Seeking an affair in Galveston, TX, 77550

Lonely wifes seeking affairs

looking for a good time in long grove 21yr (77550, Galveston, Texas)
I am looking to meet a guy who enjoys having sex. I am not intrested in dating. I am a 21 year old female. I'm not socially awkward and I just like to have a good time. Let me know if you're intrested.

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LIBRA, AQUARIUS, or ARIES 31yr (Galveston, 77550 , Galveston County)
If youíre one of the 3 signs above, chances are we are going to hit it off. I donít base everything off of a zodiac but it has been my experience that I have had better times with these 3 signs then any of the other 9. LoL About me: 31 year old single mother, Caucasian, 5í9Ē, 190lbs, dark brown hair, green eyes, pretty, sexy, intelligent , intense, passionate, funny and chill. I am a sweetheart with expectations. LoL What am I looking for: Ultimately, I would like a relationship but that is not going to happen overnight. I am looking to talk, REALLY get to know someone, get comfortable and hang out/date. I am NOT a casual girl. I cannot even lie myself into having a friend with benefits type of deal. I donít know how the rest of you do it. There is way too much shit being passed around these days and how can you enjoy sex without being comfortable? How do you get comfortable with a complete stranger? If youíre all about a hook up then bounce. You will only be able to lie to me for so long before I figure it out and cut you off and all you will have accomplished is wasting my time. Type of guy: I donít have a type or I am not going to put one in case it puts off any prospects because they feel as if they wonít match up. What I will say is this: I want someone mentally stable. I want someone that is funny, patient, affectionate and strong. I donít like to argue but I will if I feel the need to defend myself. Donít bring me any unnecessary drama either but couples/friends will have disagreements. I get it and weíll figure it out from there. Iíd also prefer someone somewhat local. I live close to the beach and traveling 45 minutes to just see someone for a few minutes doesnít balance out. Scorpios: We make great running partners/partners in crime. We have a lot in common in the sense of always on the move but itís like fire and fire. We can be friends but that is it. Everyone else, if you want a friend then feel free to respond as well. We could all use them and it is possible to have without having to sleep with them. I like friendships that donít require a lot of maintenance. When you respond, put your sign on the subject line or somewhere in the email. If you donít know what to say try telling me what you are personally looking for in someone or ask me a few questions. You just need something to spark a conversation and we go from there. Pic for pic and all that jazz and yes, I am real, blah, blah, blahÖ

Ready to give my heart to someone 26yr (77550, TX, Galveston County)
I am a single lady and have never been married. I want a serious and long term relationship with a real honest and loving man.

It is important that you approach the married woman seeking an affair in the right way. She is looking for a casual, discreet encounter with someone who wants the same. >>

Calling all hunks 28yr (77550, Galveston, TX)
I am a part time model if not working my professional job. I am college educated, and prefer a well educated and handsome business professional. I love a man who is dressed for success. It's a turn on. I am looking for friends first, but eventually a LTR. I am 5'10'' so you must be at least 6 ft, bcs I wear heels. Please reply with 2 pics, at least. I would love to se one of you at least dressed up a bit. No slobs please. Ages 28-35 only.

JUST LOOKING... 41yr (77550, Galveston, TX, Galveston County)
Hello, Iím white Latin woman green eyes my hair is brown 5í8 height and 192 pounds 41 years old, I donít have kids, Iím very responsible, honesty, ease going, I do not judge people by brand, color or size I do respect people opinion even when I disagree with them. I do not smoke, never did drugs, I have no diseases, I donít drink. I like music, dance, outdoors, movies, TV shows, history channel, like to read, to play cards, to play pool, to travel, to driven, beach, mounts, animalsÖ I really not in bars or clubs scene, I donít like The news sport channel, sarcastic people, disrespect, abuses, drugs, sea food , dirt mouth, scream for no reason I want a friend to talk, to go out, and to have fun, I want have a companion, I want spend as much time I we can together I donít want fight, aggravation, seeking an affair I donít want to change no body, I donít want to control people life I am not looking for a title I am not looking to move together, I am not looking for someone to pay my bills, I am just looking for a nice man

hot blonde loves aspen 25yr (Galveston, Texas , Galveston Bay)
I'm up and bored. Like to ski n aspen in the summer. Who wants to Bring over the fun :)

Seeking American Man 31yr (Galveston, 77551, TX , Galveston Bay)
International woman looking for an educated, honest, american man in Miami. seeking an affair am blonde, 5'6'' and well traveled , who is in love with Miami. I am looking for comittment.

Yet, there are more married women seeking affair than men, since men are more career oriented and have less time for family, as opposed to the wives, who have all the time in the world. >>

Want to meet someone new :) 27yr (Galveston, Texas , Galveston Bay)
So I need to meet someone that not only that I am attracted to, but someone I enjoy being with. E-mail me back and let me know what you think. Not seeking a one night seeking an affair I am 27 swf and am petite. I'll send you back an e-mail with a pic if I like what you send me. Send me a pic :)