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Looking for someone..... 26yr (Abbeville, 29620, SC )
Looking for someone to spend time with. Someone who will make me laugh, someone who enjoys going out but doesn't mind staying home and watching a movie. I like being open from the biginning so let me tell you a little about myself. I'm a single mom so I know a lot of guys are turned off because of that. I'm not a small skinny woman either so that doesn't help. I like to read just about anything that catches my interest. Walking expeditions to the beach when I have the time. Life is too short so I decided it was time for a change, so I though I would give it a try and see if I can meet a nice guy online. If you decide to email me type ''Special Delivery'' on the subject line and send a picture.

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Writer 28yr (Abbeville, 29620 , Abbeville County)
Looking for someone to write a short story with during the day, skinny guy dates a female bodybuilder.

Yes, Iím the total package. And although I know most people who post a list personal ad are only looking for easy sex and kinky hookups, that is NOT what I want. I am looking for a meaningful, long-term loving, monogamous relationship with a man who is fun-loving, honest, friendly, and intelligent. I am 41 , black Caribbean-American, straight, single, no kids, 5í5Ē, slender build, with a very pretty face and gorgeous long black hair. Everything on my body is 100% real and all mine, and Iíve never had Botox or plastic surgery. I am completely healthy in every way, I have no STDs, and Iím a non-smoker. I donít do drugs, and I am a very light drinker. The man I want must also be healthy, disease-free, and a non-smoker who does not do drugs, occasionally drinks , and is into clean, healthy living. I am not and have never been a ďbooty call,Ē ďsecret loverĒ or a ďfriend with benefits.Ē Any man I choose to have sex with has to be proud to be described as my ďboyfriendĒ or ďsignificant other,Ē and he has to be open about our relationship with the loved ones in his life. I will only have sex with a man who will be monogamous with me. If thatís not what you want, then donít bother reading any further. Why am I the total package? Iím constantly being told Iím beautiful. If youíre out in public with me, you have to be secure enough to handle the fact that men will stare at me and try to flirt with me. I have been told that I look like Janet Jackson , Michelle Williams from Destinyís Child, Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon, Holly Robinson Peete and Gabrielle Union. I am NOT a look-alike for any of these women, but I can see a slight resemblance in some of the physical characteristics that they have. Iím highly intelligent , Iím a homeowner, and I come from a great family. Iím confident, sexy, funny, and loyal Ė and any man I date has to be the same. When Iím in love, I treat my man like a king. A lot of women have standards for what they want in a man, but they don't have the guts to say what they want up front. I am not like those women, because I don't want to waste your time or my time playing guessing games. If you can't handle my directness, you are not the one for me. If you are too secretive or self-absorbed or insecure about who you are when you are dating someone, you are not the one for me. Get ready, because I'm about to be very direct. Here is what I am looking for in a man: AGE: Iím open to dating men whose ages range from 25 to 50. If you are in your 20s and 30s, you must have no hang-ups about dating a hot ďcougarĒ who looks like sheís in her late 20s. People are always shocked when they find out my age because I look and act much younger than my real age. Unlike a lot of women, I do not lie about my age if people ask, and any man whoís with me shouldnít expect me to lie about my age. HEIGHT: I am 5í5,Ē and as long as you are taller than I am, Iím okay with that. I will not date men 5í5Ē or shorter. This is non-negotiable. WEIGHT: I do not date overweight men and I donít get involved with men who have food issues. Any other body type except overweight is fine with me. I am comfortable with my slender body and I donít want a man who will monitor/criticize what I eat, because I eat what I want. RACE: I am black and open to dating other races. If you arenít black, then you, your close friends and family must be okay with you dating a black woman. I will not date someone whose loved ones or friends are racists. I will not date anyone who thinks itís okay to say the ďnĒ word. EVER. BACKGROUND: I come from a great, tight-knit family, and I prefer that you also be close with your family. I do not date men with prison/arrest records or are involved in illegal activities. I do not date men with addiction issues. I do not date men with bad credit or who are financially irresponsible. I have none of these problems and I donít want a man who does. This is non-negotiable. Donít even try to lie about these things with me, because I will find out if youíre lying and Iíll kick you to the curb if you lie about who you are. MARITAL STATUS AND KIDS: I only date men who are TOTALLY SINGLE Ė no wife, no serious girlfriend. I prefer to date men who have never been married. I will date someone who is divorced or is a widower, but I will NOT date men who have been married more than once. Thatís too much baggage for me. I want a man who currently has no kids or stepchildren, but sees himself getting married and having kids within the next three to four years. Even if you have a child who doesnít live with you, I still wonít be interested in dating you. When I say I want a man with no kids or stepchildren, I really mean it. This is non-negotiable for me. LIVING SITUATION: I do not date men who still live with their parents or their ex-wife or ex-girlfriend. I prefer a man who lives alone, but if you have a platonic roommate situation, thatís okay with me. I donít care if you rent or own your home, as long as you pay your bills on time, like I do. I live in Manhattan, and would prefer to date men who live in New York City or within 30 miles of NYC. If you live outside NYC, you must be willing to spend a lot of time in Manhattan. RELIGION: I am a Christian and I prefer men who are also Christian, but Iím flexible on what religion you may be, as long as you believe in God or a higher power. You do not have to be a regular churchgoer, but you must be spiritual. I do not want a man who is atheist or a religious fanatic. EDUCATION AND CAREER: You must have a minimum of a high-school degree or a GED. I graduated from two prominent universities, and you must be okay with that if you are less educated than I am. I do not date unemployed men. Iím open to dating men from any income bracket, as long as you are employed part-time or full-time, preferably doing something you love. I am not and never have been a ďsugar mama.Ē You have to be able to pay your own bills. SOCIAL INTERESTS: My main leisure activities involve entertainment such as movies, music, TV, books and theater. I prefer those to be your main leisure interests too. I am not into athletic/outdoor/gym activities, but I donít mind if you are. Just donít expect me to do any sports with you , because Iím not into that at all. I will occasionally go to sports games and watch them on TV, but I have no interest in playing sports. LOOKS/SEX APPEAL: The celebrities I find sexy include Johnny Depp, Maxwell, Orlando Bloom, Ewan McGregor, Denzel Washington, Keanu Reeves and Antonio Banderas. You donít have to be handsome or look like a celebrity in order for me to think you're sexy, but if youíre atrociously ugly, I wonít be attracted to you. And I canít emphasize this enough: Confidence, intelligence, kindness, and honesty go a long way with me. If you fall short on any of these qualities, I wonít think youíre sexy. SEXUAL ORIENTATION/PREFERENCES: Straight men only. No bisexual/bi-curious men, trannies, cross-dressers or closeted gays. And let me say this up front: I know how to please a man immensely and Iím fairly open-minded, but I am not into sex that involves someone other than my adult partner. In other words, Iím not into threesomes, orgies, jailbait or animals. Iím only into things that involve two consenting heterosexual adults Ė except for S&M and ďbathroom activities.Ē I say all of this because I know there are many perverts on list and I donít want a man whoís into deviant sexual activity. PHOTOS: Send me a CURRENT photo, and I will send you my photo only if I think I might want to date you. Shirtless photos are okay , but please do not send me photos showing your naked private parts! I will never send anyone naked photos of me, so donít even ask. If youíre the type of person who sends or posts naked/pornographic photos of yourself for strangers on the Internet to see, donít bother replying because I donít want to be with a man like that. Last but not least, if you are honest with me and have the qualities I want, you have a chance with me and youíll probably get the best girlfriend youíll ever have. If you lie about any of my ďdeal breakerĒ qualities, I will dump you and cut off all contact with you. If youíre evasive about simple questions about who you are before we even meet in person, then I definitely wonít be interested in you, because you obviously have something to hide. I donít waste my time with liars, creeps and losers. So if you think youíre the ďtotal packageĒ for me and are willing to prove it, and if youíre man enough to handle everything I have to offer, then Iím worth it.

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Beautiful Tall Smart and Artsy Type 40yr (29620, Abbeville, SC)
I'm tall, very fit, intelligent, great sense of humor, creative, and am told by male and female friends alike that I am ''beautiful inside and out...and we can't figure out why the fuck you don't have an awesome boyfriend yet''. I have long hair and green eyes. I date, but haven't yet found that cool combination of qualities I seek in a man. I like a man who is kind, sexy, funny, really handsome , somehow involved in the arts , hip -- but not tragically so. Beyond that, I don't really have a list. I'd love to be suprised by something even better than I can imagine. Please include recent pic.

Smart, fun, professional...? 43yr (29620, Abbeville, South seeking an affair for smart, fun, professional... Me? Educated Professional Fun Full-figured Interested in 35-50 - tell me about yourself and send a pic.

Are you out there??? - 24 28yr (29620, Abbeville, SC, Abbeville County)
If you are independent why do you want to be in a relationship? that is an oxymoron. Besides your kids take most of your time. And you say you are in psychology? I am not into psychology btw. You are probably a scorpio sign.. just guessing, i can be stupid too.

single white female seeks... 40yr (Abbeville, South Carolina )
So...nice attractive fit fun woman seeks single male 40-50 attractive owns a home/condo american and not liberal fun and nice emotionally stable not a ton of baggage or drama no criminal history no illiegal drugs or alcoholics good credit history assertive but not arrogant not kinky or freaky who would love to care seeking an affair and spoil a nice derserving woman and have a monogomous relationship that has the possibility of lasting forever. emails without PHOTO will not be answered. thank you and believe me...I dont expect alot of responses but I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Most of the guys seek an affair to avoid the drama of their daily life, so why would they maintain a relationship if the affair adds to it?>>

Single mom with an afternoon alone and no one to play with. Me,... 5'2'' - 220lbs - blonde hair blue eyes, you? single, race not important, passionate and loves to please. Send a pic for a reply.