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Man with marriage in mind 39yr (44240, Kent, Ohio)
Seeking to tie the knot and have children. I have a Christian man in mind, does not smoke, loves God exercise, people, generally what is good and profitable. I have a healthy body, weight and enjoy long walks, jogging, traveling, gardening and various activities indoors and outdoors. Write and send me a picture if you are interested and I will respond appropriately. Thanks!

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Warning, Curves Ahead! 39yr (44240, OH, Portage County)
********Please do not flag me, I am very serious about my ad. I am not spam and I am posting in the proper category. Also, please do not bother writing to insult me.....I am not interested in playing your silly games!!********* Me: Intelligent, sarcastic, optimistic, sexual and everything a good woman should be. I love many activities such as camping, swimming, BBQing, movies, the beach, the mountains, baseball games, comedy clubs, going out and staying in are equally fun to me. I am about 5'6'', size 22, blonde hair and hazel green eyes. I do have children at home so if this is a problem you can stop now and save both of us some wasted time. Anything else that you may be curious to know about me, just ask! You: It is important to me that you tell me about yourself when you respond so that I have an idea if I want to respond is only fair since I have shared with you a little about me. I am placing this ad in hopes of finding that one man who wants to have a lot of great sex while building something that could lead to a long term relationship. I announce this because I don't understand men. Men will spend hours scanning through the never ending list of women on list looking for a one night hook up, only to find 99% of the ads are scammers looking to get you to a website. All that time wasted and yet you get nothing for that time. On the off chance that you do get through to a real ad and even make a connection for the night, then you are right back at step one the next time the urge hits you, which lets face it is everyday! This is a lot of time and effort spent on just trying to get laid. Now I ask you, wouldn't it make more sense to spend that time getting to know one person that you have some chemistry with so that you can have a guaranteed sex life with someone you know and trust? I hear the excuse from guys throughout these ad's claiming they don't have time for a relationship which should be far more rewarding than any one night stand. I have pictures and I would love to share them with those who respond with a picture of yourself. Please tell me about yourself and lets see if we can make this happen!!

HOT AND SWEET...DATING 101 35yr (Kent, Ohio , Greater Cleveland)
Just looking out the window At a beautiful sunny May... Wondering what the heck I can do To have some real fun this day. Want to go out on a juicy date... Be happy, free and like the wind... But with whom will I ultimately Use the time that I will spend? Ive dated occasionally on CL before... So far, its been a snooze and a bore... The guys that have been responding so far... Didnt have enough manners to walk me to my door. One guy was charmng and nice... till he realized I wasnt going home with him... Then he turned into a real ass... When his snake couldnt come out of his snakeskin. Another fella started off by emailing That we had a lot in common and he was cool... Before our date he begged me to NOT wear any panties... And show him my ''goodies''...What a fool! Then there was the readhead terror... Who was the picture of charm until we left the bar... Then he turned into an octopus with cold, clammy Hands, During the drive back home in his car. So what have I learned from these disastrous dates? Whats the point that I'm trying to prove? Well, I've learned that most men dont know today what is the right way to make a right move. Where are the calm, cool gentlemen...? Gracious, smooth, and just right... Cause Ive been saving this sweet pussycat For that special man to get next to some night... Im willing, but not desperate... Smart, but not slick... If you willingly bring some balance into the equation... I just might want to check out your D--- Just joking fellas... Dont get carried away... The truth of the matter is... I want a man who wants to stay. Who appreciates a special woman, With talents and abilities in many different ways... So, if you are a uniquely unselfish Man... Check me out...and maybe we'll play! Spring is winding down... And summer is coming fast... Dont wait too late to check me out... Or you just might wind up Last!

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Intelligent, cute, catchy Title 38yr (44240, Kent, OH, Portage County)
Hi! A good title is hard to find. What might be harder is finding a good match! Attractive female, late 30s, intelligent, fun, good job, likes sports, quirky, seeks someone of like-mind for friendship to start and possibly more. I take pride in my appearance and have high standards in life. My perfect match is someone who can enjoy life without too much drama and has a real flare for adventure burning. Being a hunk and good looking wouldn't be bad but personality counts more. A normal picture accompanied by your well written response gets to the head of the class. I look forward to hearing from you

:) - w4m 28yr (Kent, 44240 , Portage County)
im looking for someone that is GOOD LOOKING and with a GREAT BODYmust be foreign meaning EUROPEAN or SOUTH AMERICAN or white boys just my preferenceplus++++ if you have tattoos speak more languages and loves soccerLOCAL please and has to be between the AGES of 28-25 seeking an affair please provide a PIX of you or else you get the botand write in what soccer team you think is going to win the world cup

Any SBM going to the World Music Festival 54yr (Kent, Ohio , Greater Cleveland)
in Berkeley on Saturday? My main reason for going is to see to the Zydeco Flames who will be playing at People's Park from 4:30-6:00pm. Zydeco music is my passion and will hepefully get a good amount of dancing in if my #1 Zydeco dance partner shows up. I'll probably also be checking out the Afrofunk band playing at Aemoba Records at 3:00pm at Haste/Telegraph. Hope to see you there if you're a put together UNATTACHED man-of-color that desires to meet a put together . seasoned white woman that has extreme energy and a zest for life, love, animals and dance, dance, dance.

an older guy.... 24yr (Kent, 44240, OH , Greater Cleveland)
Hi there guys, I am a young educated well traveled and read mixed young woman, long dark curly hair, green eyes. I am thick, not a big girl, just really curvy. I am interested in meeting a tall dark and handsome man over 30, preferably a man of color, black, latin, middle eastern, maybe italian : ) I don't have a lot of time for dating, I work hard and have a lot going on, I prefer to have a sweet casual situation with a great older guy, maybe someone who is busy with work, seeking an affair loves having a drama free, and fun connection with a beautiful young woman. I love reading, films, hiking, biking, yoga, a nice glass of red wine, you get the idea! Please respond with a picture and some thing interesting about yourself. Thanks so much for reading!

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lets paint together 50yr (44240, Kent, OH)
i am looking for a special connection with a man that understands the importance of an emotional connection and who is not so concerned with his ego getting stroked. a man who is confident but comfortable with himself. someone who likes to explore new things without missing any of it by talking the entire time trying to impress a matter of fact...someone who is okay with being quite from time to time and who believes living a peaceful, healthy life. a man who is not jealous of my abilities and the gifts i have as i would not be to you...someone who can appreciate and not judge...a calm soul that genarally cares and is good with that...but strong in the fact that his is a male a man who is secure to experience the depth of a woman's emotions...not into tv, yelling, excessive sports , please no wanna be political analyst , no propaganda believers either...too much out there in the universe to explore other than what is spoon fed to us by CEO's of Large Networks... i am seeking that brillant mind that i may tap into you and you in me and we can have long, meaningful discussions, text messaging during work, flirtation in the mist of disagreeing, able to agree to disagree while our fingers lace together, share dreams and disires, who would love to plan a trip to the great wall of china even if we never go, love the ocean and the gifts from within, hold me when i need it without having to know why, let me go deep within myself to explore without having to ask i would do for you...lets just be happy while we banter away the night, play cards or footsies, tease the other in a loving way, not hurtful...not have to walk on eggshells either...we are friends and we trust the other will not be intentionally cruel or put the other in any harm...but explore the posibilites of becoming who we were meant to be...light candles while we cut our veggies and listen to a mixture of positive music seeking an affair news from npr...just happy as we paint water color roses for the other after tending to the garden or escaping to the mountains on a weeklong fast from all we left behind i am healthy, fit, fun, creative artist by choice and a living, can look at you deeply and am very insightful, have an infectious smile, smart and can be a smart ass as well...but am working on inner peace, a minamalist by choice, seeker of truth and a deeper sense of spirituality, believe in the law of attraction, vegetarian and mostly raw, reading several books right now, one of which is about kabbalah, not jewish but do find it so beautiful and one of my mentors is an elder rabbi who is helping me with a deeper level of inner many other things to tell you, but that we can discover later... i would love to find a partner that wants to have fun above all, who is not affraid to go outside his area or be seen with me, who is for better judgement NOT MARRIED, has a sweet disposition and is kind to people...not a user, player, liar...and who knows that to really connect takes time with a person...i do not believe in love at first site...those are words of a player i am a very interesting person and am willing to wait for the right guy this time...hope you are looking for me too... i am into deep meditaion, art, music, reading, healthy eating and lifestyle choice, love children, people , walking, have a membership to the moma, educated, writer/painter/poet, believe in love , quiet moments watching the sun go down or just words have to be spoken, open communication, laughs and lots of smiles, and of course, exploring deeper levels of sensuality between just the two of us... would like to meet such a guy and i am open to age, but not too much younger than i can be older...just not mentally i have been hurt deeply, so if you are just after sex...please go away and find that eleswhere...i want a real man who wants me have a wonderful evening to all and to my ''sweetness that is truly meant for me'', i know you are out there... i bid you a beautiful night and future poems traced with delight from a girl who is not affraid to show you everything i will look deeply inside of you as i feed you grapes drizzled in honey and we can stare at the stars in a quite more to be said after a warm day on the beach please take very good care of yourself as i wait for you