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Too busy?? 30yr (19063, Media, PA, Delaware County)
I'm a sweet, sexy Independent woman that has very little free time; despite my busy schedule, I'm still trying to find someone to share a good conversation & fun dates. I'm not a girl that needs you 24/7 or wants to talk to you every night. I'm looking for someone to hang out with, while taking the time to get to know each other. I'm a happy and complete person but at the end of the day I miss having someone to relax and cuddle with. I'm not looking for friends with benefits or a booty call. Do you fit my busy schedule? If interested to hear more, then drop me a line, say hi and we'll take it from there! Although a pic is not necessary, it would be greatly appreciated along with you being between 27- 41. I look forward to chatting with you!

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29 woman looking for man 29yr (Media, 19063, PA , Delaware Valley)
Hello, guys. I am a 29 year old woman and I'm looking for a guy to start a friendship and move into a relationship with. I am okay with being good friends, romantic, and sexual, but first I want to know we're compatible. I am new to using online to look for people so excuse me if I'm a bit shy. I am looking for the 25-35 range. If you will be kind enough to send me a picture I will do the same. Hope to hear from you!

BBW looking for LTR 26yr (Media, 19063 , Delaware County)
Kind, Educated, Sweet, Nice, Motivated BBW looking for LTR. Im not looking for games or just a good time. If there are any guys looking for something that could turn into a LTR, email me. Put LTR in title box. Please email me your pic and I will send you mine.

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Single black female--seeks Hispanic or Single black straight male 49yr (19063, PA, Delaware County)
Single black female--seeks Hispanic or Single black straight male for possible long term relationship. He must be drug and disease free, mentally sane w/o hidden defects. Your age not that important, but I would like to meet someone under 51. Your race is extremely important as indicated in this posting. I am not seeking undercover, self centered, low self esteemed, openly gay or ''dl'' brothers. He should be in good physical condition, not under weight and not ''visibly'' overweight. However, healthy weight is acceptable. I am definitely not seeking the body builder type that I would need to compete with while on vacation or just cruising through the streets on any given day. If you just happen to be a man with a very appealing physique, that’s ok too. I am not seeking any recently released parolees who have perfected their bodies in the penitentiary either. I am not seeking anyone who I can not visit, or there is an excuse every time. I am not seeking someone who has to stop in the middle of a conversation or email because their girlfriend walked into the room. I do not want anyone who will have their crazy women calling me because I will tell them just how we met—end of conversation. He/you do not need to be a Dr., Lawyer, or even an Indian Chief—just seeking a sane, logical, reasonable, clean normal down to earth person who will not make the news in a bad way as some of the other CL posters have. Height is somewhat of an issue, as I am 5'6 and would not like anyone shorter. I am not the best looking, and not the worst looking, I’m normal. My weight is 220 but proportioned for the person who appreciates full figured. If that weight is an issue, I do understand because if I were a man I would not date a woman over 180 lbs. I am intelligent, spiritual, but not fanatical--open minded, can sometimes be funny. I love to travel but not alone. I am a student in pursuit of a Ph.D. in public health. I have two children who are both college grads so that should say something about my character. I am just not a stupid person as I and most people say. I am not aggressive, demanding, controlling or even crazy. I believe in letting people be just who they are, along with expressing the attributes that they were born with. Or, perhaps what they have developed and learned thought this life long learning process. Eventually after a couple of conversations the real person will surface and its up to the individual to take it from there. Ps. I am brown skin shoulder length real natural hair So with this little information that I have shared… Why am I single right?? I would love for anyone responding to this post to give me a clue.

Just Me 28yr (Media, Pennsylvania , Delaware Valley)
I am a sexy, single, childless woman located in the fun city of Long Beach. I'm sure you're asking ''if she's so sexy then why is she posting on list?'' The problem is that a lot of my friends are guys and my female friends don't know any eligible men. I like kicking butt at miniature golf, pretending not to notice when you squirm on roller coasters, and discussing why Coolio is still... well... cool. I like the color pink , playing dominoes for money, and learning the finer points of basketball. I love guys who are sweet to old people, animals, and their mom. I'm not asking you to be a momma's boy, but you have to have some respect for women, right? I'm looking for a guy who isn't afraid of commitment, doesn't mind being texted at least once a week, and doesn't live at home. I'm not looking to get married right away but want to have a companion to talk with, hold hands, make out under the stars at the beach, and let me share a warm bed at night. I'll give out kisses in exchange for letting me eat in bed. Being employed is sexy, having an education is sexier. Someone who seeking an affair articulate enough to say more than just ''how u doin''' and knows what the word articulate even means. I dont' want to be witchy but intentionally spelling words wrong is a pet peeve. Closer to my age is fabulous, even if you are a ''youngish 40 and over gentleman). Not having kids is awesome but i might reconsider it if your kid is cute . Hairy guys, bald guys, somewhat chubby guys , and fit guys are welcome. One thing that is a definite dealbreaker is yellow teeth. It only costs 100 to whiten them and every girl will appreciate it. About me: I'm 5ft, curvaliscious, so nice your mom will love me, but wicked enough to be liked by your friends. I respect the santicty of a ''Boy's night out'', won't trip if you don't answer your phone right away if i call, and always tell you how you're my #1 guy.

CURVACEOUS,ROMANTIC,Intellect,WRITER,Humor..for Young, Sensitive Man (19063, Media, PA)
Hello you brilliant cerebral self-confident sensitive guy...looking for someone special like me! Still, If you want a real, fully alive woman with a brain, a heart and a spirit, then by all means, proceed to the following: Instead of re-inventing the wheel, I am copying here, for you, a post I placed at another site. Here goes: *[I'm a mature, loving, tender, warm, compassionate woman seeking a special man with similar qualities, who loves music and humor and wants lifelong love. If you're younger than 50, you're much too young for me; UNLESS YOU ARE OF THAT RARE BREED OF MALE who truly appreciates the unique wonderfulness of a woman of my depth, intellect, femininity, sensuality and more and who will not be deterred by society's opinion of mature woman-somewhat younger man relationships. A YOUNGER MAN WHO WELCOMES MY SPECIALNESS.] I'm 5'5'', curvy, don't smoke, and am highly eclectic. FEMALE ROMANTIC, INTELLECT, WRITER, MUSIC-LOVER.. LAUGHTER AND CHALLENGING CONVERSATION INVIGORATE MY DAY... If you enjoy a lively conversation and love humor and the arts, you will like me. I'm a writer, love to read varied subjects . You would call me ''shapely;'' I would agree. Full lips, high cheekbones...etc. I have another career, as well as writer -- ask me about it. Searching for a sensitive, kind man who is not afraid of a tender woman who is also wise and curious and funny. He should have a spiritual dimension... meaning, you are not arrogant, but have some humility about things unseen and that can't be fully known on this plane. I think you might be in the arts or sciences...but this is not required. Definitely you must be a nonsmoker. [Sorry to all sincere/decent/honest men reading this, but I have to add this caveat : PLEASE DON'T CONTACT ME IF YOU ARE MARRIED, SEPARATED, INVOLVED WITH ANOTHER WOMAN, OR WANT SOME WIERD COMBINATION OF CRAZINESS THAT WOULD BORE ME TO DEATH. MY CREATIVE IMAGINATION SUFFICES TO KEEP ME HAPPY. I do not require anybody and everybody to invade my life. And, by the way, IF YOU DO HAVE SOMEONE TO LOVE, THEN COUNT YOURSELF LUCKY...AND LEAVE ME OUT OF THE RIDICULOUS TRIANGLE!!!] Importantly, I don't want to limit myself as to the age a man must be to get to know me and for us to become friends . Therefore, any man who is interested in a woman of my qualities -- say, a male between ages 50 and 65 - could be appropriate for me. I'm open to exploring. So...Looking forward to speaking with you. Arrivederci for now. The following are some descriptives that apply to me : . artistic . caring . classical music . companionship . compassionate . curious . creative . curvaceous . dependable . devoted . ecstatic . empathic . exceptional . friendship . full lips . high cheekbones . humor . intellect . kind . laughter . lively conversation . loving . nonsmoker . opera . passionate . philosophical . pretty . profound and light-hearted . reading . respectful . Romantic . romantic music . Rubenesque . self-confident . sensitive . sensual . shapely . spiritual . talented . tender . tender-caresser . thoughtful . unusual . wise . wonderful . Writer . Young Man or Young-at-Heart Man

I long for butterflies..... until we grow old together..... =) 30yr (19063, Media, Pennsylvania)
Hi...!! =) How are you!? I'm an intelligent, confident and kind woman with eclectic taste. I have many interests and love all sorts of cultures.. Spanish.. Arabic.. Italian.. French.. etc. I have traveled and have an open mind.. yet I was brought up with old fashion morals and values. My identity is found in Jesus Christ.. I'm not a religious fanatic.. but I do have a relationship with Him and find it crucial for my future partner to share a similiar walk in life. I love the beach, family, music, the arts, laughs, roadtrips.. etc... it's not so much what you do... but whom you do things with that makes the moment special.... I tend to be attracted to men that are Humble... Trustworthy.. Family Oriented... Confident.. Honest.. Respectful.. Educated.. Between 30-40's and since I'm 5'10''... it would be nice if you are 5'8'' and above. A man that knows what he wants and goes for it. Chivalrous... the kind that open doors and say/do nice things to a perfect stranger because it's in their nature. Someone who is understanding, loving, and passionate in the things he does. Sophisticated without being a show off is ideal. A hapless romantic and strong survivor who can handle this unique, educated, funny, sassy, artsy at times, adventurous, exotic, intelligent woman. Caucasian.. Indian.. Latino... Middle Eastern... etc... and just ready seeking an affair be in a loving, respectful relationship..! As you can see from my pictures I am a larger lady. Reality is that Chemistry is a crazy factor.. and you can't feel it until you meet face to face. So lets go out and see what comes of us.. I would love for you to show me that chivalry, pursuit and strong men who make the women feel weak in the knees are still alive! I look forward to your response... AND include your photo to place a face... Ciao..!! =) Please don't smoke... No drugs.. No 420..

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Seeking Spanish-speaking intellectual 27yr (Media, Pennsylvania , Delaware Valley)
SWF looking for intellectual Spanish-speaking guy for conversation. I'm a native English speaker so would seeking an affair to improve my knowledge of Spanish. I love the arts, dance, reading, and writing.