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No drinking, smoking or drugs, someone REAL 21yr (45822, Celina, OH, Mercer County)
Yes, I live in Cincinnati, OH but its hard to find anyone like me, so I look elsewhere. If you're not ok with long distance then don't reply. I do have a car and if it goes well i will make the trip. I'm looking for someone intelligent and who is straight up and real with me no matter what, I've dealt with way to many fake people in my life i'd like to be done. I want honesty. If possible, I want someone who is straight edge. I do not drink , smoke, or do drugs. it would be nice to find someone i can relate with on that. Also I'm not a partier, i'm more of a stay at home/ hang out type of girl. I don't need to do drugs, drink, smoke or party to have fun. I have ADD, I'm amused with the small things in life and more :P. I love movies and i listen to most any genre of music except country, its annoying to me lol. I love metal, rnb, good rap, alt, indie, techno, rock, and more lol. I'm looking for someone who can make me laugh, its not hard at all lol. I like random sences of humor because I am quite random myself lol. I'm different from the average girl, I think differently and am way more mature. At the same time I can be pretty goofy. Tattoos, piercings and crazy hair colors are a plus. I have 7 piercings and will be getting tattoos in the near future. My hair is red/black/ and brown lol. I want to build a connection with someone, to just have someone to talk to on a regular basis, get to know each other and see where it goes. NOTHING FAST-if you're looking for fast then move on, find yourself a slut, i never did random hookups and im not about to start. if you're interested and put ''Milk was a bad choice'' in the subject line. And please send me a pic, i will send you one back in my reply.

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ISO An Artistic, Creative, Outgoing, Nerdy & Awesome Guy ) 26yr (Celina, 45822, OH )
I'm seeking a guy who is outgoing, easy going, enjoys life, creative in some way..whether it be musically or artsy, likes video games, movies , shows like family guy, ugly americans, squidbillies, archer, the office, scrubs etc, lives in SD, has a car and a job & preferably all his limbs and teeth lol. I typically go for tall caucasian men with dark hair & tattoos or the artsy, rocker look, the taller the better. I'm outgoing, spontaneous, enjoy the simple things from having dinner at home & watching a movie to goin out & havin drinks at a dive while listening to some random band . I'm average height & size. Got curves & a little extra but I'm not a bbw.Olive skin, dark hair & pillowy lips. Please respond with a pic, No pic, no reply.Pic for pic of course.Title email sub ''Squidbillies'' so that I know you're a real person & not a bot. Thanks for reading.

Looking for casual dating 28yr (Celina, Ohio )
Hey finally thinking that its time for me see what's dallas men are all about and see if the saying is true is everything in Texas is bigger so lol lil bit about myself my twenty eight with no children living in north dallas working as a sales floor manager and work as dental assistant part time and going to school for media arts so put casual dating in the subject box and a recent picture and we will go from there hope to see you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! race and age do dont matter open for anything yaay!!!!!!!!!!

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Harley's seem to call me (Celina, Ohio )
Im an attractive single white woman in my early 40s and would like to go for rides on harley in this beautiful weather please type weather in your subject line so i know ur real

I am human and I need to be loved. 20yr (45822, OH, Mercer County)
Am I a little awkward? Yes. A little goofy? YES. I'm a barista in the morning and a Film Student at night. I love animals, literature, writing, and my family That being said, basically I have straight pearly whites, glasses, reddish brown hair, blue eyes, and a little over 5'7. I'm not a health nut by any means, but I do consider myself healthy. I'm just pretty normal looking. For CL, I feel like this is a terrific feat. I'm probably that girl that makes your coffee for you every morning at the coffee shop around the corner that you look at and wouldn't think twice that I'd be posting an ad on craiglist. And do I need to be doing this? Probably not. I have a great life, and great people in my life. But why not? Currently and forever into: Radiohead, Boards of Canada,Modest Mouse, Arcade Fire, Dark Tranquility, Neutral Milk Hotel, Smashing Pumpkins,Coldplay, The Strokes, Dredg, Fleet Foxes, Incubus, James Taylor,Third Eye Blind, Joanna Newsom, Counting Crows. I'm a Pisces and an INFP. It's sort of weird because I'm quite the dreamer and yet I still have a tendency to be painfully realistic. I tend to be a bit of a recluse too, sometimes people can just be too much for me.I'm really low-key and sometimes I just feel really offbeat with people my age, in my generation. Ethics and morality are pretty important to me. I'm really into learning about religion, and while I don't practice any in particular, spirituality is pretty big in my book. I mean, it does shape our views upon the world we live in everyday, so to me, it's hard to imagine how someone could NOT think about these things. seeking an affair guess I'm sort of a cheeseball sometimes. I just can't help pulling to the side of the road and watching a sunset. Or having a nice existential chat with a friend over coffee. Basically the world amazes me. The world amazes me, people disappoint me. This is where you come in. I like someone that is well read and intelligent, but at the same time isn't a snob, and can still enjoy cinematic masterpieces such as Wayne's World and Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. I like someone that CAN MAKE ME LAUGH, but not in the ''Look at me I'm so ridiculously obnoxious and outrageous!'' way but in a subtle and completely endearing way. Tattoos are alright, if done tastefully. I have a relatively large backpiece so I hope you're cool with tattoos as well . I'm a pacifist, so, that'd be great if you weren't really into violence. I can't tolerate someone that harms animals, so if you're into hunting, stomping on bugs, running over critters, etc, then, sorry that's a deal breaker, I value ALL life. If that's weird to you then...neat. Click the backspace. I like an old fashioned guy, someone with manners and someone who is pretty low key. Someone that'd make breakfast with me at midnight and then fall asleep watching a Disney movie. Sleep in late and then lay around listening to old records all day. Then hit the road and go knick-knack shopping. The quirkier and goofier, the better. Good taste in music will get you brownie points. Please be in college or have graduated recently or at least have a full time job. *If you're into partying, regular alcohol/substance use/420 I am NOT for you. Physically what I like, is hard to say. It could go so many different ways. I have an undying nerd crush on Seth Rogen that won't go away. Totally not into the muscle-y guys, but you NEED to be relatively healthy and not be older than 25. Beards are fun. If you can play a bluegrass instrument and enjoy dressing as a gentlemen...hubba hubba. I already like you. At the same time, I don't want you to get the wrong idea. I'm not really ''looking for love'' or whatever. So don't expect that from me. I'm the type of person that values friendship, and organic relationships that sort of evolve on their own. So, to put it shortly, I'm just looking for a connection. Finding commonalities in others and creating bonds with friends to walk through this life with is awesome, and reassuring for someone like me that has a tendency to feel like an outcast. Haven't you ever wondered if it was possible that there could be someone out there that thinks and feels like you do? The realist in me says no, but there's still that dreamer in me that wonders. Don't bother replying unless you actually have something relevant to say. Hey, it's list, I'm allowed to be demanding and picky. Oh, and put your favorite band in the subject so I can weed out the Juggalos and Justin Bieber enthusiasts. Send a link to your facebook, or send a picture, and tell me a little about yourself If I think you're someone I'd be able to hold a conversation with, then I'll give you mine. All this being said, NO I am not looking to ''hook up'', NO I will not marry you. NO I do not want to see your junk. I just figured that maybe, amongst the hundreds of nameless, shirtless dudes that can't spell that I will surely receive responses from because of this, that JUST MAYBE that awesome 'wow, they totally get me moment' that I've been looking for will be in there somewhere. Maybe.

don't delay 36yr (45822, Celina, OH)
sexualy open

I'm going to try this again 44yr (45822, Celina, Ohio)
Ok, I do not go to bars as I do not drink, I'm into being healthy and active. I'm seeking an affair so I would like to find some one tall Upwards of 5'10. Is there any one out there with a sense of humor, humility, compassion and a sense of purpose. I don't care if your a biker , or a clean cut GQ guy. If all th above fits you then by all means give me a shout. If you could more than one line to give me a sense of your wit. If you send a pic I will send mine. Enjoy the evening, if your like me you will be watchin the Hawks. We're going to win this all the way baby.

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Tuesdays are always boring... 30yr (Celina, 45822 , Mercer County)
... Wanna talk about it? I'm seeking an affair senseless. Lol I'm real, and not looking for pervs, drugs, a marriage or a new bank account. =)