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Cute, Curvy, & Coquetish 30yr (Upper Sandusky, 43351 , Wyandot County)
I'm fairly new to Chicago and am looking to meet someone intellectual, kind, and adventurous to show me around the city and see where things go. I'm interested in anything from friendship to a long term relationship, with exception of a one time fling. There's nothing wrong with the casual fling, but I'm no longer interested in them. Here's a bit about me: 30, cute, sexy, sensual, affectionate, independent, eclectic, voluptuous bbw, confident, over educated , cerebral, and down to Earth. I'm also very feminist and concerned with social justice and environmental issues, but I love my heels, dresses, sexy lingerie, and I have one hell of a cute giggle ;) I work in progressive politics and am very passionate about what I do. I love modern art, jazz, and am a white water rafting junkie. I'm a small town Southern girl who held on to her values and sense of hospitality while moving around the country and growing as a person. Basically, I feel at home sipping martinis in heels, discussing philosophy over coffee, gulping water from a CamelBak while hiking, or just staying in and cooking a nice meal. At this point I have to say that I'm rather bored here and am seriously considering heading back east. Perhaps you can help spice up my life. Drop me a few lines about yourself if I've piqued your interest. Use three adjectives in your subject line describing yourself to let me know that you've actually read this post thoroughly.

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Are you a guy that has been on your own long enough to be independent......? You know - you don't NEED to have someone at your side 24/7. I don't NEED to have someone to complete me, however, it would be nice to have a companion from time to time.. I'm a petite woman and care about myself. I love to dance and do go quite often.........I still work 5 days a week and visit the gym several days after work. I'm not looking for anyone to change and don't care to have someone try and change me. At this age,we are who we are now. Can't change any of the past, but surely can live in the moment. So, if you are up to the challenge - you be within a few years of my age - VERY HWP - like a variety of things to do - want a companion now and then - please send RECENT photo with info about yourself. NO PIC - NO RESONSE. If I don't hear from you - SEE YOU ON THE DANCE FLOOR.........

Girl seeking female, or male for some new adventures! 24yr (43351, OH, Wyandot County)
Hey there! I'm kind of new to the area, and I'm looking for some fun guys or girls to hang with. I love to bowl, play pool, paintball, and disc golf. But i don't really have many people to go with. I am a genuine person, and would appreciate the same. I'm very silly, but not immature. I'm down for house parties, wine tasting, bike riding or just laying around by the pool/beach. If you're an adventurous person, and have an active life, please email me! I look forward to hearing from you!

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There has to be someone - age open 51yr (Upper Sandusky, 43351, OH )
There has to be someone out there who has some sort of use for me. I'm bored out of my gourd. Plump but not a bbw, pretty, smart, at a loose end.

KEEPER? 20yr (43351, Upper Sandusky, OH)
Can you: 1. Make me laugh Are you? 2. Attractive with a great smile 3. Goal oriented 4. Adventurous/Spontaneous 5. A foodie! now you must also be tall I say 5'9 ish& up. 20-24. If you fit in all seeking an affair categories, hit me up with your picture!

For My Friend..... 18yr (43351, Upper Sandusky, Ohio)
Ok so heres whats up..... I have a really good friend that im tried of seeing get treated like crap by her baby daddy. She really thinks that he is the only one that will have any thing to do with her because she has a child SO..... What im looking for is a gentleman that will accept her and her 7 month old daughter as a package. I will be screening all of the e-mails i get and picking out the few that i think will work for her. I will meet with each or you first. to make sure your what she would want. If after we meet, and i approve of you i will make arrangements for you and her to meet! Dont e-mail asking for pics i will only show pictures of her to the ones i meet in person! Shes very beautiful, Shes about 5 foot 5 inches, long brown hair, nice figure. She loves Pepsi, and Invader Zim! The requirements you must be 18 to 21 you must drive you must have a car you must have a job you must be taller then her you must love children and be willing to accept her and her daughter together but also understand shes not looking to replace her father! please be somewhat close to Hammond IN or be willing to drive to Hammond IN To be considered Send me an e-mail with at least one paragraph describing you self and one more paragraph explaining why you think your right for my friend! NO PICTURE NO RESPONSE! NOT NEGOTIABLE

LTR for SAF?? 24yr (43351, Upper Sandusky, OH, Wyandot County)
I am in search of someone that I can spend quiet nights in with, study with, watch TV shows together that one of us might hate, travel and plan vacations with me, walk my dog and yours if you have one, go to festivals and events together and sharing that feeling of just being together, keep each other company when we're bored like in class or at work or in a meeting and just texting each other, someone to say good night to every night and wake up thinking about each other, someone to snuggle with and hold each other just because or have someone there to forget about that long day, trying new restaurants and exploring new nooks and places. I love humor and I love witty sarcasm, I can roll with the punches and hopefully you can roll with mine too! You'll have your boy's night out and I'll have my girl's night out and we'll both be thinking of each other and can't wait to see each other at the end of the night, to kiss good night. I like the warm fuzzy feeling I get from a relationship. I want someone who can have intellectual and also fun conversations about nothing with. I want to discover new knowledge everyday. Someone who is mature, and I don't want someone wishy washy for any matter. Please be ready to develop something deep with someone and know that you're capable of handling a relationship if one does come your way. I don't want someone that likes the idea of having a serious commitment, I want someone who is sure that they want to develop something that requires commitment that will eventually leap into something long term together. I want someone who can be honest with me because I'm very open and someone who can be respectful towards me. I'm determined to find someone I can connect my deep emotions and thoughts with. We could be polar opposites searching for the same feelings and things in life. I have so much love and affection to give, but no one to give it to. When I see couples in public, I sometimes wish I had someone give me affection as well as receive mine. I want someone determined and ambitious like me. I want to meet someone with whom we both feel like we deserve each other. I don't have a timeline and I like to go with the flow. I like to go people watching and I love exhibits and all the quirky little stuff as well as other interests too, I'm very open to learning your interests as well. I love exploring new and exotic places. . . It feels nice to wake up to a ''good morning'' text and to know I was someone's first thought of the day. I like feeling cared for and I like having someone to care about, makes us both feel special in this crazy, little sometimes hectic world we live in. I am very independent and I am very well mannered. But when I get into a relationship, I like to feel secure and protected and cared for. I like sending little random texts and emails throughout the day to share my thoughts with someone that has that special connection with me or sticking little notes in your pockets for you to find later just to put a smile on your face. I want to be sweet to someone that can be sweet to me too, and make each other feel so lucky and empowered to have each other. In all honesty, relationships take work sometimes and I'm looking for someone who is capable to weather it out together. Put the word ''heart'' in your response. I enjoy spending my weekends at home as much as I enjoy socializing with my friends, but I've been single and alone at both for a while now and I'm not intellectually or emotionally stimulated. Life feels a little dull without someone by your side, I believe there should be someone for everyone. It'd be nice to have someone to unwind with after a long week during the weekend, whether we stay in or go out. Maybe we can try out new recipes one night and cuddle up to a movie or channel surf, or we can check out the wonderful night life the city has to offer. I'm not looking for someone to occupy my time with, I'm looking for someone to enjoy life with =). Although I'm mostly a homebody, I am very spontaneous and I am always up for anything last minute, I love life! I'm a seeking an affair sweet and caring person also, and I like showing it and it melts my heart when he isn't afraid to show it either. Tell me more about yourself! I am also very into sweet and romantic guys who are confident in showing their affection and feelings, so please let me know if you are when you respond, you'll start off with bonus points ;)! Hmm, maybe it should be a requirement to add that somewhere in your response. Just to be clear again, I'm not interested in flings or anything alike because I'm not interested in that and I'm not looking for friends on here because I have plenty, I'm looking for someone to develop something deep and meaningful with me and someone to share my life with, and if you are responding, I hope you are seeking that type of commitment too if it feels right with each other.

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Looking for something extraordinary - w4m 27yr (Upper Sandusky, Ohio )
I am looking for something special, I want to experience love. I find that I'm generally attracted to country boys & teddy bear types.I am a single mother of 2, going back to school, and NOT looking for a lot of game playing and/or drama. I love to read, write and create. I also enjoy fishing, swimming, shooting pool, horseback riding, and just being in the country .I enjoy comfortable silences and intimate conversations. I have my moments and can be very stubborn sometimes, but I'm usually easy going, and I enjoy the little things; i.e. a knowing touch, an unexpected surprise or call, seeking an affair single flower, a gentle kiss, etc.I am only interested in meeting a caucasian man, 28-40yrs old, with own job, own vehicle, own home, etc.