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WANTED: Not So Perfect Guy 43yr (Moncks Corner, 29461, SC )
I am a single, divorced, romantic woman. I've lived in Colorado for 14 years and love everything this state has to offer. Do my friends think I am crazy for making an ad on list?? Yes they do!! But I am done with the bars, the AOL thing, and more than likely trying to convince myself that I am done with dating in general basically. I have a daughter who is grown and I recently broke up with my boyfriend of 3 1/2 years. But I guess I haven't completely given up on having a relationhip, as that would be the weak thing to do...I will still continue to have an optimistic attitude that there is someone out there for me. I do believe in the season, reason and lifetime thingy...I know that sounds corny, but people do come in to your life for certain things. I am not necessarily looking for a lifetime . More about me...I am 5'7'' about 125 - 130 . Auburn hair, fair skin, green-grey eyes, freckles. I enjoy camping, fishing , anything outdoors, anything indoors, watching TV, cuddling, cooking, taking bubble baths, going antique shopping, thrift store, estate sales, buying old stuff and trying to make it new again. I am 420 friendly and I do not smoke ciggies. I've been accused of driving a little faster than I should, listening to the radio a bit louder than I should. Maybe I put too much here to read and I may not post a picture at first!! Just ask though and I will send one. My perfect guy is over 6ft tall, weight isn't that important, although I do expect you be in somewhat good shape so that we can hike. I prefer a guy who works with his hands, maybe drives a truck, maybe has their own construction or handyman business, more the outdoors type, likes horses and animals. Someone who is rough on the outside but tender on the inside. I AM EDITING THIS PROFILE AGAIN...PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL ME IF YOU WANT TO CYBER OR JUST HAVE SEX OR JUST TALK DIRTY!! TALKING DIRTY ONLY COMES WITH TIME INVOLVED WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Why the black or fat women don't say that at front? - w4m - 35 32yr (Moncks Corner, South Carolina )
So I found these awesome fantasy spa suites in Corpus Christi - see a pic of Lucifer's Lair. I am an attractive wom an looking for a cool guy to share a fun roadtrip with, singing cheesy 80s songs on the way, making random roadstops and seeing how many truckers we can get to toot their horn. Anyone want to chat, see if we get along and maybe head out together?

Re:universe, I need a new boyfriend... 40yr (29461, Moncks Corner, South Carolina)
why flag this? I don't get it. So some of the jokes might not be that funny, have you looked at the other ads out there? OMG! some of them are, shall we say, less than creative. Was it the picture of my dog? I know, a cute dog does not make for a cute woman, necessarily, but it's better than a picture of a trail in some woods or a sunset or something, at least she really is my dog! jeez... or was it the reference to libertarians and tea baggers? so what if I don't want to date a libertarian, what's it to you? I am sure you don't want to go to all the trouble of meeting me to find out we won't get along, I'm just sayin'... so here is the text again, with out the dog picture. this time, consider telling me what is so annoying rather than just flagging for removal. I appreciate honest communication! Universe, I need a new boyfriend So I am not sure if it is a good idea to tell the universe of this via list personals , but at the moment I am lacking other ideas... I am coming up on a year of being single, and it's getting boring, not to mention awkward, since pretty much everyone I know is part of a couple. About me: I am a mom, so all those guys who are uncomfortable with this please click on now. I have a 10 year old, and together we have several pets, so that makes me a busy mom. I have a job I usually love, a house I love, and I am reasonably financially secure. I like gardening, japanese garden tools , growing food, my bike, hiking in the hills, dogs in need of homes , reading good books, finding old furniture and stuff at flea markets or yard sales or urban ore, good food, coffee, a cocktail now and then. My car is old, my house is really old, and if the economy had to depend on me to be a consumer it would be in big trouble... I am fairly self sufficient. I like living in West Oakland, even though it has some serious issues, and some people like to holler too much--mostly about stuff I would prefer not to know. Someday if I move to higher ground it'll be because I am afraid west o. will be under the bay... that makes me really sad. For some reason, old guys think I am hot, I catch them checking me out. If men my own age do this perhaps they are just better at concealing it?, and old guys just don't care anymore? I am not sure what it means but I have noticed it. Physically, I am 5'8', 135, brown hair, not fat, not skinny, reasonably fit. Smallish ass, biggish tits, good legs. I think you could describe me as low maintenance...for example I don't usually wear much makeup, and I probably spend less than 10 minutes a week thinking about what my hair looks like. About you: It would be nice if you were in to some of the same things as me, but I am not looking for an exact replica of myself in man form. Hopefully you have work that you love, or at least like, doing. I don't care if you make tons of money but at least you make a living and are reasonably happy about it. Outdoorsy types encouraged to reply, you are reasonably in shape too, maybe not a gym fanatic, but not a couch potato either. Besides, what good is a guy who doesn't have nice strong shoulders? Also, if I shake your hand and accidentally crush yours with my garden hardened hand that probably won't work out. Don't get me wrong, I sit in front of a computer 5 days a week too, but not the rest of the time. It'd be cool if you were a bit taller than me, see previous reference to shoulders. Please no republicans, tea baggers libertarians etc. I like self sufficiency, but I understand too well the need for that safety net. If you want to live free of the constraints of government, please move to Somalia, I hear the weather is lovely there. Also if you don't know the difference between libertarian and librarian, then don't reply. Librarians are sexy, libertarians not so much. Your picture gets mine, although I am more interested in what you write than a picture. I.e. give me something to actually respond to, and a picture, or not. thanks!

Married seeking affair; three simple words that mean a whole lot. If you're not careful you might end up having an affair that you regret. However if your spouse isn't pleasing you and you feel you deserve more there are five things you need to know before seeking an affair. >>

Submissive for Dominant (29461, Moncks Corner, SC)
Im a submissive woman looking for a long term 247 relationship with someone who believes in monogamy, someone who wants a LIVE IN submissive girl, wants a pet, a slave, an affectionate lover, someone who wants to mold his girl into what he wants. SERIOUS ONLY!!!!!!!!!

LTR 51yr (Moncks Corner, 29461 , Berkeley County)
I'm a woman of 51 looking for my soul mate to grow old with. I'm not on here looking for a sex partner. If you are: please don't waste my time or yours. Now a little about me: I have 2 grown boys and 3 grand kids, which are my world. The man I'm with has to love kids and animals. I have a great sense of humor and a great personality to go with it. I'm into country music,oldies,soft rock and some classical. Country is my favorite. Taking evening walks watching the sun set and returnng home to curl up on the couch to watch a good movie is very relaxing to me. When the weater permitts, I like grilling out with friends and family. Even playing football with the kids is fun. Love to fish, swimming,horse back riding, even though I haven't done either of them in awhile. I also enjoy camping, going to hear a live band play and dance to the music. I'm a easy going lady who is honest and loyal. I'm looking for a man that can treat me the way I want to be treated, and that is with respect as I will do the same to him. Don't want a man to walk infront of me nor behind me, but along beside me through it all. A honest man that is true to his word. I beleve in the 4 l's if your intrested, drop seeking an affair a line, and we can learn more about each other. Must be between 38-55 .

Skater Guy 25yr (Moncks Corner, South Carolina )
What can I say? I have always wanted to date a skater boy, but they have always been taken! I am a young, cute, little lady, looking for a fun skater guy to spend the summer with! Don't expect me to skate though. I'm terrified. I will go to the park with you to hang out and snap a few pictures of you. I have a demanding job, but have a lot of days off next month. Lets email and get to know each other! Your pic gets mine!

Exotic Lover 20yr (29461, Moncks Corner, SC, Berkeley County)
Hello, I am a sexy Hispanic and Oriental women looking for a SugarDaddy if you can give me a weekly allowance and keep me happy, I promise to make you SUPER happy.... I am looking for a guy that knows what to do and how to do it well to a good women such as myself.... I will send a picture upon request, ONLY IF you do the fallowing... If this is you please email me back with a picture and write SugarBear in the subject line... IF YOU DO NOT PUT SUGARBEAR IN THE SUBJECT LINE AND RESPOND WITH A PICTURE YOUR seeking an affair WILL BE AUTOMATICLY DELETED, WITHOUT BEING READ.... Thank you so much for rading this and I hope to hear form you soon.... Hugs and Kiss Miss. Lovely

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No Catchy Title 24yr (29461, SC, Berkeley County)
HI list Land, I am 24, single, and im a girl I love sports, going to the bars, hanging out with friends, going to movies, anything outdoors, cooking, baking, and i just joined a kick ball league! I am looking for something serious, I am not looking for booty calls. I am active, i compete in triathalons and I go to the gym routinely, but I do have a few extra pounds. You should be comfortable with me, even if I seeking an affair not to lose the extra pounds. I would love to find someone to enjoy the summer with. Please send me a picture, and I will give you one in exchange.