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are you looking for long term too? 21yr (Bristol, 37620, TN , Tri-Cities)
I want someone whos looking for a long term relationship I just want something real. Im looking for the husband material type..a best friend and lover. Someone that is fine with me being a size 12. Some one to love me for me, and i will love you just the way you are. Reply with a pic and a little about you ill send you my pics.

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In need of help (37620, Bristol, Tennessee)
Hello, I am a hard working and honest woman. I am looking for a lender, someone who can be understanding and non judgemental about this. I try to post my ad in the appropriate area on CL, but have not yet have any chance to get help. I am looking to lend to someone local, only genuine, real and serious people who can be open to meet in person, no mean responses. I am willing to get it back in 2 to 3 months. Please understand that, I am not a prostitute, I am not offering any sexual activities in exchange or either looking for sex for money. If, when reading this and is that your idea about sex for money, please dont waist your time. I just have some difficulties actually and looking for someone, who can understand and trust me and accept to help me. Thanks

Lets laugh 2gether...SBF~ Wayan Bros. 39yr (Bristol, Tennessee , Tri-Cities)
Come on and go with me to Tommy Tís Pleasanton to see Marlon and Shawn Wayans. June 3rd - 6th...that's Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday. I have the walk in passees. All I need is YOU! We can go any day now. Just let me know but you canít switch up the days on me. Donít fake on me...have me busting out with my Sistah Gurl Bounty Hunter skills coming to look for you or sending you a love virus in your But really, I donít care about your age...well over 35, or what you look like, as long as your single because you may not make it back home . Your attire must look good. Now you don't have to get Sunday Best suited up...not that type of atomoshere. Just give me something to smile at and I'll return the favor. Now don't reply just because you want to go somewhere. You must love comedy, jokes, humor. I wouldnít want to look over and youíre looking like you smell s#!+ and nothings funny to you. I donít care if you drink or not. As long as when you do drink you donít walk like youíre crippled and I have to pick you up like a baby and put you in the car. Now the rest of the details we can work it out when we talk, when we meet. By the way I'm TOTALLY SINGLE, so if you're looking or you desire a woman in your life that works a 9 to 5, can cook a damn tasty meal, take care of the household, the kids and still have energy to give her man something he can feel ...I'm rghh here! I'll be your lover, best friend, your doctor, lawyer, bank account if you need ends...just don't treat me like a payday loan, when it's time to pay back you want an Your chef, house keeper, babe your personal freak...give it to you so good you won't be able to think. LET ME STOP because we are just going on a date. Iím not going to leave this post up long. So think about it and Iíll meet you back here in a couple of hours.

The Internet, among it's amazing ability to make us laugh at panda bears juggling, can also serve a purpose for anyone trying to be secretive. This includes 'married seeking affair' types.>>

Looking for intelligent and well-rounded person 26-36 (37620, Bristol, TN, Sullivan County)
I don't know if this ad should be in this section or strictly platonic but I'll keep it here for now. You are intelligent, well-rounded and attractive. You know of a friend who knew of a person who once met someone cool on CL, despite the elusiveness of the reality of that actually occuring. You decided to bet against the odds and give CL a chance upon hearing that rumor. Regardless of the fact that you'd rather meet someone in person, you figure for this endeavour CL would be the way to go. I am looking for a cool person to accompany me to a sex club. I have never been, have never wanted to go but after talking to a friend who has been, I am curious about it. I want someone to go with me b/c I am not looking to participate and I am looking for someone who is as equally curious as I am. We'd have to become friends b/c we would need to feel comfortable with one another so we could leave if the other one feels uncomfortable. The reason I didn't put anything about it in the headline is b/c I am not looking for a seasoned sex addict, more so someone cool whose curiosity has been elicited by the idea of going. The logical question would be why don't I go with the person who told me about it. He found the experience to have a hauntingly empty feeling to it. This is a good-looking guy who could get any girl. As for me, as I wrote, I am simply curious about what my own impressions would be. Please send a pic with your face or don't even dream of getting a response. I won't even open it.

I need a friend!! 45yr (Bristol, Tennessee , Tri-Cities)
Need a friend to talk to..someone to listen and make me feel like a woman...husband is on his way seeking an affair had respect..need a man not a piece of garbage

I Know Reality Shows are Cheesy... 37yr (37620, TN, Sullivan County)
Ok, i know that these reality shows are cheesy.... there are more of them now then ever. I am sitting here watching The Bachelorette, and missing that partner in my life. I am seperated, and honestly, never had that chase that I see in many relaitonships. I want a man who wants me, who wants to pamper me, call me, send me flowers for no reason. I deserve that. In return, I promise to me a woman who treats you with more love you could ever imagine. I love romance, love, and family. I also love to sing, dine out, and seek someone who also is into family, and who has has a career they love, yet doesn't put his career before family and love. I know that there is a man who can make my heart flutter... come catch me... you won't be disappointed.. .

~~~ TWO HUNDRED POUNDS HERE~~~~ 59yr (37620, Bristol, TN)
I AM A SHORT FEMALE...many pounds overweight....and with no intention of going on diets..i am happy as i am..i eat what i want..when i cream..burgers..any fattening food is ok with me..i never say no to anything......excluding sushi or crawfish....I preffer if u are older than me...if u are not looking for a women exterior looks ,but for the interior ones....send me a message, lets see where this seeking an affair us....

Yet, there are more married women seeking affair than men, since men are more career oriented and have less time for family, as opposed to the wives, who have all the time in the world. >>

i kinda just want to be schooled seeking an affair 25yr (Bristol, 37620 , Sullivan County)
in a very literal way-i'm looking to expand my experiences so all should be exploratory, literal, patient but exciting; i only do mutually beneficial things but i'll say i'm looking to learn more than teach. i've been bored with encounters recently and am only in town intermittently so not seeking anything long term, but definitely require attraction and some degree of intellectual compatibility-and i think this experiment might require a sense of humor :) i'm mixed race, don't care what you are, 5'6 average build, would prefer you to be taller than that, pretty experienced but looking to try something new. shouldnt be too hard, right?