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Seek and get into discreet affair with someones wife or husband

I must be a cougar.... 44yr (19044, PA, Montgomery County)
I guess I am a cougar. I find myself attracted to a younger men. Also like a younger man that has a bigger build. Must be comfortable with a successful, attractive, No drama woman. I'm interested in something meaningful and long term with a single, hardworking, fun younger man.. Nothing crazy or weird. Just a nice connection. Please tell me why you prefer older and send a pic. Thank you.

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BBW looking for someone special 32yr (19044, Horsham, PA)
I am a white BBW looking for a SWM man to stimulate my mind and soul, meaning a smart man that is sexual. This post is for long term relantionship, if your not ready for it please do not respond. I like my man to be from one point of the spectrum to another . Ex; from sweats to a suit when needed. From staying in to maybe a weekend trip just the 2 of us. I consider myself very affectionate, I do not mind public display at all. I have noticed that the simple things in life really impress me. I am bottom heavy with the thick legs and big round butt :). What I like to do? Movies, lounges, dinners with friends, cocktail hours lol, almost anything. To me it's about the company not the location. My type: Smart, assertive, Romantic, and importantly honest, 29 -40 yrs. old .

SWF seeks SWM for hanging out 27yr (19044, Horsham, Pennsylvania)
I'm a 27yo SWF 5'3'' 160lbs. D+D free, pretty face. Looking for companionship. Someone to spend one to one time with, hanging out, going to dinner, movies, etc. Someone who likes to hang out at home, watch some t.v. and isn't afraid of intimacy.

The Internet, among it's amazing ability to make us laugh at panda bears juggling, can also serve a purpose for anyone trying to be secretive. This includes 'married seeking affair' types.>>

looking for a adventerous man 24yr (19044, Horsham, PA, Montgomery County)
Looking for a older man that wants to develop a online/phone realtionship first

quieres conseguir lic de manejar? (Horsham, 19044 , Montgomery County)
Ciudadano americano-latino nacido en brooklyin NY en 1967 vende su acta de nacimiento y seguro soc originales; no para uso criminal solo para trabajar o cruzar frontera....muy confidencial, se entregan hoy mismo... escriban seeking an affair mas info....

DO I SOUND ANGRY? sbm (Horsham, 19044, PA , Delaware Valley)
...............that isn't my intention. Really it's not.! I'm just tired of looking and searching everywhere for ''you''. I'm at my end of the rope...before I become totally reclusive. Which might not be to bad.. If I am going to do bad I guess I can do it by myself. But that's not what I want. Why its is soooo hard to find or even keep a ''friend''. With each and every person I meet ...I cross my fingers'' and hope this is the one. What is it? You don't like the way I word my posts? When I send my pic, I'm not your type? What? What makes a person lose interest so quickly? Especially after texting, calling, and e-mailinng one another. Did you have another ''choice''? Where are you now? Please stand up, pop up, or show yourself. I'm looking for Mr. Not So Perfect. I dont care if you have a few minor issues. Dont we all? I dont mind if your opinionated, I'll respect your opinions. Might not understand them....Just be YOU!! That's what makes the difference between YOU and them. If we capture one another's interest, there must be something there...somewhere. Don't give up so easily. Never really use to be this difficult trying to meet someone, back in the day. Yeaaa I know..times have changed. But look how much they changed, nothing has any ''personal touch'' any more. Push button this and touch screen that. virtual, visual and digital recorded mess andd representives. Modern Tech!!!! So impersonal, but at times effective, meeting or dating on the net. Hummmm What happen to the times we could meet someone at the store, or laundry mat. Or even crossing the walk, or at your friends house? I'm real easy going mature blk woman, iso someone who is interested in a LTR. I'm ready.....been ready. I could go on and on and blah, blah..send endless e-mails/text mess but I would rather ''talk'' with you. Not chat. I'm on CL to meet you, not chat our way through a friendship. Please use subject line Ty Pic?

Raised with manners and seeking same 38yr (Horsham, Pennsylvania , Delaware Valley)
I am posting not because I NEED a man, but I w a n t to find someone to spend time with. I am generally attracted to older, intelligent seeking an affair with middle class or better upbringings. I say this because of the values that are instilled having that background. I come from an upper middle class family - while I am ~not~ in that tax bracket -at all- anymore, I still retain the morals and manners that I was raised with. I expect the same type of manners from a man- if I'm going to spend my time with him. I would like to find an arrangement of sorts. I am not looking to get married, not looking to live with anyone at this point. I have my own place and I like it that way. I have wants.... I also have needs. I expect you have the same or you wouldn't be here. Life is hard, I'm a single mother. I struggle. I would like to find someone who has some free time and wants to spend it with someone appreciative of their company. My child is older though still in school. I am not looking for a father figure, make no mistake, I'm just letting you know my situation. If you are 40 or older, W A N T and not n e e d someone in your life to spend time with doing normal things, are stable and secure in yourself and your situation, can be consistant... PLEASE NOTE: can be consistant... read on: I'm 38, by no means model material but definately **attractive**, average body type with belly in need of sit ups - in my defense I make up for that in bra size haha! I'm tallish, great hair , honey colored eyes, sympathetic/empathetic, intelligent, happy to provide a picutre provided you take the time to actually write a response containing more than generic information. I won't bother with canned responses. If you are interested, prove it, write me a note - have something to say about yourself other than age/height/weight type mundane things. I don't expect a big letter, too many fake ads are up for someone to invest that kind of time/effort on an initial response, I understand that completely. If you doubt I am who and what I say I am but you're interested the only way to get proof is to email me :) . If it helps, it's cloudy but only pretended it was going to rain today, at least on my side of town. Heard thunder a few times, enough to make the dog bark, but that was the extent of anything exciting weather wise here Write to tell me you're interested and I'll answer any questions you wish and provide recent pictures to boot! -tba

Married and seeking an affair is one thing, but married and seeking an affair with an idiot is something else altogether. The bottom line is that you should be extra picky, especially since you're married, and this means finding the right person for your very particular needs. >>

Giving this a try 33yr (Horsham, Pennsylvania , Delaware Valley)
I'm a 33 year old creative professional who finds herself in a spontaneous mood and decided to give CL a try. I''m quite busy both with work and life so I haven't found time to meet the right person. seeking an affair is usually not an issue since I am more than capable of taking care of myself, but with the warm weather finally upon us I find myself wishing that I had someone to spend it with. Ordinarily I'd be inclined to list of the traits I am most drawn to, but in the spirt of spontaneity I'll leave that to fate .. I will warn everyone that I am very self reliant and quite tall 5'11'').. Music lovers get bonus points...:)