole And with that, the #1 turn-off: instability. As in drama, baggage, issues, psychological disorders, emotional problems... Maybe what I'm looking for doesn't exist - I certainly haven't found it. Maybe you can prove that it does. So if you're a genuinely good-looking, stable guy, who's smart, got his life together, and is actually single... I would love to hear from you. If you think I'm delusional - well, as I said, I suspect I may not find what I'm looking for. For everyone else - best of luck and at the least, thanks for reading! Ideally I would be looking for a LTR... don't feel like wasting my time on NSA/affair/friends with benefits/fling types of situations. Your pic gets mine.