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Christian lady seeking yr old gentleman for eventual marriage again - w4m 24yr (18969, PA, Montgomery County)
First of all, I will provide an image of myself if you return reply gives me enough info, common interests, goals and a photo that sparks enough interest on my part to share.About me:More Left than Right Brain but somewhere in the middle know many things but a Master at noneArtistic, crafty, creative, but also a professional in a computer oriented job Personalitiy: Easy going, don't like to argue or debate, thoughtful, considerate, witty but serious,Not made up, but wear make-upPlaces of enjoyment: Places that come to mind Carmel, CA, Cannon Beach, Hawaii, Wallow Mountains, Bend area, San Jan Islands Have a car and a job, and prefer you do too, or at least semi retired from a careerRecreation: Have golf clubs but I can't hit a ball or I can drive a cart, or else you'll find me wanting to be near water enjoying the sceneryHobbies: Enjoy photography, beading, floral and interior decorating in my spare timeOne daughter, 24, out of collegeIf you are looking for $$$ look elsewhere, but if you want a great lady with values, who is kind and you want a best friend to grow old with - thats me.Currently I attend church when I can fit it in- believe in God, but I am not a religious fanatic Try to enjoy life every day, cancer survivor 6 1/2 yrs with plenty more to enjoy it taught me to live life to the fullest and re-evaluate what's importantA little overweight, like man, y but not obese and I seem to blend in with the rest of the middle age folk .If you are easy going, serious about finding someone to spend the rest of your life, are a one woman man, with values, with hopes to marry again, have no drugs or drinking issues, no STD's, not too recently divorced and know what you want, enjoy easy going activities such as, the coast, movies, nice glass of wine once in awhile, small music venues, plays, art galleries, are financially stable, and are looking for more than just a pretty face but a wonderful person, one who knows what she wants, is considered normal by most, -then please reply with a photo and I will return one, should you spark my interest.Please include enough information so I can form a decision such as likes, dislikes, what you like to do in your spare time, the type of person you are looking for and please be serious about wanting to marry in the future with a caring, wonderful ladyThank you and I look forward to your response.

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i am no feminist 45yr (Telford, 18969 , Montgomery County)
jesus, not at all. i am a woman and i will act like a woman and i expect to be treated like a woman. i would appreciate it if you would open the door for me whenever you can. if i get there first, i won't stand there and wait, but i would appreciate it if i got there first and reached for the door, you are not too far behind and your long arm will reach around me and get that door. besides why am i ahead of you anyway? i would appreciate it if you would hold my hand when crossing the street and guiding me through a crowd. i would appreciate it if you made more money than me. i'm not a free loader, there's just something so sexy about the hunter bringing home his prize and it being enough for everybody. i would appreciate it if you took care of all t he dirty details regarding cars, computers, garbage, broken anything, yard work and pet issues. any wild or dead animial around and it's all you buddy. i would appreciate it if you were so confident in yourself that you are not afraid to act like a fool to make me or a child smile. i would very much appreciate it if you were polite to my friends and if there is a single one amongst us, you should help her with some of the aforementioned stuff and be kind. i would appreciate it if you would not have sex with my friends. lol what will you get for all your effort? a woman who will pay attention to what you need and have it there before you ask for it. a woman who will support you in whatever you do or say . a woman who will be cool enough to hang around your friends but will only have eyes for you. a woman who will be able to discuss anything, offer opposing view points but never fight with you about nonsense, a woman who will never disagree with you in public. a woman who is spiritual and concerned for your soul. a full belly whenever you want one and i will never say no to sex. in fact, you might have to say no to me. an honest, faithful, sweet, caring, affectionate, appropriate when appropriate and oh so not whenever i can. firey and passionate or cool and laid back what ever fits the moment. a woman in every sense of the word. one warning though, do not cross me and you won't get hurt. but you're man enough to handle that, right? thousands of extra points if you look like this or have the attitude behind the look:

nice meal soft touch and harmony... (18969, Telford, PA)
single petite woman desires to feed a guy and hold him....

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Woman seeking man 29yr (Telford, Pennsylvania , Delaware Valley)
And by 29, I mean 31. So I'm going to tell you a few things that you would learn about anyway after spending any time with me. This can save time, so later on you won't be yelling, ''YOU BIG HEADED SLOB!!! WHY DID I EVER DATE YOU?!'' If you are that person, I am saving you a lot of trouble. So, let's start with the head. I have a very large head. You might not notice, because I'm a nice person so sometimes you don't notice faults like these, but I should tell you that yes, I do have a very large head. I think it's an Irish thing. My friend spent time working in Obstetrics and said that Irish babies have trouble lifting their heads because they are so large. I was able to overcome this issue when I was an infant, and my mother still brags that I was a very early head lifter. Also, I am a bit of a slob. I mean, my apartment is sanitary, it's just that there's stuff everywhere. I don't even know where the stuff comes from. I just moved from Manhattan to Queens, I'm in an apartment 3x larger than my previous one, and somehow my stuff has expanded. So, if you think you can handle a slob who might stretch out your hats, drop me a line. Otherwise, I've just saved you some time!

Summer fling 18yr (Telford, Pennsylvania , Delaware Valley)
Well summer is here and I just got out of an 18 month relationship. I'm not ready to start something serious just a summer fling/ someone to spend summer with. If we really click and it lasts longer great if not seeking an affair ok too. Please send a pic with your reply and we will go from there thanks :)

New from South Florida 100yr (18969, Telford, PA, Montgomery County)
Just arrived from South Florida and looking for: a) a nice latino who loves to dance salsa, merengue, bachata ; b) an African-American or Caribbean man who loves smooth jazz; island music; or c) an sane man with varied interests who would like to share my exploration of Chicago and the outdoors . I am intelligent, well-travelled with a zillion interests. Not quite the ordinary 50 something woman. What do we share in common?

Worth the Effort 40yr (18969, Telford, Pennsylvania)
I have been in a relationship and realized that I was not a priority to the other person. I don't want to be just an option for someone. So here I am trying to see if there is actually someone to share life's adventure with... a companion for laughing, challenging one another and most importantly truly enjoying and living our lives! A person that when we are together we are better people and all the strengths we each have balances the other. I want someone that would like me just as I am and they would feel comfortable enough with me to allow me to see who they really are-- not just who they allow everyone else to see. So to give you more info about me-- I am down-to-earth, very unique, full of positive energy and have a ridiculous sense of humor. I have a zest for life and new experiences. I love to laugh and have fun with whatever I am doing. I enjoy the outdoors and nothing better than a challenging adventure of any kind and always willing to try things at least once, maybe even twice! I am 5'3'' with an athletic, curvy build. I am told that I am attractive, but I think just pretty normal looking. Some of my other interest include yoga, skating, biking, my animals, traveling, watching good movies, reading a good book, people watching, exchanging smiles & mostly kind words, good conversation, spending time with my family and friends, learning something new, expanding my perspective on life, and trying to make a difference. Life is an amazing journey and I do try to look forward to everyday with enthusiasm and staying open to all the possibilities. If you are intrigued at all, then please respond. I am worth the effort and your life will be forever changed for having met seeking an affair I can guarantee that for sure! Please include a picture and I will send one in return.

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Lonely Nights 29yr (Telford, 18969, PA , Delaware Valley)
Iím hoping that Iím not the only one seeking an affair up wishing I had someone here to share a movie, glass of wine, or a story with and there are some unique men who are strong communicators out there reading these. To be honest, I donít know exactly what I want right now from a man. I have a lot going on and am making some major changes in my life. Iím hesitant to really get involved with someone because while Iím not weak, I want to make sure I donít force something to ďhappenĒ so I donít have to go through these changes alone. Iíve never been the type of woman to need or really want a man in my life. All my past relationships were with men who needed a lot of support and attention from their partners. Men who needed someone in their lives to take care of them and help them get to the next step. I only recently realized the pattern, and now want to find someone who will grow with me and who will support me as I support him. Iím not looking for someone to take care of me Ė nor do I want to take care of someone. An occasional cheerleader role is necessary in any healthy relationship, but I want to be a partner not a mother or employee. I want someone who will want to grow and learn together, not turn me into a project or try and surpass me. I donít care what you look like, how old you are, how many kids you have if any. I just want to get to know you, share with you, learn from you, and experience life with you. Iím not looking to jump into a coffee date or share an obscene amount of photos Ė I just want to take things slow and see what happens. Iím intelligent, successful, open minded, I love to read, follow music, and love learning. If Iíve said anything thatís piqued your interest please email me.