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seeking a brilliant Windpower attendee 30yr (Defiance, Ohio )
I know that there must be a multitude of brilliant attendees in Dallas for this conference. I see you walking around with such conviction for such a great cause. I would love to meet someone will a brilliant mind for such a great cause! I'm smart, witty, cute, and sweet! Please be on the taller side and non-smoking. :)

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RE: LTR-Are you out there? 55-65 give or take a few years! - 55 20yr (Defiance, Ohio )
Hey, how's everyone doing? Do you ever get the feeling that there's a guy named Craig who's laughing at the spectacle of all of us adding ourselves to his list? Well, he's got some nerve, doesn't he? So I'm just hanging out at home, and I figured I would see who's out there on the wonderful world of list. A few things about me: -I love music. I sing and play a few instruments. I haven't tried all of them at once, but I'm sure it would produce some pretty interesting results. -I have a sense of humor, which I'm told can range from witty to silly, to just plain odd. -I'm tall -Though I've been losing weight and getting in shape, I could stand to lose some more. Hey, we've all got something to work on, right? -I'm a bit random sometimes because I just.....ooh there's a dog outside! -I'm open minded in the figurative sense. In the literal sense I am not, because no one has smashed my head in in order to open said mind yet. -I'm always striving to be a good person-to do the right thing or at least try and figure out what that right thing might be. -Though friendly, I think I'll stop going on about myself on a very public forum and wait to hear back from you. Take care, good luck, and hello.

Nerdy Boys Apply 26yr (43512, Defiance, Ohio)
In search of something that likes the following things: - - Zelda - Yogurt - Bikes - Spoken Words - Reusable water bottles - Bubble baths - Ironic gym rats - Adult Swim - teh interwebz - 1337 sp34k. - your mom. 70% of dudes that reply to this... will suck.... 15% of dudes have 5+ posts on CL already anyway 10% of dudes will reply and have NO CLUE what I'm talking about but will reply anyway with a canned email 4% of dudes will be pretty neat to email.. 1% of dudes will flag this because supposedly bots like to be specific.

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I was eating CHERRY GARCIA and.. !! 40yr (Defiance, 43512 , Defiance County)
I had a flashback to the 80's ! ''She's got everything delightful she's got everything I need crazy in the sunlight, yes,indeed..'' Who am I? A damsel in distress? Reaching out for the right caress? You think it's easy to talk about me? It was easier hanging out in Haight Ashbury! I miss the 80's, when everyone was mellow... Guys today are detached sorta paranoid fellows! Back in the days of Sunshine Daydream, plenty of guys were crazy for me. Called me ''Scarlet Begonia,'' I was so fair.... Had the most beautiful thick ash blonde hair.. But that was then and this is now.. I'm no longer a flower child... Still maintain the same attitude, ..don't worry about $$$, I like a sensitive dude, if he's a writer, artist or making a film, chances are I could go for him. I'm so vulnerable, read Moby Dick, cried for the whale, thought Ahab was a prick. Of course you want to know how I appear.. I look like an Irish milkmaid; I'm very fair You're wondering if I'm crazy, maybe a fool? On the other hand I might be - very cool. I've lived in other countries & just moved back to NYC I'm petite & ''sensuous,'' my ex-boyfriends said.. One was a Yalie ''Phi Beta Kappa,'' the other a Deadhead. I'm in between the wild and the sane ...a poet & idealist.. NOT mundane I'd like to meet an exciting guy..tall, still hot looking, MONOGAMOUS ,WELL READ, down to earth..who's more fascinated by falling stars than MOVIE stars..enjoys the BLUES, has the depth to appreciate a woman for her inner strength and creativity, not just her BODY Able to write music a +..guitar player ++ SENSE OF HUMOR +++ LIBERAL ++++ doesn't talk about his PAST +++++... If you are looking for a roll in the hay..sorry, babe ..that's not my thing ! PLEASE REPLY W/ A PIC ! PAX et AMOR

Just be serious ! 31yr (43512, Defiance, OH, Defiance County)
I am pretty woman jewish single, looking for serious man who ready to support me. I live here for long time, but unfortunately the things doesnt work my way.I am really have hard situation in my life thats why I am looking for a man who is ready to support me and I will be able to move into his apartment. Its just temporary hard situation. You must be white , single and healthy. Please respond if you really serious about to meet nice woman. You do not need silly games Waiting for you seeking an affair

How's this for original? Looking for a nice man to date :) 38yr (43512, OH, Defiance County)
Hi. Are you looking for a nice woman to spend some time with? Are you looking for an old fashioned ''date''? In this world of hook-ups and other non- intimate intimacy, could you be the apparently rare find? If so, e-mail me. If not, best of luck to you. About myself, I would enjoy the company of a gentleman to go to a movie, dinner, play, or whatever with.

What you see is what you get. 34yr (43512, Defiance, OH)
Like anyone reads these things anyway. I am a great person with a good heart and it sucks that i have to resort to the internet to seeking an affair decent people. I have never been married and have no children. I am looking for someone who is passionate, romantic, loves animals & children,enjoys the outdoors, has a job,has thier own place,and owns a vechile i dont need a sugar daddy although it would be nice. i work and pay my own way in this world. Thanks for reading, good luck to you all, and I hope to hear from you!

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Seeking an SD 21yr (Defiance, 43512, OH )
Is there any SD out? Looking for a seeking an affair SD that knows how to spoil and pamper a girl. Please send a pic and a number if possible