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artist looking for her match 38yr (44142, Brook Park, OH)
... looking for long term relationship, companionship, fun...I'm 5'6, long red hair , medium built, I like to travel, swimming, hiking, nature, museums, art... you should be tall, intelligent, have a sense of humor...don't cheat and sane and don't have heavy baggage.

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Looking for that special one. 26yr (Brook Park, 44142, OH , Greater Cleveland)
As the title says Im looking for that special one. Im NOT lookin for fwb, One night stand or anything sexual. PLEASE don't waste my time and message me thinking you can get me to meet for sex. I read many profiles on here and see what the person's Want's are and I do not go and message them if I don't meet the criteria so Can I please have the same respect. My interest are- Swimming, Bowling, Playing Pool, Playing Darts, Walking the trails, Arcades, Mini Golf and such. What Im Looking for is Someone who is WANTING a long term relationship. Who is willing to meet up and just hang out and see if our personalities match. I don't care if you have kids you must have a open mind to having kids of your own in the future and Not mind having a baby around that is not yours. Im attaching a Pic of my self It is Very Recent. Hopefully you can figure out the situation Im in by just looking at the pic. If Not and you are interested in chatting please message me. IN the Subject Line Put the Name of TOWN you live in and Also Please Send a Pic. If you don't show me a pic after me asking you two times Im just going to Delete you and Ignore further messages from you. I aint hiding who I am and If you have to hide who you are then I don't want to know you. Thanks.

Gabrielle Union looking for my John Cho 19yr (Brook Park, Ohio , Greater Cleveland)
Let's Flash Forward, haha. Cheesy, I know, but I couldn't resist. Yes, there is a show on tv called ''Flash Forward'', and Gabrielle Union and John Cho do play a couple on the show. They really do look beautiful together, her being black and him being Asian. It's nice to see a black and asian couple, particularly a black woman with an asian man! I have dated Asian men before, two Filipino and one Korean. I date men of all races, but at the moment, I'd love to get to know an asian guy again. About me. I'm 19, almost 20. I'm a college student at a school in Philly. I'm about 5'6, pretty face, long black hair, nice curves. I'm really friendly, intelligent, open-minded and nurturing. I've been told I'm funny, and I can be a little sarcastic at times, but never in an angry or bitter way. I'm not looking to hook up randomly, or friends with benefits. I want to take my time to get to know someone, and have it develop into something real. What am I looking for? I'm looking for someone well-groomed, in school or working, ambitious, goal-oriented. When it comes to look, if you look like John Cho, you win, haha! No seriously, I'm not too concerned with looks, but I do ask that you're at least 5'8, and a nice dresser. Respond with some information about yourself, and send me a pic, and I will send you one back. I'm sure you won't be disappointed...I've been told I have a smile like Gabrielle :) Hope to hear back soon!

It is important that you approach the married woman seeking an affair in the right way. She is looking for a casual, discreet encounter with someone who wants the same. >>

Hey there! 25yr (44142, Brook Park, Ohio)
Out tonight and saw so many attractive men. I was told over and over how gorgeous I am but so many of you men seem somehow intimidated by confident and interested/interesting woman. I'm looking for some serious fun and hoping that it leads to something much more. I'm not looking to sleep around. I'm looking for an intellectual and emotionally fulfilling connection. How's that sound? Let's have some fun! Your pic gets mine ;) Hope to hear from you soon.

Looking seeking an affair a TRUE MAN OF GOD! 31yr (Brook Park, 44142 , Cuyahoga County)
I'm a devout woman of God. Are you a mighty man of valor? Let's talk about our love for Christ!

prove me wrong 21yr (Brook Park, Ohio , Greater Cleveland)
Hello :) well where to begin... I'm a 21 yr old hispanic & italian female who is a full time student. I'm a busy girl so I suppose that is the reason to why I'm on here... I've been away from the dating scene for a while due to me being so caught up with my career, that I haven't taken any time out for ''me'' && when I have tried it, every guy seems to have a problem with how busy I get at times... so here I am hehehe About me: first & foremost lol I'm very frank about things. I'm not mean I just don't like lies or liars. Once you get to know me you'll soon see that I'm the sweetest person you'll ever meet. I'm not materialistic, although I love nice things! :) I work hard for what I have therefore I feel that I should flaunt it [[not bragg]]. With that said I'm not a gold digger... I don't do drugs or smoke... && only drink socially every now && then... I try to work out regularly, but I'm not barbie. I'm a size 7-8 and I'm 5'2 so maybe that will give you an idea of how I look. I'm not a fighter I'm a lover... hopeless romantic to be more precise lol family means the world to me [[hope you feel the same too]]. I have no kids && I'm not looking for a marriage [[or kidds]] anytime soon. I'm not the jealous type, unless you give me a reason to be. What I look for in you: I want a hispanic male preferably between the ages of 21-26, nothing against any other race its just a prefrence at the moment [[take it how you want]]. I'd like someone who does not do drugs or smokes. [[social drinking is ok]] I want a ''man'' who knows where he's going and what he wants out of life. I want someone who can handel the truth && be vry honest with me about anything && everything. I'm easily distracted by things at time so if you can entertain me then that's a plus ;). I tend to take care of myself pretty well, && although ''looks'' arnt everything, they are very important. I lk it when you care about yourself && the way you are percived. I want someone who is romantic bc I've never had that && would lk to know that feeling.... So that's a little bit about what I'm on here for... if you're interested send me an email.... take the time to get to know me && I swear you won't be dissapointed :) [[not looking for ''sex'' so if that's what you want don't even waste your time replying]] oh yes... Your picture will get mine! [[Bunch of wierdos on here so I have to limit my info]]

Any creative artist's or photographer out there. 21yr seeking an affair OH, Cuyahoga County)
Can I be your muse?... I love photographers and love taking new pics. I'm in need of new pics too, non nude lol Looking for someone to shoot with this weekend on some sort of barter or I'll buy food and drinks or pay you...

Remember, a married woman seeking an affair is out to fulfil her needs and not yours. If you can live that then have fun! >>

All my teeth, Educated, Pretty & Available 51yr (44142, Brook Park, OH, Cuyahoga County)
This shouldn't be difficult, but it is! I live a little further out west, but don't mind sharing travel time. Contrary to popular belief, we have dentists, and running water, and even working in-home seeking an affair out here. We have educated women in professional positions who love life, have a sense of humor and are pretty ! What we don't have is mature, professional men who are fun-loving, culturally aware, single, and available. Come on. Step out of the box. It'll be well worth every letter you type. Be prepare to share a recent picture just as soon as I tell you ''I'm Real'' Please know before answering that I'm only interested in mature men my age or older, with all of their teeth or a professionally done substitution !