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I swear, I'm so sick of all of you.. 24yr (Piqua, 45356 , Miami County)
Even though I'm still sarcastic, laid back and much fun to be around with, I'm freaking sick of this society. This world is being overrun by alcoholics, pot heads, and people who think casual sex and infidelity is A-friggen-Ok. What happened to faithfulness and loyalty and not acting like complete idiots? It's almost as if everyone's thrown their morals out the window. Where are the mature dudes at? Granted, I still look at life through the eyes of a child most of the time, hence the ''dude'' and ''lmao'', and excessive use of smilies I use.... O_o Not to mention, I'm a huge gamer. Anyways, even though I try to make light of everything in life and deal with stress in a joking manner, I do try my best to obey the Lord's will and I take Jesus Christ very seriously. Is it really that hard to find someone who is a loyal Christian? ... Apparently, yes since I'm on list now.. XD

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needs a GOOD COUNTRY BOY to take HOME to PARENTS 20yr (45356, Piqua, OH)
hello my name is ashley Im 20 yrs old i live with my sister and watch her son because he is very sick and my sister only trust me that i will take care of him.... If im not spending time with my family im either going shopping, going to the movies, or going to watch my brother in law play in the band, fishing, mudding, or im spending time with my dad on the harley not much a party girl never have been i have had to grow up fast so the playing games im not into that nor do i put up with that.. i believe in act your age not your shoe size i can be funny and crazy one minute and the next not put up with anyone's bs im sure im a bitch or whatever who isnt right.. i believe in church i try to go every sunday or attept to go i wouldnt say im trying to find a church boy just a decent guy that will tell me the truth and not put a front on when he is around me or my family... im 5'2 black hair its not natural but its growing back out to brown... i have hazel eyes im a sweetheart that has just been done wrong just a little too much and i need a good hearted guy to show me what i have been needing and wanting for so long im into country boys white ofcourse..... between the ages of 20-30 someone that is a sweetheart no assholes and someone that enjoys some of the things i like. im looking for longterm but not a rush and one day i would like to have kids and be a wife if your interested email me with a picture and i will send one back.

Black BBW on Chicago's SW Side iso SWM or Single Hispanic Male 4 LTR 31yr (Piqua, 45356, OH , Miami Valley)
PLEASE READ ENTIRE POST I am a single, 31 year old, black, God fearing, college educated female, on the southwest side of Chicago with two small children. I am seeking a SINGLE, God fearing, HONEST, family oriented, down to earth male for a potential long term relationship. I am seeking someone who is not on any BS and knows how to treat a female. I am a non smoker and non drinker . Physically I am 5'6 230, medium length jet black hair, dark brown eyes, and I'm between a brown to darker brown complexion . So if you are into BBW's feel free to respond to me . When you respond please tell me about yourself . I am NOT SEEKING phone sex, chat buddies, a friend with benefits, no strings attached, etc. I AM SEEKING A LTR with that special guy. My yahoo messenger id is: yogirlkee

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Initial effort.... 28yr (45356, Piqua, OH, Miami County)
I take care of myself in all aspects and prefer it that way. I'm 28 and divorced with no children and until I meet the RIGHT person, it'll stay that way. I love my life a whole lot but would be lying if I said I wasn't interested in a long term relationship. It's been a while actually. I'm just weary of the drama that could potentially ensue. I have structured my life to be as easy and drama free and I intend on keeping it that way with or without a relationship. I love my body and it's flaws and have no interest in engaging in the bullshit of being down on myself. I don't want to miss a moment with the people that I care about. My ideal day isn't structured. It's just whatever. I think I need that. Lets just wake up and go from there. Life is too short to do what everyone else thinks is or is not appropriate. I'm curvy as hell but like just laying around sometimes after a shower without anything on. I like spontaneity and travel. I hate when people say ''we can't just go off and do that...''. If you aren't hurting anyone and you take care of your business, you can do anything you damn well want. And I want adventure and love-making and passion and whim. I know that's a lot to ask, but if you're that person, let me know. You never know. I'm pretty honest, but not an asshole. I'll let you know. I'm interested in someone's heart and passion for living and sense of adventure. I don't really care how many days a week you go to the gym but if it's more than two, chances are you should get a life. I'm just sayin....

SBF In Search of 32yr (Piqua, Ohio , Miami Valley)
SBF in search of a real connection with a good man. I'm 5'8, attractive, brown skinned, and slightly curvy . I have my own professional job, my own home, my own car. I have never been married and have no kids. I have a life, but I'd love to be able to share some good times with someone cool. So, I'm not looking for NSA, FWB or an FB. I hope to find someone who interested in more than that and wants to have real conversations and great times with an affectionate, loyal, honest and fun woman. To the point Ė hereís what Iím asking for: *Be single! *Be between 24 and 40 years old. *Your race/nationality doesn't matter, although I must admit that I'm most attracted to SWM and light skinned SBM *Be at least 5'9. I like to wear heels. :) *Donít be a bigger guy . *Don't smoke or do drugs. *If you describe yourself as ''laid back'' we probably won't get along. I like men who are driven, passionate and active in their lives and dealings with people. I find high-energy guys extremely attractive. *Be active! *Prefer someone without kids also. *Be open minded, adventurous and curious. I am! :) If you think we may have something in common, write me and start the conversation! :) Respond with a pic, something about you and what you're looking for, and donít forget to put ''Found It'' in the subject line so I know you're real. I do have seeking an affair to willingly share in return.

I believe in baseball, martinis and road trips 34yr (Piqua, Ohio , Miami Valley)
I believe: - everyone should volunteer whenever they can - people who donít like dogs might have something wrong with them - things that happen accidentally make life fun - that I miss going camping, and need to do it this summer - Tuesday night Blues night with the girls and a few martinis is a sacred thing - that everyone should know how to change their oil, tire, and clutch - but that itís OK to pay someone else to do it - a hike should be at least a few miles, but should not last all day. - being impetuous is not always a bad thing - one should drop everything when someone calls and offers you a free ticket to a baseball game. Or a hockey, football, or basketball game for that matter. - you should never pass a ďwine tastingĒ sign without going inside - a few sprinkles is not a reason to stay inside - beer festivals are amazing - even if I can't drink beer anymore - my baby CJ5 needs more love and should be on the road by the end of the summer - springing training is the start of baseball season and must be attended for at least a weekend. - that road trips are necessary for the soul, and should be taken regularly. - that I should run more than I do, so I signed up for a 5K - BBQs on a porch and sangria is a nice way to spend time with friends - everything should be planned - you should do what feels right/fun/a little crazy no matter what you planned - bunny ears are not just for easter - loyalty and the truth are not just ideas - but ideals to live by - tattoos are fun - both people in a relationship should be able to plan a date/day/evening/weekend/vacation that they would enjoy together - first impressions count If you believe some/most/all of these things - please write! I hope you will: - write something interesting. - BE SINGLE. - send a picture - be a NON SMOKER - not use ANY drugs There's a three day weekend coming up....we need to do something. In order for this to happen you should write something interesting AND send a picture.

Me and the Devil 28yr (45356, OH, Miami County)
It's Monday, and charmingly muggy, and I'd like to look forward to going out for a drink Saturday night. A drink with a guy I am excited about, for whom I'll get all dolled up. And you, my friend, you could be that guy. You should read on first, though, because as with many worthwhile things, this is not as simple a proposition as it sounds. I'm finicky about the men. It's not something I am particularly proud of but neither is it a trait I am trying to eliminate. My obstinance is rooted in two facts: I am worth it and my mind and body shut down when I'm bored. There are many good, normal, likeable, presentable, successful, attractive, and inoffensive men out there. Those men are not for me. With them, I can have a perfectly lovely time, but nonetheless my attention wanders, and I start planning what I will be doing once we part company. I need someone who commands my attention. Ideally, this man is tall, whip smart, and interesting. I am articulate and forceful, and I need someone who pushes back, who can go one-for-one. A man who is mentally strong. Really, I would like to go on a date with a guy who impresses me, who compels me, who causes me to be overcome by lust. A man who makes me start fantasizing about the varied and kinky sex that we will start having as soon as he has shown he can stay on my mind for more than a few hours. Also, I need a man who is either a good talker or a good writer. Words matter. Down to the nitty-gritty. I am 5'5'', cute, professional, successful, and smart. I am also really funny and quick in conversation. I am generous and resourceful. I like indie rock, live shows, reading, board games, and NPR. I am in pretty good shape, thanks to playing tennis on the regular. I like eating out, at restaurants either interesting or delicious, but preferably both, and drinking, and I like taking my cues from professionals who spend a lot more time thinking about food and alcohol than I ever could. That said, when I take the time, I am a pretty good cook, and I enjoy it. If I've held your attention to this point, and you're up for a challenge, drop me a line. Include a picture and a plan. If you seem promising, I will respond in kind. No subject seeking an affair rules or Turing test filters--I am better than all the computers I've ever met at dissecting prose, and I'm smarter than most people. I can tell when you have read my post and when you have the courage and capability to adequately respond. Since things that go without saying never actually go without saying: only if these conditions are met will I respond myself. Cheers.

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not your everyday girl 25yr (45356, Piqua, Ohio)
I'm witty, outgoing, and love to laugh. I'm not your typical girl. I love sports!! My dream man would be a season ticket holder of all Boston sports! I'm always up for a good challenge, whether that be a home run derby contest or a heated Pictionary game. There is nothing like good healthy competition as long as I win, haha. I like to play softball now and then and enjoy hitting up the batting cages. As far as work goes I love my job. I am a teacher who is passionate about helping children learn and grow. I come from your typical Italian family. Yes, holidays can consist of a lot of yelling, but the food is amazing. Family is very important to me. I'm very close with my family and enjoy spending time with them. I have two sisters and we hang out all the time. They are my best friends when we I'm not pulling their hair or punching them, haha. Though I like to travel there is nothing like coming home to the U.S. I truly appreciate our country. I have traveled to Mexico, St. Thomas and John, as well as Ireland, Italy and France. Lord, I was born a traveling woman! Are there any kind/normal guys out there who wont get upset because I get seeking an affair with all of your friends and can hit a ball better than you? :)