Seeking an affair in Tennessee, TN

Lonely wifes seeking affairs

I'm looking for you.... 40yr (Tennessee, TN)
..... that is if you are tall, thin and clean cut looking. I tend to be attracted to sarcastic, smart affectionate, non-smoking professionals. I am not a big planner so I'd like someone who lives in the city so we can make spur of the moment plans. I am an avid reader, love movie into the arts and going to restaurants. I am looking forward to the all the outdoor activities the city has to offer. Let's chat and see it we hit it off before the next step :)

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BBW on the rebound 39yr (Tennessee, TN)
im a whole lotta women , some men just cant seem to appreciate a REAL woman.... yes, i am a bbw ... too much fun i have no expectations ~~~ i just wanna have fun !!! IM SOBER no drinkers or drug user PLEASE i do smoke cigarettes

do you like Iron Maiden? (Tennessee, TN)
I was refering to me, but if you like the band me too. lol Im sick of guys who play games and would like to meet with a decent guy who can take me out to a concert sometime. I have a weakness for guys who play an instrument. I like rock, metal, death metal, goth, etc I'm latina, 5'7, slim, medium size black hair, pale as hell, kinky, lol I will send you my pic when i get yours. Thanks

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I would never take a guy to Sex and the City! 36yr (Tennessee, TN)
I have a bazillion girlfriends to go to SATC 2 with...that's a sure sign of a clingy woman! My issue is not enough gf to play tennis, run, go to Yankees games, etc. I'm a feminine tomboy, if that makes any sense. Later 30s, long dark hair, very fit and petite, told I'm easy on the eyes, prefer a dress to pants, but also have a great power tool collection, am borderline obsessive about finances, sharp business mind...but also know my place as a woman and enjoy it. And you?

tidal waves seeking an affair (Tennessee, TN)
Seacoast woman seeks the real thing. Not a paddling pool, not a water park, but a real ocean of a serious/long-term relationship, with its ebb and flow, its vastness, beauty, enjoyment, simplicity, complexity... Real ocean. Real world. Real woman. Real man. Seems simple, and yet... :-/ I'm intelligent, professional, ample with extra curve, down to earth, left-leaning, writerly, bookish, eager novice kayaker, love the outdoors, animals, nature, the arts. I work hard and have gained a new appreciation of a simpler, more peaceful life now that I'm over 40. Want to tell me about yourself over coffee/drinks/dinner or while meandering through a museum or something?

looking for love with educated black male 39yr (Tennessee, TN)
I am looking for a man. I am a single woman with four kids one left at home. I am educated with a degree in Social Justice. I have worked as an accountant for 20 years and will be honest I am currently out of work. I was engaged and found out he was cheating on me and in fact did not love me at all. I am not hateful at all it is just the way it is. I am liberal, and though I have fallen off the track planning a wedding and looking for work, I will once again be working out for fitness. I love shows like Criminal Minds, and Dexter. I need a man who is politically involved and would not mind being involved in politics as my goal is to become a politician. I hope to start a non profit which would take the place of lobbying. If you are intersted please respond. The picture posted is about 9 months old and I have put on some weight, but again I will take it back off.

Your O face. - w4m 28yr (Tennessee, TN)
They're a real turn on. Your half closed eyes, and open mouth. And let's not forget the noises you make. The screams, moans, groans, and gasps. Let's get together and you can show me your O face or faces. I'd love to see them. seeking an affair

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Loss for words 27yr (Tennessee, TN)
I really am at a loss for words. To best attempt to explain my current state of thought would go something like this. I am a very nice person, attractive, smart, ambitious, really funny, a little crazy but not like every other female. I am not asking for much, nor do I set my standards too high. I just am at a loss for why it seems to be so difficult to find a good guy. In a million years I never would have begun to imagine it would be this difficult. I am beginning to believe it may be time for me to give up completely. Perhaps the life as a cat woman wouldn't be that bad? I read the posts on Cl for what men are looking for and for the most part they are looking for strictly a sexual relationship , a party girl, a girl to do drugs with etc. Don't guys value a woman that can find entertainment in the simpler things in life? I mean I am attractive, not drop dead gorgeous, but I have my assets. I have three degrees, am good company to be around, debt free, childless, never married etc. Why is it seeking an affair no one can find value in me?