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Single Tattooed mom looking for a great guy (Shamokin, Pennsylvania )
Hey, I’m Stacy a single mom of 2, I love being a mom, I’m also going to school to be an EMT so yes I have an education and want to further expand it lol. I also have a full-time job, I’m posting here in the hope of finding a decent guy. I’m a smart, funny, outgoing beautiful woman, I maybe only 22 but I have a good head on my shoulders I don’t play games or put up with bs, I hate drama so please don’t bring any with you. I’m 5ft 9 brown hair and hazel eyes. 9 tattoos and some piercings. so here I am I’m real I’m not a bot, I’m blunt and will tell u what’s on my mind, I’m loving and have a big heart so just email me don’t be afraid, please when u email me include a picture or i will not respond. Lazy men that like to sleep all the time need not apply. Military is welcome..i grew up around military. i love to go shooting and roading..i love to cook and bake..bbq..take the kids places so if your real and you want a relationship then email me,,

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please do hurry 25yr (17872, Shamokin, Pennsylvania)
Do you feel that you satisfy your partner sexually? Get your mind out of the gutter - it's blocking my view.

This one is for the ladies 30yr (17872, Shamokin, PA)
I used to go on here because I laughed at the fact people actually resort to things like this. Granted, that was in my younger days when I knew everything. However, back then, girls actually allowed for men to be themselves around them without trying to make them some politically correct, liberal, servant of a female who is so indoctrinated in herself because her daddy told her she could ''be anything in life and let no one stop you '' that she cannot see two inches in front of her face and look up the definition of the word hypocrisy. Ladies, I have news for you: If you want to be treated as equals among us then learn to be equals among us. Men do not sit here and have feelings which need addressed when things do not go our way. The world is a mean place and no one cares about men – actually far from it anymore. To be a successful white male who makes a decent income and has a belief in other people than himself is almost completely the opposite as how things are now. It is truly bad enough realizing that the colleges we went to, fathers who pushed us to the point of breaking and societal norms which we conformed to did not allow us to arrive at the point of happiness without you posting articles on here like, “You must have a car, a job, and be into me , because, hey…I’m just telling it like it is.” Well let me tell you like it is, if you were a solid, attractive and down to earth woman , you would have had a man by now. We are all looking for the same thing. Look around you. How many of you have done your thing for so long that you have lost sight of who you are or how a normal relationship works that you resort to this and some Hail Mary attempt at a relationship. It takes work – from both parties; like it or not. How about this, the next time a decent looking male approaches you and makes some conversation, take it for what it is as opposed to what you want it to be. It is enough for us all right now to be the man we are supposed to be without having to overcome your baggage and predispositions. Thinking the world spins around you while trying to convince us that it does not revolve around us is the very mind fuck which you women just cannot seem to give up. Know that we all see it and I have seen enough of it. I am happy with my wife and am thankful that people like you are still searching. You are the reason people hate Chicago because there is more to life that your suburban marshmallow views and your self indoctrinations.

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For goodness sake! (17872, PA, Northumberland County)
If you are seriously looking for an enduring relationship, look a little deeper. To start, you must first have a pure and healthy love and regard for yourself in order to give it to another. This means living with dignity, respect and emotional integrity. Before you can love someone else, you must first like yourself. How do you define love? It depends on who you talk to. Some would say that love is an emotion, a neurocognitive pattern influenced by environmental and situation circumstances, and influenced by genetics and past experiences. This it is a feeling you get when you meet the right person, a sensation based upon physical and emotional attraction. This is a misconception. And the sad consequence of this misconception is there is hardly any activity, any enterprise, which is started with such tremendous hopes and expectations, and yet, which fails so regularly, as love. What then is love? The attachment that results from deeply appreciating another’s goodness. We were created to see ourselves as good. What we value most in ourselves, we value most in others. We seek goodness in others. Nice looks, an engaging personality, intelligence, and success may attract you, but goodness is what moves you to love. It is an advanced connection between two people so strong that they see perfection through each other’s flaws—on a deeper level—than anybody else near them can feel. Love is a choice. If love comes from appreciating another’s goodness, it needn’t just happen —you can make it happen. Love is active. You can create it by focusing on the good in another. If you can do this easily, you’ll love easily. Actions affect our feelings most. Thinking compassionate thoughts is a start but giving charity will get you there. The best way to feel loving is to be loving—and that means giving. Most believe love leads to giving but the truth is exactly the opposite: giving leads to love. What is giving? It is other-oriented, and requires four elements. The first is care, or to demonstrate active concern for the recipient’s life and growth. The second is responsibility, or responding to expressed and unexpressed needs . The third is respect, or the ability to see a person as she is, to be aware of her unique individuality and wanting that person to grow and unfold as she is. The components all depend upon the fourth, knowledge. You can care for, respond to, and respect another as deeply as you know her. The effect of genuine, other-oriented giving is profound. It opens you up to perceiving her goodness. Love is impossible without trust and real understanding, mutual admiration and respect, unconditional acceptance and comfortable silence.

dinner and drinks? 37yr (Shamokin, Pennsylvania )
tired of emailing fakes. i cant stand it when a man act differently seeking an affair they meet you in person. im trying here cuz its hard to find a man that accept a bigger woman with kids. im 36, 5'1 hazel eyes. sandy blonde hair. snd a picture to get a reply..will send a picture if you do. im want to meet as friends first then see what happens. jumping into relationships or bed first always turns out horrible for me.

Can you romance me with your hammer ? 32yr (Shamokin, 17872 , Northumberland County)
I am a real woman with alot to offer seeking a relationship with the right person. I enjoy many things but would like to find a guy who - likes children - wants a relationship- is gainfully employed- is respectful - is clean - can appreciate pets- is helpful - Someone who is passionate about life what they do and where they are going is important to me I feel like so many people wander around with no passion - I know this is a tall order but If you have an accent of some kind I am even more interested - I am really into my home remodel right now even doing alot of it myself so if you are great with tools I may be smitten - I feel like you are out there so send me a little about yourself and you pic - responses with no pic will be deleted IS this you ? have i at least Piqued your curiosity ? email me today

Living and Working on the Waterfront (17872, Shamokin, PA, Northumberland County)
I'm a 47 year old woman who has just moved back into town. I'd love to meet a healthy, active gentleman in his 40s or 50s who would like to explore the city during the seeking an affair Drinks, dinner, dating, more? Please include a recent picture in your response and I will forward a picture as well.

Most of the guys seek an affair to avoid the drama of their daily life, so why would they maintain a relationship if the affair adds to it?>>

I'm a little bit Rock and Roll... 46yr (Shamokin, 17872, PA )
Happy Summer.... I love to Laugh....I have a sense of humor and I don't sweat the small stuff. I laugh a lot....mostly at myself! I try to see the best in people and situations. I have a lot of faith and I believe that everyone is here for a reason and has a purpose. My deepest passion is photography. My Interests are Theatre, music, karaoke, concerts, camping, Harley events, cooking, fine dining, comedy clubs, happy hour, dancing, astrology and romantic escapes. I love my dogs~ Elvis and Presley..Yes, I'm a huge Elvis Fan. I own my own home, new car, self employed, no kids... I love my life. I dress mostly on the sexy side, no grandma styles here. I am Latin, French and American Indian. I have a spicy, sexy and fun personality and I enjoy the same in a man. I am a bit of a health nut...Organic all the way.. Looking for someone over ''40'' and a Non Smoker....I am really attracted to someone with an outgoing personality and a sense of Humor is so important to me. In the big picture, I would love to meet a man who is my best friend and lover. My life partner. However I am in no hurry and as it's been said seeking an affair good things take time. Have another Great day...Peace.