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Luck Be A Lady 31yr (Natrona Heights, 15065, PA , Pittsburgh Metro Area)
I've read some of the posts in the M4W section and haven't been too impressed so I thought it was time to take a new direction. I had the pleasure of meeting a really great guy on CL a few years ago, but he relocated and the timing was off. I think finding a decent guy online is nearly impossible, but it does happen so I'm trying my luck again. Cute Black female, educated, amazing cook, music lover, creative, community activist. If any of this sounds interesting then say hello.

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socially awkard but funny seeks same 30yr (15065, Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania)
Sometimes I sing ''do you like pina colonics'' instead of ''coladas.'' I have an unfortunate habit of talking about poop a lot. My friend Nancy always shakes her head when I do this, because I am much too smart to talk about shit all the time, but I can't help myself. Other inappropriate topics of conversation include: zombie babies, burying hookers in cornfields, and how gross it is when bathrooms have food scented air fresheners in them, which does nothing to dispel the odor of shit, it just makes it smell like vanilla shit. Which I think is worse than smelling just shit. So, if you can handle random outbursts of that nature, we might get along . I also like to talk about literature, movies, the lives of jazz musicians , my favorite tv shows , my favorite radio shows , and bacon. I keep myself entertained with the aforementioned tv shows and radio shows, my lovely friends, my music, and my writing. I also like cooking , walking around and looking at stuff, drinking coffee or wine while reading or playing board games , and sleeping. I'm also a big fan of parentheses, apparently. And, yes, I am one of the mythical fat girls that many a poster on craiglists loves to bemoan the existence of. If you like round, cuddly girls, then we just might get along. If you like some of the same things I do, and you'd like to go out some time, please send me a message. I look forward to hearing from you.

Burned, but not giving up 22yr (Natrona Heights, 15065 , Allegheny County)
Bad boyfriend! Cheat. Ugliness. Blah. That was around Christmas of last year so I've had plenty of time to get over it. Ready to take a chance again, but yet to meet the right guy. On the other hand, I haven't been making a major effort to do so. But with summer coming on, I want to have some fun. Write me if you do, too. xx

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Want to be in love! 24yr (15065, Natrona Heights, PA)
Okay so I am a 24 year old single mother of my beautiful daughter! I'm on here looking for a nice man that has no drama and doesnt play any head games! I have been burned in the past and just dont want to do that anymore! I cant stand lie's, players, and cheaters so if thats you please do not respond! I am lookin for someone 24-31! Must love kids cause if you dont it just wont work out! Please send a pic to! lets me know what you think of the pics Thank you!

I just moved here 27yr (Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania , Pittsburgh Metro Area)
Hi guys, First off, I swear Im not a bot... but I dont know if thats believable, cause Im sure thats what a bot would say..ugh..i dont know... anyways, I just moved here a month ago for my career and Im really glad I moved here, I love my job, my home..but I have no friends. I have a few from work but I havent done anything with them outside of work. Im laid back, seeking an affair dont get worked up too easily, im sane..haha... i have a great sense of humor, im kind and giving and all that BS. I love to go out for steak and beer, i love going to the movies I love watching sports but Im not really coordinated enough to play them except for ping pong.. i kick ass at ping pong. I have no idea what Im looking for in a man.. I use to know but that blew-up in my face awhile ago. So surprise me, tell me something interesting, a fun fact... Pretty pretty please attach a photo...please... I have more when you email me

still looking for you 43yr (15065, PA, Allegheny County)
Hello, Let's start by saying; I'm looking for a man who is ready to commit with a woman of similar likes and intrests. life is just to short and passes too quickly, being and Going to events alone can get old and is lonely. Two is better than one Me I am 5' 1'' hispanic , smoker and social drinker, enjoys dining in/out, movies museums, dancing. Actually I have many interests. I enjoy life and people. Not looking for one-night stands or any fling. I am a very honest person, who is not into games or lieing. I love to give lots of affection and receive it also. Looking for a LTR, but we need to start off as friends, see if the attraction and chemistry are mutual, and take it from there. so if anything in this short note has peaked your interest, email me. P.S Only posters with a up to date pic get my replies

Looking for ''The Star Buck'' Guy (15065, Natrona Heights, PA, Allegheny County)
We were at Star Bucks you offered to buy me a coffee and ask why I was alone? I told you I was not currently in a relationship. You ask'' what are you looking for? I said to find a man with ingretrity, honesty, and could love unconditionally, you said you could and were looking, I would not have to work, just beable to travel sometimes with you so that we could use it as part work and vacation, so you would not have to spend the time alone, I spoke briefly about my father and his lonely life at sea and hard that must have been, we both had been alone for about the same seeking an affair you made it sound so perfect for me, you wanting a woman to love you unconditionally, leave all bagage behind and make new memories with someone new. You told me you got escorts only to have to pay them and it meant nothing and you wanted a real woman, I would not have to work, you would take care of me totally, financially, everything, I got scard and left without giving you my full name or number. You were driving a black porch and I was driving a BMW and said you deserve better! I got scard and made a silly excuse to leave and did not look back. I am sorry for this. If we are to meet again we will.

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A seeking an affair date tonight 30yr (Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania , Pittsburgh Metro Area)
Not an ordinary woman, I am beautiful, classy, intelligent and sophisticated. Would be happy to meet with an intelligent, cultured, handsome and successful gentleman 35-40 y.o. Please only responses with photos. Thank you!