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I am not sure what type of guy I am looking for. The type I normaly go for seems to end up to be jerks. I am not sure if it is me or the guy. I am hoping its the guy. Im not too picky.Everyone has what they like right? I like tall guys. Prefer white or mixed guys. Like you to have a job and car at least. Not asking for a millionair or a BMW. Just at least have the basics. At least be able to hold a conversation on things besides sports and video games. Bonus points for being funny. Some one around my age would be nice. If you are younger please be mentaly mature. I know you are wondering what about me. I wouldnt ask of a guy what I dont feel that i have in myself. Hope to hear from you.

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Hi! My name is and I lead a double life. 9 to 5 I'm all seriousI work in the RE Industry.When i'm not on the clock I enjoy my time with special people doing everything and anything..On the more relaxed side I like to cook,go for walks,coffee and the Library.I enjoy going to parks, museums, zoos, seaquariums and more. I'm a big kid and love going to Disney,theme park's museums,fairs,exhibition's.At night I enjoy movies,dancing, concerts,music festivals, parties and more.I do enjoy the Lounge/bar and club scene,itís fun and a nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to live there. I'm very social, intellectual,experienced,creative, caring and I have quite a wild streak.I handle thing's rationally and logically . I love to meet people with the same attributes. I'm hoping to meet an extraordinary man, but finding a man that is into all the crazy stuff I like to do and with my schedule its hard. So that brings me here,I am open to meeting someone and CL is one way to do that.So, if I don't meet the man of my dreams and I only make some new friends with a handful of similar interests here, then I will consider this CL a success. Ultimately I'd like to meet a truly remarkable man.He would be spiritual, energetic and have a very simple outlook on life.Someone who understands it's not where you are it's who you're with. I am a Lady with a bit of tomboy,strong,determined, yet tender, sensitive and sensual.Not afraid to try something new or be adventurous. I find intelligence, creativity,honesty,character and values to be very sexy.I don't need financial support and I don't want to meet someone who does.Someone who enjoys going out but would be perfectly happy laying on the sofa in a blanket and watching a movie. Also I always try to keep other peoples feelings in mind as I go about my journey.So if you write me appropriately and I read your respose and do not feel we are a good fit, I will thank you and wish you the best on your search. Itís just common courtesy. Please do not write me back asking why or get all nasty about it. Just trust that itís for the best and keep lookingÖwith the right attitude you will find what youíre looking for... PS.. I AM 5'9 AND MUCH TALLER IN HEELS! I AM A SINGLE MOM! PLEASE REFRAIN FROM CONTACT IF YOU ARE MARRIED/SEPERATED,THANK YOU!

sleepless in s fla 45yr (Cleveland, 44143, OH , Greater Cleveland)
Warm affectionate lady seeks a warm hearted man for friendship & who knows. Someone to talk to & do things with. Losing weight & getting healthy is a priority to me. So if your also looking to lose weight Im looking for a walking partner, nights & weekends. I spend so much time taking care of other peoples needs I really need to work on my own. I can only be with someone who can laugh & smile on a daily basis. This is not an add for sex or booty calls, just a woman who can use a friend & also has a lot of love to give if the right man came along. I love to experiment in the kitchen making healthy low fat meals, so if your into cooking its always more fun to cook together! Come on, if your tired of sitting home alone & also need to get into shape lets put our sneakers on & motivate each other!

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Click and say Hi....I don't bite....much :) 27yr (Cleveland, Ohio , Greater Cleveland)
Hello All, I decided to, temporarily, jump on the CL band wagon and see what it has to offer. Although, I do admit to having some trepidation about attempting to find interesting people via the same venue that you buy used appliances and pets! I am, however, willing to give it a go. If nothing else it will give me some laughs and laughter is better then oxygen in my book! I guess a bit about me would be in order. I will skip all the obvious things such as camping/hiking.....and assume that my dwelling in Colorado makes that obvious. Let's see, things that I would probably need to have in common with someone for it to work...Love for music in all forms. I seem to run into a lot of people who claim to like all music except for rap and country. I would like to know what handbook these sheeple are getting this out of and how I can get a hold of it, so as to burn it! I will get off my soap box now. A foodie at heart. I love good food and think that chain resturaunts are the slow death of the art that is cooking. If you frequent places such as Chili's then we will probably not get along. I love to cook and will choose to do that over going out to eat more often then not. A dog enthusiast! I am a dog person all the way and sometimes enjoy them more than people. Those who have dogs or pets in general will automatically move to the front of the line. :) I happen to have an extremely spoiled 6 month old terrier mix that adores anything on two legs or four. Someone who is fairly touchy feely. I am a hugger and tend to touch those I know more then the average person. No I am not clingy nor do I ever see myself getting that way, just tactile in general! An individual with a highly developed and vast sense of humor. I love to laugh at anything from satire to fart jokes. Don't just laugh, belly roll if possible! Someone who is social. I like to go out and do things. I am all for staying in and vegging, on occasion but would much rather be out and active. A fellow Anglophile would probably be to much to ask for but I shall put it out there anyway. :) Hmmm, here are some things that bring me joy but are in no way required traits in someone else: seahorses, rain, dancing, kids, biking, soccer, people watching, popcorn, Blistex, tattoo's, reading and enjoying life in general. Oh, I guess I should say a bit about what I look like. I'm vertically challenged, currently have brown hair and blue eyes, average weight and slightly caustic attitude. I did not attach a photo for the simple reason of not wanting it plastered all over CL. I do have them available for those who respond. I will, however, just let you soak in the irony of the picture I did attach! I guess I will leave it at that, cast my net into the aether and see what it catches. Arrivederci, A Fellow Denverite

how about a nice date? 61yr (Cleveland, Ohio seeking an affair Greater Cleveland)
animal lover, kind and loving...... .can laugh at life and embrace whatever happens

For women who read this page 45yr (44120, Cleveland, Ohio)
I have met some of you and am surprised how little you actually know about male sexuality. Forget about ''walk on the beach'' or ''love going out to dinner'' , men need good sex. Take charge sometimes and know how to do it right.

Single White Female 36yr (44124, Cleveland, OH)
I am looking for one great guy to spend my spare time with. He doesn't have to be georgous or even good looking as long as he is clean and smells nice. I'd also prefer someone around my own age so that we have some stuff in common. He doesn't have to be smart either just able to carry a decent conversation. I'm not looking for a rich man but it would be nice if he had a job since I am emplyed 40 hours a week. This one good guy I'm looking for doesn't have to be a comedian but it would be great if we could laugh and have a good time together. If these are qualities you posess and are looking for that ''ONE GREAT GAL'' I can't wait to hear from seeking an affair

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Looking for my it you? 54yr (Cleveland, 44135 , Cuyahoga County)
I am looking for a single man between the ages of 45 to 55 years old. Someone who is interested in finding their happily ever after. Lets cut to the chase I have done the FWB ,not for me. I am looking for a man ,who is looking to be with ONE women, NO Players. NO casual sex, so move on if all seeking an affair want is sex. Even though I am a very sexual person, but I am a one man women looking for someone who is interested in a LTR. This person should enjoy getting out and enjoy your weekends in the sun. You should have a GOOD sense of humor. Be spontaneous and fun... I can be comfortable dressed to go to the theater or casual going for a hike, swap meet, street fairs and such. I am 5''3'' ,not thin but not obese, short blonde hair and big brown eyes....So I am not a model or a rocket scientist...but take a chance ,you might just be surprised.