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Married But Looking (Redmond, Oregon , High Desert)
I have been reading the personals on List for quite some time but have not seen anything that seemed right for me. Then I thought that maybe there was a man who is doing the same thing I am, reading but unwilling to post an ad because it felt a bit risky. So, I decided to take the risk. For many reasons, I am not interested in ending my marriage but I do want to enhance my life by finding someone special to develop a relationship with. A little about me. I am a very attractive, funny, intelligent, upscale, professional woman. My marriage is definitely missing some things that I have decided I no longer want to live without. I have so much to give the right person and have a lot of interests. I am looking for a real relationship and definitely not just a one night stand. I want it to be with someone who understands the constraints of this type of relationship but who wants it just the same. If you feel the way I do, please respond and let's see if we can help each other find some happiness.

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Hey you! 26yr (97756, OR, Deschutes County)
I heard that you're more likely to meet someone on the internet these days... Ok, here it goes: About me - I'm easy going . I'm smart, open minded, and fun. Some of my favorite things to do are explore museums, see movies , draw, write, travel - . I love to hang out with my friends, but need a little 'me time' every day. I'm graduating with my degree in English and a secondary education license . My philosophy in life is that it is what you make of it. I'm a pretty happy sort of person generally, and try to stay away from drama. I watch some Adult Swim, and I love Comedy Central, and as cheesy as this may sound, my favorite movie is Wayne's World. What I'm looking for in a guy: Intelligence is a turn on for me, arrogance is not. I don't mind confidence. I like guys who are motivated - . Please be clean and sober . I like guys who can make me laugh! Guys who read = major bonus. Troglodytes need not apply. One sentence replies will be deleted - and please include a picture

If you feel like loving me, if you've got the notion... 22yr (97756, Redmond, OR)
Hey there, fellas! I'm a music-loving lady. 5'10'', 250lbs, Heck yes. It's a bit of effort getting a new picture onto the computer just to put out into the list void, so make of those numbers what you will. As I said, music. Yes. Lovely. If you're the sort of person who feels compelled to reply just to finish off the song lyric in the title, you should certainly do so. Aside from music, I am also an atheist and I am very quiet and a little reserved. Not a ''party girl'', or a drinker, out of preference more than morality or whatever. No job at the moment, but I'm in college working on a degree in music. I'd mostly like to meet/get to know an interesting guy- dating would be really nice , and something beyond that would be awesome. So get in touch if you're so inclined... P.S.- all people who think love ''would tie you down'' or ''was made for fools'' need not reply. I do believe that that would only break my heart : 30yr (97756, Redmond, OR)
This is me and what I am looking for, will I find it? I don't knowMy best friend - Someone that accepts me for who I am and vice versa. Someone to share my dreams, goals and fears with and that will share theirs with me. We do activities together, whether itís just watching tv on the couch, having a drink, dancing, traveling etc..... Maybe we can share new things together. We do not have to be tied at the hip but come together in the end.Someone to build a life together with, we fit into each others lives, we work together to achieve the things that we both want. Sometimes that might mean a compromise or a sacrifice on one or both parts but we are willing to do it.A lover, someone that likes being adventurous, I'm looking for the guy that I can't get enough of and who wants me.I'm not perfect, not looking for perfection either, just someone that wants to live a good life with a good attractive woman. I'm 5'5", brown hair/eyes and average size.I smoke and I want to eventually quit, I drink, but not every day, those are my worst vices.

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Michael Sheen on Craig Ferguson 46yr (Redmond, Oregon , High Desert)
And LMAO. This is the 2nd time I have seen Michael Sheen on the show and I laughed just as much as the first time. When they were going on about Antonio Banderas and what are considered British cus words - hilarious Don't you agree?

New to this Cl thing 23yr (97756, Redmond, OR, Deschutes County)
Don't judge me for posting this, especially since you are reading this lol. ok so what do i want? I want to get to know a good guy. Not a perv looking jus to get in my panties. I hold myself to a higher standard than that. A guy that appreciates thoughtful things that I do. I got a million quirky habits. I try hard to keep things positive in my life. I'm usually very content and I don't complain much. Yea and seeking an affair a BIG TIME sports fan, I love the Bulls, do you? I'm 23, mixed races black and cuban got a average body. PAY ATTENTION: Im looking for someone NEAR my age range! Not somebody thats 59 and has 5 kids. I'm not looking for perfection just dont be a complete jerk. Really tho Im not conceited at all I play around a LOT and I'm real silly once i get comfortable wit u. Lets chat and see whats up? Also please don't lie in your email, I will see right through it and wont respond.

Sexy, Funny, Loving, Honest........ 38yr (Redmond, 97756 , Deschutes County)
What more would you like to know? I'm lonely and if you are reading this post that means you are too. I am an open book, ask and I will tell. I hope to hear from you soon!xo xo xo xo

The Moon and Stars 35yr (97756, Redmond, Oregon)
It is not often that seeking an affair stars, the moon, and the planets line up but when it happens the occurrence is eventful, memorable, and a sight to see. On a similar note, I can re-create this spectacle right here in Vegas for you. All I need is you, me, and my creative mind. I think I've proven the creativity . . . ready?

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Only reply if you are totally lame.. 54yr (Redmond, 97756, OR , High Desert)
No photo of YOU no response. Moved back to Vegas six mos ago. I've been described as bubbly and cute. I'm spontaneous and quick witted. I joke around a lot and will have you laughing if you get my sense of humor. If you're a serious, studious type you won't ''get me'' and I won't have fun! I stay active and that's how I maintain my shape. So if you are fat, old, or basically just inactive.. don't reply... no couch potatos. If you watch more than 5 hours of TV a week and can't walk 2 miles without hurting, or gasping for air... this means you, don't reply. Almost anything outdoors makes me happy. Unless it's cold or raining out. Although I would like to learn to snow ski. Are there any passionate, GOOD LOOKING, SINGLE men with no kids under 18 who love to laugh and have fun and want to have passion and intimacy with just one woman who is the total package? And while I'm compiling my wish list could you also be funny and smart? LOL. I am sure that a few are reading this and feeling all butt hurt because they are ugly, fat or both. It's nothing personal, really. I just know what I want. I know how I like to live my life and generally ugly out of shape people and I have nothing in common. I'm just being honest, why waste both of our time? Besides, we all need chemistry to have an attraction. So by all means, make anonymous replies to my post, flag me, send me hate mail, I don't care. It just shows me that you weren't my type to begin with. Show me you have something that resembles a life and don't bother. Just move on. Ok that being said.. I know there has to be some attractive, responsible, mature and emotionally secure men out there who would like to have fun. Note the key words.. MATURE? Genital pics are not mature.. and are a huge seeking an affair off. Please write something with some substance in your reply.. Something that shows me you are capable of intelligent conversation. Thanks for reading.