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BEEN BAD TO NIGHT (Washington, 15301 , Washington County)
hay there if y2ou like what you see and li8ke to play with 1 what we have then yo6u guys know what y9ou need to do a2nd if you are a gi9rl will co9me with it all you 1 need to have is some rose in hand wh2en we go to you so let get bad to night.

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Playmate wanted 34yr (Washington, 15301, PA , Pittsburgh Metro Area)
Ever seen bonsai grass before?? Yeah, I know, I look at the pictures first too. I am not too picky about looks but just in case. As you might have suspected I am not crazy enough to plaster my photo all over the web. If you think this is a good thing keep reading; if not, then feel free to move on. I am a full time student who has the summer off of school. I am working full time and want to relish my break. I NEED to have some fun. I will be graduating soon and possibly moving out of state in a year to year and a half. I am saying this up front. I don't think it would be fair to act like I can say forever, I can't - but I say we have fun for now. I have a history of long term relationships that's why I bring it up. I am looking for a friend. I would love that to be a friend with benefits but the emphasis is on a friend. Some people take friends with benefits and focus only on the sexual benefits. I am not looking for a strictly sex thing. I think you get the picture - if you want mine send me yours. I am drug and disease free and expect the same. I am a non smoker and though I have an occasional drink I am not into getting drunk or being around drunk people on a regular basis. I like to play. Whether it be hiking, camping, sports, cards, board games , scuba diving, or photography . I like to be physical. I love to wrestle, tickle, cuddle, etc. I am not a tiny thing, but I am not invincible either. I don't like to fight, just play. Speaking of physical - I am about 5'8'' normal weight. Not exotic as far as I can tell, just normal. Not a person who gets attention in a crowd for their physical appearance, but not ugly, and not a slob. Looks are not as important and personality and intelligence to me. I am also not too picky about age: anywhere from legal to 45 will work. I might even be willing to work with a young 50 year old. Now for the why I hate online dating ads logistics: 1. I will not meet anyone for the first time at a residence , 2. I am not good at getting to know someone via email especially if I get one sentence replies that don't tell me much , 3. I would prefer to get to know someone in person and meet in a public place that allows for private conversation ), 4. I AM real. 5. I am not online all of the time, so it may take me a while to respond. Like I said I work full time, and still have some studying I need to do . That having been said I do not have the time to be someone's world. But if you have a part of your world you are willing to share with me let me know. I have a part of mine I may be willing to offer in trade.

Interested in what's out there.. 20yr (15301, Washington, Pennsylvania)
I'm just looking for a kind man ready to start from scratch. I would love to find a genuine man who means what he says and treats me like the lady I am. If you think you're a slow pace guy kinda guy.. a cuddler if you may, then I'm definitely your kinda woman. If you send a pic I'll send mine as well. I have a question for starters- How do you treat a woman? Leave your answer in the subject box please.

The Internet, among it's amazing ability to make us laugh at panda bears juggling, can also serve a purpose for anyone trying to be secretive. This includes 'married seeking affair' types.>>

bbw-sub seeking her LTR Dom 47yr (15301, Washington, PA)
BBW - Christian Lady….submissive….single mom...looking for a Christian Dom, who has a heart for the Lord, but is looking for a LTR , with a woman who wants to please and care for her man. I currently work full-time, but would possibly like the chance to be a full-time, stay at home, wife & mother...but this is something that can be discussed based on financial situations. Regular attendance at church and participation as a couple/family in various church activities is preferred. Along with acceptance and preparedness to be part of a parenting team…to be a positive Christian male role model for an 11yr old child. If you don’t understand the term “Dom”, then you are probably not who I’m looking for. Must be a non-smoker, 40yrs or older and would prefer that you have some alpha male traits ...all other details of physicality or D/s activities can be discussed if you decide to reply. And as everyone says….Pic for Pic. God Bless!

I need a STRONG Master 41yr (15301, PA, Washington County)
I need a Master who is available when I am. I have had a few in the past, but they either didn't live here, were married, or something of the such. I need a seeking an affair who will hold me accountable for my actions, who will train me and have me whorship him. I am not into playing games. I am a smart, beautiful 41 y/o, white woman who is succesful and needs total discreetness. Please do not respond with only one sentence, I need to know you , as this type of relationship needs trust. Please respond with STRONG in your email.

Want A Curvy Girl Who Isn't Afraid To Be Herself? 25yr (Washington, Pennsylvania , Pittsburgh Metro Area)
Hey All, I hope this post finds you well, I know there are men out there who enjoy the big girls in life and in relationships, so that is why I am here. I am seeking to find a man for a long term relationship, however also looking for friends and activity partners, I know that any type of relationship you don't just hop into and that the chemistry must be right. So I guess I am here and open to anything from just new friends, to if we mesh well, a relationship.... I am seeking that guy who is into big girls and aren't afaird of them either. I know so many of the guys now these days seek the fit, or skinny girls and I am just coming out and saying I am a FAT girl....ohhh do I dare say that. Yes I am fat!!! I am over 350lbs!!! And I am PROUD of it!!! Ohhh my god, how shocking is that....and yes I am happy with it and who I am and I am seeking someone who isn't afaird of the big girl, but instead embraces a big girl and realizes how beautiful big beautiful women are and can be! But also by saying that, I am not in anyway seeking a one night stand or a fuck buddy, I want more that in life....and in living.... My ideal match...... Where in the world do I start!!! I am looking for someone who is for real, someone who is looking for more then just talk or cyber. Wanting someone who has there shit together and knows where they want to go in life. Looking for my soul mate, friend and lover all in one, an encourager along the way would be great too! I am looking for a long term relationship and possibly marriage someday. I want a man who understands that I am a big fat chick and proud of it, a guy who will be there matter what and will be there for the long haul. I would love to meet someone in real life for a real relationship. I am not interested in fantasy, just talk.....more talk.....or bullshit. I am single and have been single long enough. Are you the one to fill my life with joy, laughter, humor, good times and bad times? I have posted pictures of myself, which for some stupid reason guys will probably flag me for it, because they can't handle a girl with real curves, but if you can, how about you prove to me that your real and that your into actually typing me an email worth my time, please include a picture!!! When sending an email, please include a myspace page or facebook page, a few photos of yourself and a brief or long desp, about what you are seeking and what type of relationship you want! Please don't responsed to me, if you HATE fat chicks, or you can't handle a girl who is bold.... Are you the one to fill my life with laughter, love, joy, peace and so much more! and who are actually interested in making something happen! About Me: I am a 25 year old single white female. I am a confident big/fat women and am not afraid of who I am! I am a girl that is over 350lbs!!! I am the girl that will always be there when you need me, the one who will be your shoulder to cry on and to support you when I am able. I am a girl who loves life, who lives my life in my own path and I don't walk by anyone else drum. I am one who is driven and passionate about living life and helping those around me. I walk to the beat of my own drum, but I do not smoke and I don't do drugs. I do on occasion drink, but I am more of the type of girl that likes the fruity drinks and I usually choose to drink one and I am good. LOL. I have no kids, I don't smoke, drink socially, but not the hard stuff. In my freetime, I like to be with horses, karooke, travel, camp, go on road trips, four wheeling, cook, hang out with friends, meet new people, play pool, go bowling, opera, carriage rides, hiking. I have posted a few photos of myself. Please include photos of yourself when you write otherwise your email will be ignored. Also when responding to my ad, please include a little bit about yourself and a photo because if you dont I just wont answer, I think I have been more then honest about who I am and sharing myself with you! Thank you so much! Peace! Gabi I am not looking for endless emails either, I am seeking real life meeting, friendships and people to know beyond the computer screen. So hit me up if you are serious and ready for a real female who loves herself and the world to come into your life! When responding to this ad, please include a picture or two and a email worth reading, if it's a one liner and not sincere I wont be reading it. Also I am seeking real people to hang out with and more, not seeking a one time deal or something sexual. NO ONE NIGHT STAND OR CUDDLING. Just cause I am a fat girl, in no way makes me EASY! Looking for new friends and more, so if I sound like someone you might like to meet or hang out with, shoot me a message!

The one 24yr (Washington, Pennsylvania , Pittsburgh Metro Area)
So I am tired of dating these guys that don't know what they really want. I am not looking for sex, I want something real. I will not settle for just anyone, I am looking to start slow and to grow into something great. I am 24, independent, and have a lot going for me. I am seeking an affair have a sence of humor, and love to go out to museums, camping, hiking, social drinking, sports, just about anything. I also don't mind having a night in from time to time. I would to be able to bring this person home at some point. someone with an education and that will treat me well. because i will be great to you. I am looking for a white male 24-30. Also i do not tolerate cheating or lying

In this day and age, married women seeking affairs is becoming commonplace. Like it or not, attitudes are changing in our society and the amount of extramarital affairs continue to rise. >>

If you are crazy - I'm not............ 40yr (15301, Washington, PA, Washington County)
Crazy, maniacal men - stuck on semantics, commas, phone numbers - DUMB STUFF - you will miss the opportunity of a lifetime.......... there is MORE to this world than the small stuff........... everyday above ground is a GOOD DAY........... recognize this seeking an affair move on......... Beautiful woman looking for a friend - to start with - who will respect her mind, her space and her boundaries............... not afraid to let YOU be you - hang with the boys, drink beer at the strip club - WHATEVER YOUR FANCY IS - but all done with mutual respect, communication and honesty. LIFE IS TOO CRAZY THESE DAYS............. you don't be CRAZY TOO...............