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Hmmm...... 27yr (15902, PA, Cambria County)
So it seems that If I put anything about the type of person Im looking for I get flagged....Soooo Like every other woman in the world Im gonna make this about me...If you like it email ...If you dont Have an awesome day Me: Thick.. Would like to be smaller but working on it... Dont consider myself a BBW but I need some work Can be one of the guys but in a girly type of way... I love my flip flops and I love my vans but I do own a few pairs of kick ass heels Prefer a pony tail or bun but have realized I get complimented most with my hair down Am Comfy with no makeup but wear it daily just to bring some excitement to my day Divorced...Long story... No children but Id like some one day Can be a total pain in the ass but what woman isnt Dont like to go to bed angry... Dont mess with my friends... you will hear it from me.... I like long walks but not nessesarily on the beach Almost done with college Wanna be a teacher Very outgoing and makes friends easily Not really a jealous person I like beer but love wine Smoke when Im stressed...but I hate the smell..totally wanna quit Am religious but not religious at the same time 3 tattoos and no piercings except my guaged ears...size 4 I listen to all types of music .... from Lady Gaga to Pink Floyd Would consider myself a RANDOM person... I like organized my house Im easy to get along with Sometimes its hard for me to shut up but I try Fav Men in sports...Rafael Nadal Tony Parker and BJ Penn...You dont have to like these guys but start talking bad and ill will try and prove my point eveytime... Sometimes when I say nothing is wrong.... I want to be comforted Reality TV junky I like outdoor stuff like fishing golf and toobing I like MMA....Noooo Im not just saying that like most girls ...I actually kinda know what Im talking about Fav colors Pink and Yellow I love animals HHHMMMM.... What else UUUmmm..... I work days.. Im kinda sensitive but what girl isnt... I cry with cheesy commercials Swear like a sailor but in a cute way....

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cute bbw for love 39yr (15902, Johnstown, PA, Cambria County)
looking for someone real

Searching for a great guy 44yr (15906, Johnstown, Pennsylvania)
I am seeking a long-term relationship, something ongoing with room to grow. I like a guy who's smart, easy going, fun to be around, with a great sense of humor, but also has a serious side as well, and can talk about anything and everything. Someone that wants to have fun and see how it goes from there. About me, nice, normal, single, no children, no baggage, and drama free. I don't sweat the small stuff and I always keep a positive attitude, if you are a negative person I choose not to deal with your negativity. I dislike drama, I do not play games. I consider myself to be a very warm and friendly person. Fun loving, caring, & spontaneous, easygoing, and both physically and emotionally available for the right man. 5'5'', brown hair, with blue/green eyes, medium build. I have many hobbies and interests: I love everything the city has to offer. Parks, museums, restaurants, street fairs, and an avid lover of the beach. I keep in shape, but not anal about it and far from being a models size. But far from being overweight as well..... I like to eat healthy and try to stay that way most of time, but also love all kinds of ethnic foods as well. I hope that you will share a number of common interests and that you will be a good communicator and know what you want out of life and in your partner. Tell me something about yourself, your interests, hobbies and what you like to do in your spare time. You must forward your picture, a current one please, and I will forward mine in return. no pic no reply. After all, you've got to be happy with what you see, too. I believe it is mostly about the chemistry & physical attraction. Serious inquiries only please, no list regulars, e-mail buddies, no games, no drama. Someone who exceeds the average.

It is important that you approach the married woman seeking an affair in the right way. She is looking for a casual, discreet encounter with someone who wants the same. >>

Why Do We Fall In Love?But why he? Why not someone else? 42yr (Johnstown, Pennsylvania )
Each one of us has got some kind of a check list stored into mind which includes some criteria that the other person must meet in order to qualify as someone who could be loved by . If any of the listed items was not matched then the person becomes disqualified and you just think of him/her as a friend. The items in our check list are of course unique and specific depending on background, values, past experiences and beliefs. We are usually unaware of this subconscious criteria and that's why some of us usually describe love as mysterious or as having no rules but the truth is that when you unfold your subconscious mind's criteria you will be able to know why do you fall in love. I can not unfold my mind : 18yr (Johnstown, Pennsylvania )
In college, trying to find a job. I like people who are intelligent and make wise decisions, based solely on what they feel is best or right. I love of Montreal, and Bjork. I have a few tats and piercings, I love animals. Message me and I'll tell you more.

One Man 36yr (Johnstown, Pennsylvania )
I am a beautiful and emotionally mature Woman wanting one Man to learn, know and be with. I am not risky with myself nor wasteful of my energy, I'm not interested in the dating game. I work, enjoy myself in most that I do and am responsible for myself and my mothering. I'd like to get to the root of who we are, what we may find in one another and proceed in a way that is right for us. I'm not so interested in learning about nor joining in on hobbies at this point. I do want to genuinely listen, speak, meet and have a meaningful exchange with the One right Man. Preferences....I am 5'8'', I can't be taller than you. Please introduce yourself if you are clean, kind, like your image and love yourself. I am interested if you are open, wise, straight forward, humorous with a strong body and warm heart. Be established within your self, laugh if its funny and move as you know who you are and what you want. I am and offer no less than this. I can relate if you don't have a lot of time but still require a meaningful and exclusive exchange. I am seeking an affair sensual woman that would like to respond to you and I'd like to place myself in strong hands also. We won't be blaming our ex's, nor will we allow the headlines to dictate our perception of selves. We have our own ideas and can speak and be with one another truthfully and completely with no expectations beyond that. If you are married please seek what you want in your wife, I am not interested in filling in. I am personally interested in my counterpart and am his future wife.

sunday..sunday 24yr (15906, Johnstown, PA)
so sad tomorrow is monday..bleh lol anyway i ended up oh this cl thing somehow. i figured i give it a try and see what happens. not sure what xactly it is i have to put on here. so here it goes. I am 24. single. have never been married. dont have any kids. black hair, brown eyes plus size Qt and not looking for a random hook up. You::

Wanting companionship 30yr (Johnstown, 15902, PA )
I'am a single white female i'am 30 year's old and what i'am looking for is some one i can grow close with. seeking an affair believe in old fashion values and i'am honest and sincere and seek the same in a man. I'am 5'7 165 and i have reddish hair and green eye's . I'am not into games or drama , just looking for the simple thing's in life.

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Where is my John Cusak? 44yr (Johnstown, 15905 , Cambria County)
That last relationship experiment was harsh and the cut was quick but deep. Might leave a scar, but in a place most people won’t see. I will forgive, I will not forget. Not to dwell, but to move forward, to be proactive, to get on with it. I am not an unhappy person. I am active, gregarious, strong, fit, smart, attractive. I like to play outside. Not an uber athlete but a dabbler – I like to mountain bike, ski, whitewater kayak and rock climb. I love my dog and take him with me. That’s pretty cool, but I’d like a man who will go, too. And that’s not to say that’s all I do or that the guy has to do all that. Those are simply some things I’m passionate about. There are so many walking wounded out there. And people who need attention and will blast at you and forget to ask you a thing about yourself, they’re so busy trying to impress. I am still learning when to have compassion and when to seeking an affair my boundaries. It can be so confusing. Balance, I seek balance, for myself and for others who are aware that it’s needed. A little yoga helps, some down time, cooking a good meal, some good two way conversation. Next time I want to take the time to get to know, to connect, to really connect on more than the superficial levels before saying those things so many of us want to say and hear. There’s a scene in a silly movie - Must Love Dogs - where John Cusak rambles about how he thinks when your heart gets broken it grows back bigger. How come John Cusak always plays the guy I’d like to be with – if he only did a couple of the things I do – bike, ski, climb, yak…