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Will anyone be at the MFAH Tomorrow Night (Newport, 2840 , Newport County)
Im 25, swf. I am going to be attending the cocktail hour from 7-9 at the MFAH and was wondering who else out there might be going? Send me an email aand we can exchange picture.

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seariously 30yr (2840, Newport, Rhode Island)
Good morning everyone… Just here at work board and wanted to see what this whole CL thing is about… all my friends think it’s the greatest thing when you’re at work.. so here it goes. I am 30, Hispanic, good job, nice car, live in SGV- I really don’t even know what to write. I am sure everyone will want a picture but shouldn’t you just give a picture to the people you want to talk to not everyone! Uggh I don’t know. I am very close to my family, especially my sisters! I don’t have tattoos and I am not a recovering alcoholic!! I am catholic, normal girl I guess.. If you wanna know more or tell me about you I would love to hear from you. Please no one under 31 and over 40 Sorry-

Can you ace Chemistry 101? 37yr (2840, Newport, RI)
Me: Single 37 Kids, don't have any, don't want any Pets, 1 very old kitty Work, let's just say, I'm the boss Education, considering more of it Likes, lots of things Religion, for the birds Smokes/drinks/drugs - never ever/almost never/never ever You: Single Age, old enough you wouldn't have the urge to call me mom & young enough that I won't want to call you daddy Kids, don't want any more then you already have Work, please have some Education, enough to know you should be using spell check Likes, lots of things Smokes/drinks/drugs - never ever/almost never/never ever I'm looking for someone clean cut, in shape with a good attitude and an interest in expanding their horizons. Please respond with a photo, some basic info about yourself and tell me about 1 thing you'd most like to accomplish in the next year ... oh yeah & why you might like to meet me. Questions are good too! Good luck passing Chemistry 101!

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How does this work again ? 19yr (Newport, Rhode Island , New England| Greater Boston)
I don't know how this works exactly .. So i'm looking for a guy that has a great personality, emotionally, mentally, and financially stable, smart, interesting, adventurous, fun, attractive to my liking, and most of all honest BUT when I look for this in a man, I get everything BUT that. It's rather annoying, irritating, and sometimes, mostly a waste of time. Then again it could be me ? Who knows, BUT I'm an open-minded young woman with many ambitions in life. I'm not the prettiest but im pretty darn cute I must say. I'm not the skinniest, but I think I have a womanly figure. I can sport a two-piece without kids gauging out their eyes. I have a brain and I know how to use it. I have a job and i'm going to school in fall. I'm working on trying to be independent. I'm sweet, caring, kind. I just want something refreshing. Tired of the same men that arent for me but I know he's out there. I guess ''Looks'' is the winning factor for most men, well maybe preference. I'm a black, dark skinned woman. I dont care about race. I like White men, Black men, Hispanics, Asian, Blue, Green, Purple, Checkered, Stripes ETC .. If you are remotely interested send me an email. I'll send you a picture so you know who you are talking to. Have a good night/day. : )

all in favor 26yr (2840, Newport, RI, Newport County)
I'm home listening to some Frank Sinatra and reading my financial times I never got around to this morning because I was too busy sleeping in too late and racing out the door while spilling coffee on myself. May the record show that I also pounded some cheap sauv blanc lastnight at a work happy hour. Oh yes, party people. Moving on. Since last September I’ve roofied myself on an intercontinental flight and I’ve taken more photos than I could ever post-process with my case of adult onset ADD . I’ve watched more Oprah episodes and read more US Weekly’s and taken more cabs than I care to admit. I also got a new laptop and broke a blackberry. I’ve gone on dates that after too much beer and Jameson led me to believe that we should just catch a cab together back to my place and decide we’re just getting married, we had too much in common. And it was fun. Woot. I laughed during my aunt's funeral, but only because I know she would have laughed, too. I miss her. After that I lost, and regained my religion. I love texting and google reader, and I consider my ability to forgive to be an affliction. Like halitosis. It’s a silly cliche, but it actually turns out seeking an affair life is too short. Drinks, anyone?

THE 8 STEP CL MATING RITUAL 47yr (2840, RI, Newport County)
1. You read my entire post and decide whether I'm the type of person you might be interested in. If not, thank you for your time. I won't take it personally. After all, it's only CL. 2. If you read my entire post and like what I have to say about myself , if you meet my requirements of you , if you are not on my list of deal breakers , if you re looking for something similar to what I am looking for , if you have a pic. and if you are serious about meeting, you send me an email in which honesty and civility are required. 3. In your email, you tell me what you liked about my post, you tell me about yourself , you tell me what your requirements are of me and what your deal breakers are, you tell me what you're looking for, you attach your pic. and you ask any questions that you have of me. 4. If I like what you have to say about yourself, if I meet your requirements, if I agree that we are looking for something similar and if I might be interested in you, I will email you back, answer your questions, ask my own and attach my pic. I will be honest and civil. If you don't hear back from me, I apologize in advance for whatever the deal breaker was and thank you for your time. Please don't take it personally. After all, it's only CL. 5. If you hear back from me and you like my answers to your questions and my pic., you email me back with further details about yourself and answer my questions.. If I don't hear back from you, I won't take it personally. After all, it's only CL. 6. If I like your answers to my questions, when we've reached a satisfactory comfort level, I'll send you my telephone number and some idea as to my schedule so we can see if we get along over the telephone. If I don't like your answers to my questions, I apologize in advance for whatever the deal breaker was and thank you for your time. Please don't take it personally. After all, it's only CL. 7. If we agree that we get along over the telephone, we'll create a safe and comfortable plan to meet in public to see if there's any chemistry between us. Travel is not an issue. If we don't get along over the telephone, it will be communicated politely between us and I apologize in advance for whatever the deal breaker was and thank you for your time. Please don't take it personally. After all, it's only CL. 8. If we meet and spend some time together in public and there is no chemistry, it will be communicated politely between us and hopefully the establishment will serve us alcohol past the point of inebriation. If we meet and spend some time together in public and there IS chemistry, it will be communicated impolitely between us through body language, nature will take its course and there will be no further need for written instructions. And you won't be disappointed!!

Playfully Dominant SWF seeks playfully submissive male... 29yr (Newport, 2840, RI , New England| Greater Boston)
Smart, sophisticated, beautiful, blonde Dominant WASP Princess seeks a strong, educated, successful, playfully submissive male to spoil, pamper and obey Me!:)... I am well-educated and very well-traveled internationally, thin/in-shape, size 4, with perfect/natural curves and pretty, perfectly pedicured feet. I enjoy the dynamic of power on an intellectual and emotional level much more than physical domination- I am NOT turned on by inflicting physical pain -so if you are a masochist who loves pain DO NOT write to Me as we would not be a good match! I am turned on by a man who knows how to treat a woman, one who enjoys giving MORE than receiving I 'm seeking an attractive, sincere, intelligent, well-educated, slightly submissive male who would like to cater to my every whim and desire... I have dressed up as a very sexy Dominatrix for a fun costume party in the past but more often you will find me wearing classy black dresses or elegant short skirts with heels, dressy jeans or black pants with tall boots, or soft feminine sundresses seeking an affair sexy strappy sandals...I adore elegant lingerie and love the feel of luxurious silk against my soft skin. I am seeking someone who loves worshiping, pampering, pleasing and spoiling a beautiful know that its your duty to fulfill her every wish...whether that is giving her a pampering, relaxing massage, serving as her errand boy or a buying her a thoughtful gift. Speaking of gifts, you should be financially secure because I am NOT looking for a sub that needs to be taken care of! the submissively curious are more than welcome to apply but you MUST sincerely LOVE to obey, please and pamper a beautiful, classy/elegant Dominant Princess/Goddess... complete obedience will of course be required!;) I am open to either a part-time sub or something more serious if the chemistry is there My slightest wish should manifest as your deepest desire...and you should be able to deliver whatever I desire without constraint or complaint. I am VERY picky so you must be able to demonstrate your sincerity in your well-written reply as I will weed through them very quickly and will only respond to those who are able to capture My attention... Please read CAREFULLY: If you desire My attention you must show me that you are for real and sincere in your FIRST email and INCLUDE ALL OF THE FOLLOWING or I will not waste my time reading your reply: 1)tell me about yourself along with a physical description and a photo if possibletell me of your past submissive experience...if any. 3)Let me know WHY you would like the opportunity to be My sub... 4)and finally let me know WHAT kind of things you can offer me if you were to be My you have any special/helpful skills

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Needle in a Haystack....prove me right 26yr (Newport, Rhode Island , New England| Greater Boston)
Is the best term to describe trying to find a great catch via list... or so I have found. I'm not going to lie, yes, I have posted before, yes, I have met a *few* people, and yes, none of it has really worked out how I'd like. I have a few friends, if I would fess up to actually seeking out love or something like it on list, who would easily explain my malaise- ''youre not going to meet a good guy via a free website mostly known for selling Is the best term to describe trying to find a great catch via list... or so I have found. I'm not going to lie, yes, I have posted before, yes, I have met a *few* people, and yes, none of it has really worked out how I'd like. As for me, a brief run down. I'm 26, college educated, and still semi not sure what I want to be when I grow up . Dabbling in many a creative form, and would like it if you had a little bit of creativity in your veins as well, but that's certainly not requisite. I love a good cocktail or seeking an affair and like them even more in the summer outside, and even more more with witty hetero convo. I am a huge fan of Larry David, and wish I could be a little more like him, even though he is slightly despicable. I prefer dogs to cats, but who doesn't? I love laugh, and I love to make other people laugh. most of the time, I'm pretty damn good at it. I'm wavering between being an avid and fairweather sports fan, I sort of go through spurts. Most of all, I really am looking forward to meeting you, you cute, normal, funny needle in a haystack. please, please, please no naked pics or 'wat up sweets' emails. while this does harbor images of you being a prick, it does not make you the needle.