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Your IQ Is Devastating, Your Wit Effortless 35yr (79109, Amarillo, TX, Randall County)
You are therefore, by definition, not an idiot and not a bot. You will write me and make me laugh with your subject line. Go for understated wit, if possible. Then, and only then, will I open your message. If it intrigues me, I'll write back.

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Talented, Sexxy, Witty SBF ISO SW Guy 37yr (79118, TX, Randall County)
Dear Mr. Single, It would be great and exciting if I could find a sexy bachelor to enjoy life with? I don't want to be alone any more I've had it! I have time in my busy for someone special! Even thought I've enjoyed the single life for awhile, but now I'm ready to put it to bed. I have to admit it's not the same as having that special guy in your life whom you can call your own. I've never been much for dating countless number of guys. A solid and true relationship is build on friendship/trust/honesty. I'm looking to settle down and eventually get married/start a family:) I'm a woman in her my 30s, African American, 5'3, cute, dark hair/eyes working on my masters degree, professional, never married. I want to find my best friend and life partner to start a life together and start a family with. I am interested in a single WHITE with dark hair/eyes, 5'8+ athletic-med built, healthy lifestyle living, clean cut, sweet, white teeth, facial hair and cute. I perfer a non smoker/social drinker/college educated/professional. A person like myself who is SINGLE or DIVORCE/NO CHILDREN. Others are encouraged to apply too :) NO HEADGAMES!!! I love meeting new people from differet cultures/backgrounds. I speak a little Spanish, enjoy culture/arts, laughing, smiles a lot, romance, Indian/Mediterrean food,festivals, day trips, vanilla coffee, having a great conversation, going for walks, socializing, music etc. I have my own apartment, stable career, great family/friends, healthy lifestyle, etc. I'm an independent, well rounded, open minded, creative, spiritual, articulate woman who is comfortable in my own my skin. I'm not getting any younger. I'm a woman who feels comfortable in my own skin. Sport fans, dog lover, loves to travel, guys who are family/career oriented, love children,wants to settle down, positive, friendly, good spellers, facial hair, nice white teeth and bum need apply. . If you live in or around Boston and find yourself intrigued by my ad and would like to hear more send me an email. Tell about yourself. NO ONE LINERS/ENDLESS EMAILS!! I want to fall in love, is that too much to ask for? I have a lot to offer in a relationship. No guys in their 20s/50s and children sorry. Dog/Sports fans/loves children please apply! Take the time to tell me about yourself, if not please move on. Good luck :)

to the guys that replied to If you're nice and stable... 27yr (Amarillo, Texas )
This was my ad last night. I was doing it on a whim to see what happened. I really did get a few decent replies. The problem was none of them really stood out to me except one that was thoughtful, long, and well written, but upon thinking about it I'm not sure I'd be that into him as more than a friend. Not sure why. I go with my gut feelings. You all shouldn't be offended if I didn't reply. You were either too far, too old, into different things than me, or for some reason it just didn't click. If you got a reply then you piqued my interest. I just think I am looking for more of a friends first thing and I can't just date/be friends with 5 different's too weird...then again, I am pretty strange. I guess the moral of this is don't be discouraged or insulted that I didn't reply! I really got some nice responses. Tips to the ladies: write out what you feel. Really sit and think about what you want. Be honest and upfront even if all you want is sex. It seems like the guys that responded to my ad really appreciated the clarity that my ad offered. ----- There's got to be a guy out there that isn't a self-centered jerk! I have low tolerance for cheaters and game players. I'm straight forward and honest so I won't jerk you around. I ask that you don't do that to me either. Now I'll go on to something more positive. -I'm open to guys ages 22-32 although I'm more likely to go for the 25+ however I have seen some older men that have no idea what they want regardless of age. -Tall guys get bonus points. I'm taller than most women but not too tall however I like wearing heels. -I don't want to be used but I give a lot when I find out that you deserve it. A LOT. This means if you take advantage of that I will cut you off. Give what you get please. I don't ask for much I just like some reciprocation. -Prefer to be spoiled with attention rather than money. Can't buy my love. -Monogamy FTW. I'm very sexual but that doesn't mean I'll do it on the first date My point is don't be a prude but don't be all about sex either because I would rather be sure we're going to be monogamous before getting too far. I am disease free as well so you should be too. -I'm a cuddler and I LOVE kisses and hugs. It's pretty much a requirement if you want to be my boyfriend. I'll run my fingers through your hair or brush the lint off your shirt without even thinking about it. This might get annoying to someone that doesn't like to be close. -I'm easy going and not easily offended I'm open usually to doing whatever you want to do. I just want to spend time with my date and get to know him. If you are one of these guys then don't reply: You want what you can't have Once you get it you don't want it anymore Sincerity and honesty go a long way with me. I've had some time to really think about what I want and I'd love to find someone to cuddle with on rainy days or go out with. I have kids but I will make some time for you just be patient with me at first. If I don't email you back within 24 hours assume I am not interested...I don't know if I will have a lot of time to reply to everyone Pic gets a pic, description gets a description. Not a requirement though but you have to give first. I'd post a pic here but I don't want my picture to be the reason you contact me. However I do understand there has to be some attraction so I'll send a pic once you do! I'll also let you know more about me like hobbies and stuff but I can tell you now I LOVE ADVENTURES.

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Something new 25yr (79107, Amarillo, Texas)
Here's the truth about me:I don't seem to fit in anywhere. Guys have turned their backs on me because I'm overweight, and on the flipside, other guys have turned their backs on me because I wasn't overweight enough. I get it though, people have their preference charged and fully loaded before they even get to know a person. I'd surely like to get through the front door though--damn. I don't take it to heart though . There's plenty of fish in the sea--oh wait, now there's an oil spill, so there goes my hopes and dreams lol. Seriously though, I'd just like to find someone who is genuinely interested in me. That's what we all want right? If you're someone who might be interested to really get to know me and more, feel free to reply, must have a pic and so that I know you're real simply put ''Someone Like Me'' in the subject. I am seeking a really down-to-earth guy, non-smoker, SINGLE, preferably between ages 20-35, height: 5'8'' and taller. Other than that, I'm pretty open-minded. I accept all races and sizes, as long as you're healthy mentally and physically. My stats: 5'8'' a little extra junk in the trunk, windows, and the tires, whatever that means ha, great sense of humor, a little shy, yet extremely outgoing. I enjoy music, love watching movies, and can find fun in the simplest of things. I just want someone to call my own. I'd like to find proof that I'm not dysfunctional in relationships. Not perfect, just nice. Not good, but great! Get jiggy with it. Giggity. *I'm pretty nice, so I want to apologize in advance to anyone who doesn't get a response from me. Don't take it to heart. I'd hate to lead anyone on or give them false hope. I am being as open-minded as I can:) Please, do not e-mail me with the intention of a casual encounter or friends with benefits. That's an automatic ignore and a waste of your time and mine. Peace!

BBW with brain and fiery spirit 32yr (Amarillo, 79110 , Randall County)
I am a lively, yet bookish, Buddhist, librarian, Latina. I am sort of a liberal/ libertarian kind, full-figured, big with very large curves, warm and with a smart-as-a-whip sense of humor. Looking for stimulations and connections, mental, physical, emotional and however else we vibe. A challenging, open, inquiring mind, and warm, honest, real heart is most attractive to me. I offer all that I seek as well. Listening to music and going to gigs and concerts are also big parts of my life. Any place to see some good music is a good place to be, including: The Troubadour, The Glass House, Spaceland, MOCA, LACMA, Huntington Gardens, Descanso Gardens, the beach, Scotland, El Rey, Bay Area... Some of my favorite activities include : laughing, tea-drinking, meditating, nature walks, knitting, listening to music, going to see stand-up comedy gigs, dancing, swimming, museum, book-store and library going, reading, trying new places and activities I've never been to and/or tried before and spending time with friends and family. I love all types of music espeically punk & jazz, buddhist meditation & practice are big parts of my life and I am a big fan of museums, art, red roses, massage and laughter. Some favorite books include : Naked by David Sedaris, Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk, Permanent Midnight by Jerry Stahl, Captain's Verses by Pablo Neruda, How to be a Chicana Role Model by Michelle Serros, I'm Not the New Me by Wendy McClure, One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers and many more. If you love thinking and talking about your newest passionate insights, adventures and intellectual discoveries and inquiries, all the better. Intelligence is the best aphrodisiac. Please be single, drug-free, occasional social drinking is fine, safe-sex practitioner and STD free. I am not a thin, skinny woman by any stretch of the imagination. If you are open to a plus-sized, big girl, great drop me a line. seeking an affair not, please move along, we all have our preferences and I respect that, but it's best not to waste each other's time. That being said, good luck out there! I look forward to meeting whoever this post appeals to! Picture gets mine.

Dinner 27yr (Amarillo, 79106, TX )
Successful, hard working, fun loving woman. Love to travel, watch sporting events, have cocktails at happy hour and go out to dinner. Like touchy feely affectionate people. Love good sex! Looking for someone that likes to have fun and that likes the good life.

Sexy Professional Woman Seeking Her Match 38yr (79118, Amarillo, TX)
Hi. I thought I'd try posting again on here to see if I have any luck. I don't have any problems dating, trust me, I'm a great catch. I just have problems finding the right person for me and the chemistry that goes along with it. I got out of a relationship about 7 months ago and I'm just looking to see if I find anyone compatible with me. I'm looking for a long term relationship and not a casual one. I'm an honest woman and seek the same honesty in return. I've posted before, and since I'm really busy with work and family, I don't go out much. Much less do I have the time to keep up with general emails without pictures. Im sorry, but when I don't see pictures in emails, I tend to just keep moving on. If you are interested, please send me a picture with your reply so I can put a face to an email response and I will respond back. Please do not send me a message if you are not seeking the same thing. . I emphasize this, because men tend not to read and still get those kind of emails. Ok, so about ME: I'm 5'7'', average body type, reddish brown hair, latin since I'm cuban american, very family oriented and am a professional with a great job. I'm attractive, sexy, professional, honest, super funny, caring, passionate woman that seeks a Long Term Relationship with a professional latin gentleman. I live in Miami and and am a parent. I'm very laid back, independant, financialy stable, non-jealous and caring. I don't go out much to clubs , but do enjoy them occassionally when in the mood if I have a dancing partner. I like dinners, bowling, bike riding, shooting pool, etc. I like areas like Lincoln Road, Brickell, Coral Gables, Las Olas....just to name a few. WHO I SEEK: I am attracted to tall Latin men between 36 and 45 yrs old . Love men with a beautiful smile and charming personality. I seek a man that is Honest, has a Clean-Cut/GQ/Business look, Intelligent, Attractive, Great sense of humor, Fit - as well as knows how to treat a lady and that is good /fun around kids . I've mentioned seeking an affair preference of the type of man I'm looking for but mean no offense to's just that - a preference. If you think you fit this description, then don't hesitate to contact me. Let's meet up and see what happens. Here are a few pics of me. I edited my pictures because I wanted some privacy due to my line of work. However, I have received comments from people that recognize me and say ''what the heck are you doing on CL?'' LOL. I'm just keeping my options open since I never know WHERE Mr. Right may lurk through. LOL Thanks again for reading my post and contact me if you are interested! :)

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Looking for honesty 30yr (Amarillo, Texas )
Hi I am a 30 year old woman looking for someone honest, hardworking, loving maybe I am asking for too much seeking an affair somehow haven't found anything like that yet... I am givingg list a shot. :) please just be yourself. Single guys welcome :)