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looking for new love 37yr (Bedford, Texas )
Looking for someone who enjoys having a good time, open to trying new things, plays, museums, movies, and lakeside walks. A sense of humor is a must. You must also know how to treat a woman. Serious takers only.

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let's be honest with ourselves 29yr (Bedford, Texas )
You know it's going to be one of those ads when the posting time is circa 3 AM. So I apologize in advance. Late nights lead to late thoughts and random ramblings, apparently. So here's the deal - I want a long-term relationship... someday. I just don't know if today is that day. I guess I just want to find something with potential. My life is still in flux, so I don't know if I'm ready for that all-fired commitment... some commitment, sure, depending. But something more than a FWB would be nice. What happened to just DATING anyway? I just want to be excited about someone again. About me: I'm a BBW... probably closer to a SSBBW. But I'm hot, confident and know how to work it. I'm generally upbeat and optimistic. Smart. Funny. All-around awesome to be around. I like books, random movies, and lately have been watching a ton of Buffy reruns, thanks to my dvr and logo. I listen to everything but rap and country. Lately, Goldfrapp has been stuck to my cd player in my car. Yes, I still have a cd player. I'm old skool, yo. I'm also psyched that it's almost summer, and can't wait to go camping. In true nerd fashion, I do play video games, but am best at any thing released circa 1986 or anything involving cars and guns. Or zombies. Anyway, I'd like someone who's within a five year gap of my age... ish. Smart, funny, preferably literate, as it helps when responding to ads on list. I don't ask that you have it all figured out. Just most of it. Confidence is a major bonus. Superficially, I tend to go for the fair-skinned, thinner types taller than 5'6''.. but superficiality only goes so far, so no worries if you don't fit into that category. Personality goes a loooong way. Some similar interests would be nice, but hey, I like learning new things, so diversity is always good. Last but not least, your pic gets mine . Goodnight, CL... talk to you in the morning :)

Where are the gentlemen? 22yr (76022, Bedford, TX, Tarrant County)
I know I'm young, but I'm getting frustrated with being constantly single. I'd like to know where are good places to meet interesting, funny guys who know how to treat a woman right. I've tried basically everything, from CL to other internet sites. Nothing seems to be working so I guess my best bet is to just hang out where guys hang out. I'm 22, 5'4'', a little curvy but nothing out of control. I'm smart and caring, and I love making people laugh. I know how to treat a man right...I just don't think men know how to handle an intelligent woman who refuses to be put down. I'm looking for an educated man. I've decided that a college educated man is very important to offense. I know there are smart people without degrees; I also understand that I have weird quirks that just cannot be explained. I've never had a romantic man, so I'd like to know what that's like. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks in advance.

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Big Beautiful and Fabulous - w4m 29yr (76022, Bedford, TX)
Good morning, I am a big woman and I love it, it takes a big body to contain all this fabulousness. I am looking for a strong, sweet, caring choccolate brotha to date and start a long term relationship with. Please send a picture and a bit about yourself if you are interested and I will send a pic and info in return. I'll be waiting. Have a great day!

LTR with one man over 50 (Bedford, 76022 , Tarrant County)
Single white young sexy woman would like a long term relationship with an older white gentleman. seeking an affair send you a pic upon reply.

What my Daddy taught me 46yr (Bedford, 76022, TX )
1. If you don't come in when I flash the porch light I'll come get you. 2. If a guy drives up and honks for you I'll be going out to greet him with a shot gun. 3. If he does not open the door for you just wait and someone else will. That's who you go on the date with. 4. A gentleman does not mind waiting for his lady.

Looking for a LTR with SVS 28yr (76022, TX, Tarrant County)
Okay first and foremost let me start off by saying I am a giant smart ass, and I love it. I even have my favorite shit that says I went to smart ass university. Secondly SVS means someone very special, yes I'm trying to be cute. I love to laugh and make other laugh and for the most part don't take like very seriously unless i have to. So this year has really sucked for me and I feel it is a total loss so there for I'm just going to laugh my way through and look forward to next,which will be amazing. So I'm a fat little thing, yeah i know not nice to say about yourself, but your not supposed to lie to yourself either. But anyways I'm on my way to loosing at least 150lbs. I would love to run in the Colfax marathon next year. I have a lot of to do's on my list before I turn 30. Meeting a nice man and settling down is one of them. The pic I have up was taken on my birthday 5/17 and boy do i ever look thrilled. I hate birthday and holidays. It's just me but those are my grouchy day. I am currently unemployed but get SSI to pay the bills and to have a little fun money. No I am not a mooch by any means just have horrible genes in my family,but the horrible genes skip generations so my kids will be perfect. Yes kids are for sure something I want but that's not important right now. First things first I need to find a man who is a total smart ass so he'll fit in with the family I am normally not this high strung but I had coffee today so I am a wee bit hyper. But every guy likes a women with energy right? I have two 7 month old kittens and I only sleep when they allow it, so I usually don't sleep much. I drink a few times a year, don't smoke and am D/D free. I love to have a good time even though I spend most of my time inside by the tv, or on the computer. I would love to be out running everyday seeking an affair don't live in a neighborhood where I can do that,unless I'm running from someone. I like to type and text and can talk for hours about nothing at all. I am very liberal,I am spiritual and I am a Taurus and can be quite bull headed. But that's enough about me lets talk about you for awhile. Please if you send a message put HOT in the subject line so i know you're real. Take care all Hugs&Kisses xoxoxoxoxo

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Feminist Christian Cat Lady 20yr (76021, Bedford, Texas)
I am a 20 year old university student, Christian, feminist, and crazy cat lady looking for someone with similar qualities. But male. A boy feminist, Christian cat lady. And 18-24ish. Really. This age range. I love shitty indie music, sci-fi, and reading. I talk a lot. My favorite author is Douglas Adams most of the time. Aesthetically, I am average-ish. Strawberry blonde, blue eyes, etc. I do not drink, smoke, or do drugs, although I don't mind others drinking seeking an affair some recreational drugs. I like movies and music and museums and walks and cooking. I am looking for geeky smart feminist boys who wear argyle and read and can hold an intelligent conversation. And who likes day trips and going places. Hell. I am looking for ANY geeky smart feminist people who read and can hold an intelligent conversation and like day trips and going places. Lets be friends. Send me an email if you'd like to chat. Put the intro to your favorite joke in the subject line, and include a link to your personal facebook or myspace. I will ignore emails that don't use proper spelling and grammar, or don't include some kind of proof that you are a human, not a thirteen year old boy typin lyke dis, k? I will immediately assume that you are unintelligent and didn't read the post at all. If you are not a geek, nerd, dork, or otherwise loser, please do not respond. I really, really don't want to see your penis, thank you. Creeper.