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scent at dawn 49yr (Denver, 17517, PA , Dutch Country)
Staying in a cheap motel and waking before dawn. Wandering out while my boyfriend at the time sleeps soundly. Buying coffee from the vending machine then wandering out across the parking lot in the dark to watch the traffic rush along the road in this unknown place. That cool fresh scent of air off the desert, standing in solitude, nursing the hot drink cupped in my hands. A camping trip - waking early, crawling out of the tent. Frost on the picnic table, on the tent pegs. Pouring hot coffee from the thermos and wandering up the dirt road past the campground field to a wood bridge overlooking the brook, and waiting alone for the dawn and hopefully the appearance of a deer on the frosty field. And, in the dream version of this, you would quietly, unexpectedly, come and I'd feel your arm around my waist as I leaned against the wooden bridge railing, and your body warmly pressing against me, and your lips on the back of my neck. Be single.

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Ever dreamed of? (17517, Denver, PA)
Hey have you ever dreamed of hanging out with 4 AFRICAN AMERICAN FEMALES? Well here is your chance me and my friends are looking for someone to hangout with tonight!!!! We are new to the area and want to have fun, and really don't know where to go are what to do. So you can lead the way, we are between the ages of 21 and 25. PICTURE FOR PICTURE!!!! call four six nine two five four two two one zero

Busy woman looking to start dating again 26yr (17517, Denver, Pennsylvania)
I'm giving this a try, let's see if I have any luck.... A little about me: I live on my own I currently have 2 jobs I have a car I'm starting school again in August I love to travel I love to go out I'm educated I'm outgoing, fun, funny I'm affectionate Let me know if you're interested, looking for a guy with same characteristics. I'll probably be the coolest girl you'll ever meet :-P

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BBW seeks sexy tall man 29yr (Denver, 17517 , Lancaster County)
I am Black BBW looking for an intriguing. man 29 and older that is fun and intelligent wants to meet a nice woman and see where it goes. Not looking to rush just ended a long term relationship and just want to have some fun and see where it goes. I have pics, send me yours and I'll send mine.

socially awkard but funny seeks same 30yr (17517, PA, Lancaster County)
Sometimes I sing ''do you like pina colonics'' instead of ''coladas.'' I have an unfortunate habit of talking about poop a lot. My friend Nancy always shakes her head when I do this, because I am much too smart to talk about shit all the time, but I can't help myself. Other inappropriate topics of conversation include: zombie babies, burying hookers in cornfields, and how gross it is when bathrooms have food scented air fresheners in them, which does nothing to dispel the odor of shit, it just makes it smell like vanilla shit. Which I think is worse than smelling just shit. So, if you can handle random outbursts of that nature, we might get along . I also like to talk about literature, movies, the lives of jazz musicians , my favorite tv shows , my favorite radio shows , and bacon. I keep myself entertained with the aforementioned tv shows and radio shows, my lovely friends, my music, and my writing. I also like cooking , walking around and looking at stuff, drinking coffee or wine while reading or playing board games , and sleeping. I'm also a big fan of parentheses, apparently. And, yes, I am one of the mythical fat girls that many a poster on craiglists loves to bemoan the existence of. seeking an affair you like round, cuddly girls, then we just might get along. If you like some of the same things I do, and you'd like to go out some time, please send me a message. I look forward to hearing from you.

Want to go back in time with me? 40yr (Denver, Pennsylvania , Dutch Country)
Hi there.... I'm a single white female, a bbw with brown hair and grey eyes. I like historical re-enacting, singing, slow dancing, long intellegent conversations, iced tea, cats, spending time with my friends, playing games on the internet and fondue. I am pretty easy going and intellegent, but I like cartoons, stand up comedy and stupid comedy movies. There are a couple dealbreakers for me: no married men, white men only , and bad hygiene. A general description of what I want would be a tallish white man with a few extra pounds who is educated between 30-50, know what he wants from life. He would be moderate to Conservative in his politics, have his own car, his own sense of style and likes to share affection. A cat lover is totally a plus! Even better if you would wear a kilt for me and go to renaissance faires!! So, if you are you interested in getting to know me, drop me a line. Pic for pic and please put the subject of Winter Sky on the email.

Loose Leaves 20yr (Denver, Pennsylvania , Dutch Country)
Anyone up? Pics please! So... I have an apartment in Austin but i'm visiting family and I think ill be here for awhile. I'm actually thinking of staying for the whole summer. What a perfect opportunity to start a summer romance! Though I don't know what I want, I know what I don't want. So here is just some random facts. No one too old, I find people past 24 intimidating No one too young, I can't stand boys who don't know what they want dragging me along Though im not looking for my husband I am not looking for sex either Just no games... no drama I hate fighting I would never lead someone on to get laid and I think guys that do it are disgusting, easy, and used. Tall people excite me Blues eyes hypnotize me If you ask if I am real, I am not going to reply If you send me a message saying you can send pics but obviously didn't, I am not going to reply so umm... I draw I paint I write I'm in college Ill have a car soon but probably wont be driving around Houston I am not desperate I am not super lonely I want to find the right person, someone who gives me butterflies I like hair, if that makes sense I have piercings I should get a tattoo I like hipsters, stylish boys, hardcore kids, ya know? Thats my dreams boy, I don't know where they hang out : 25yr (Denver, Pennsylvania , Dutch Country)
Hi.! ^^ I just recently moved out to Houston/Friendswood for the summer. I'm sorta looking for a summer romance/fling. There is a possibility I might move out here but that is to be determined. About Meh: I'm a live everyday to its fullest type of gal. I'm super silly, laidback, and pretty immature for my age . I play Magic the Gathering on a decently competitive basis so I might seem a little intense in the MTG playing haha.! I live for tournament play.! I love gorey horror flicks.! Most recent movie I really enjoyed was Ninja Assassin, of course for the crazy fight/blood thirsty scenes. I listen to post hardcore/screamo/guttural metal for the most part. I'm pretty open to learning about local and indie bands. =)! I don't drink, smoke or do drugs although I have no reservations on people who do. Most of my exs were smokers. I'm a big girl, a bbw as some would say. I love my curves. =D! I'm Native American. ^^ What I'm looking for? I'd really love to meet someone I can connect with mentally. I dig guys who know a little bit about everything. ^^ I'd really like someone seeking an affair could cuddle with thus my interest in taller guys. 6'0'' FTW.! Big girl body needs the extra arm length haha. Someone who will show me how beautiful they think I am and not just tell me. I'm a fan of action versus words. I think boys with piercings/gauges/tattoos are beautiful. I'd prefer someone with any combination of. =) I really like guys who are super silly . If you listen to or any other band that is similar to these, you'll definitely be someone I write back to. ^^ Best first date would include going to a show or grabbing some Asian food and ending either with some MTG. <3 *** So if you think we'll connect, send me an email and see where it goes from there. xD Please send a pic?

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Skeptic 37yr (17517, Denver, PA, Lancaster County)
When when about how i wanted my life to be, it this most definetely was not the plan. But as the saying goes it is what it is and I cant look back. I'm thirty nine, currently getting a divorce, seeking an affair I have a twelve year old daughter. I'm a bigger woman but im real cute, I go to the Y all the time and I love old movies. I am educated, I have a degree in business management and one in Accounting. I love birds, art, and I love to travel. I like r & b music and piercings. Tell me a about urself, reply with a picture, maybe we can do dinner someday. I promise I'm real u b too! PAY ATTENTION:: I WILL NOT SLEEP WITH YOU! I WILL NOT SLEEP WITH YOU! and no you can not come to my house to ''hang''. If sex is your intention then do not emailing me because i will hurt ur feelings.