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shy bbw 30yr (76240, Gainesville, TX)
I don't have the time to go out and meet guys and I'm also shy and don't like to make eye contact with them. I guess I'm insecure about my weight. I would really like to find one guy who is cute and sweet and willing to move slow and make me feel comfortable. I'd like to kiss, cuddle and watch a movie or something. I haven't been with a guy in a long time so I kinda forgot what to do so I need someone with experience. If you're sexy and know how to make a girl feel sexy then email me with your pics and location.

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REALLY!!!!!! 29yr (Gainesville, Texas )
I think my first problem is I am looking for a man on CL....the second would be that stupid people keep flagging my posts.....!!! I want a man that is respectful, has manners, is honest.....not asking for too much out of the norm. Has a job, wants kids someday, knows how to do ''man'' things. Someone to spend time with!!! email me with a pic and I will send you one. Tell me about you what you are looking for in a relationship and a woman.

I guess I am over girls night out... 23yr (Gainesville, Texas )
This is seriously my first time on here so here it goes...Don't get me wrong I am blessed to have such an awsome group of girlfriends, but it would be nice to have a cool laid back guy friend around to go to movies with or talk with. I work full-time and I study part-time. I have my own so I am not looking for a sugar daddy or what ever people are calling it... I have a pretty busy schedule, I also freelance as a designer. I have been living in Chicago for three month's and so far I love it! I am Christian and I am half Jamaican- American I guess what I am looking for is someone open minded, not stuck up, cute :) , tall is a big plus, warm, kind and a good sence of humor. My hobbies and interest include anything outdoors, I may join xpsport fitness but I have been on lakefront every other day and have I might wait till fall, playihng basketball, dining out, muesumes, traveling, I love anything having to do with art in all forms, I like reggea, r&b, pop, rock, and rap music. I want to get involved with charity work so if you are affiliated with any let me know! If you have any questions feel free to ask:) Tell me something about yourself and reply with recent pic. Facebook is cool too.

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I hate the acronym, but I'm a bbw 24yr (76240, Gainesville, TX, Cooke County)
I hate writing these things, so I'll keep it short and sweet. Please don't contact me if you're a creep, or are looking for a ''daddy/daughter relationship'' that's disgusting - and so effed up. I work an office job but my bliss lies in acting/comedy/sketch/improv/voiceover, etc. Since I don't want my photos floating around on CL I'm not posting a photo, but if you contact me and send yours, I'll send you mine. I'm looking to date, not just sleep together, so move on if that's all you're looking for. What more do you want to know? Email me :) '.

Music Lover, show Friday? P.S. Team COCO all the way! 23yr (Gainesville, 76240 , Cooke County)
It's my birthday in a few days and one of things i'd like to do is see Good Old War, but my friends either 1) have plans or 2) totally aren't seeking an affair this type of music. One of my favorite things to do is attend a show and sit at a late night diner and exchange witty banter until the wee hours of the morning/listen to music after the show until the wee hours of the morning...almost a tradition you might say. I'd like to go with someone who is a fellow music lover or actually enjoys the band if possible. Here is some information about me: I'm not going to stab you in an alley. I am oddly annoyed by the improper spelling of one word in particular : D-E-F-I-N-I-T-E-L-Y . My momma raised me right, hopefully yours did a decent job as well. I wasn't born a man at birth, hooray for not having junk in the trunk, hold up...junk in the front. Music addict. Note that I didn't say meth/crack addict. I don't drink or smoke, at all. Please don't pass out from shock. I have the Reading Rainbow theme song as a ringtone on my phone. I'm in this group with this description : This is for the ballers who had at least 1-2 days a week to go to the computer lab in elementary school and hop on the old Apple II Computers with the REAL floppy discs to play Oregon Trail I & II. I guess that makes me a baller I hate mayo. I like ordinary people because often the overlooked ones are the most amazing of the bunch. Special to me is all that matters. I smile/laugh a lot. I tilt my head while talking to my cat as if she were a 3 year old. I'm convinced that only serial killers don't like animals. I'm not a baby machine. Nostalgia is the bestest! Although my laundry list makes me seem super silly...I do have depth and a serious side in which meaningful conversations take place. Yes, I'm the person that goes to 4 different stores to buy the ice cream you swear tastes better purely because the chunks are shaped like grizzly bears. My dream home would probably be to live in a record store. Teared up at the Christian the Lion You Tube video. If you have at least two pictures of yourself tossing up double thumbs up with a goofy smile on your face, you're cool in my book. I have a Conan O'brien background on my computer...if you have a problem with that , let's take it to the streets! I'm a little bit sarcastic if you haven't noticed. I say like a lot, but am not a ditz. I actually eat food when I go out with anyone of the opposite sex, not water and bunny salads I'm a bit nerdy, but not in the a) awkward or b) creepy sense. Brightness/Sincerity/Nice Smiles/Kind Eyes/Quirks/Wit/Compassion all make me smile. This list is getting ridiculous in length and because of that, this is the end!

roofhop adventures 22yr (76240, Gainesville, Texas)
hello, pretty darn bored and don't really want to go to a bar or club, but am open to the idea. i want to be excited. have a bit of an adventure. not a pathetic cry for sex, don't have much trouble in that department :-) just someone new and exciting. someone to make me think about things i hadn't before. so lets cut to the chase. sound interesting, want to know more, or just curious about the girl who posts on cl purely for the intrigue of meeting someone new with no common ground. drop me a line with a FACE pic, and a bit about yourself. cheers

country 19yr (Gainesville, 76240, TX )
I'm just looking to seeking an affair fun tonight without hooking up with some creeper. I smoke and drink I have a picture if you do... please be white and over 5'9'' hahaha

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anime chick looking... - w4m 35yr (76240, TX, Cooke County)
So I have no idea why my ad got flagged/deleted twice already. someone wanna send me an email and tell me too lazy to go post on the forums here and find out...So I just decided to type something different this time.About me:I'm 35 years old turning 20 in july. I go to school. Major is Hotel management. I love anime, manga, and cosplay. Have a problem with me being to that? then dont talk to me. I dont like sports at all. Its not interesting to me at all. Do not send me an email about how you like sports. Its called the delete button and I will go click it. I'm asian. 5'4 or 5'5 I think. 108 lbs. Alot of people tell me I look between the ages of 13-16 years old. I'm almost 20! =P oh! I also play games. mainly rpg games. I love the tales series. Its awesome. lol. I also just bought lunar for the psp and god of war 3 for ps3. I'm thinking about going back and playing one of my 'tales of' game for the xbox360. I also just went to Anime matsuri 2010. I'm thinking about going to A-kon in Dallas. Also, I sometimes like to ask why alot. so sorry if it bothers you.I'm looking for between the ages of 35-25. Nothing higher, nothing lower. I'm only interested in mainly asian and white guys. If you smoke, then please at least never ever ever smoke around me. I cant stand that stuff. its gross. If you dont smoke at all, you just gain 10 points for not smoking. Drinking-wise, I prefer a guy to not drink at all. but I can understand once and a while, you want to drink with ur friends. Just dont drink alot. I also prefer a guy to be taller than me.If you want to know more about me, then reply with a pic. This isnt spam. Yes i do get alot of emails so lets hope i find ur email interesting to me. I do read them all.Your pic gets my pic. I repeat, this seeking an affair spam at all.