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when will it be my turn? 23yr (28112, Monroe, NC, Union County)
First Off:: I'm not going to be that chicken head gurl all of you guys are looking for. I'm going to be extremely frank. I am NOT lookin for ANY kind of sexual action. No one night stands, nsa and all that. No way. Move on to the next one. Second, drugs are a real retarded way to trash your potential. This includes cigs. I dont understand why invest your cold hard cash into things temp and unhealty? I'll tell you time you feel the need to light your money on fire, hit me up and i can go bloe it for u on a new purse. Deal? lol iight. So either you're turned off or impressed by now. Dont even take the time to tell me im shallow or conceited. I'm doing both of us a favor by being up-front-im not going to waste time or kid games. And plus, if I were to find out you did drugs, im likely to be dat girl to report it. :) Have a nice day! If it turns out you are one of the few who agrees with the above, cool beans!! Then our new friendship is starting right I'm looking for friends first first, of course. Not married, no kids, no drama. I love music: Not all i dont really like hip hop or country.. I'm more alt/rock/indie/sometimes pop. A few faves: U2, DMB, Matchbox20, The Starting Line, Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Queen, a bunch of local stuff, Red Hot Chili Peppers... you get the gist. I am SO down with watchin movies at the crib rahter than going out to the movies. It's kind of expensive, especially if if u arent sure about the movie you're going to watch. Plus, those theatre arm rest make it kinda difficult to be close! :P I am old fashioned in a lot of ways, but I live in the real world and I certainly aint perfect. I can make and take a joke and sometimes I even show my ankles or my elbows! lol anyhoo, I'll close this up. I'm looking for friends first, like I said, but ultimately, someone caring, corny, humble, goofy, intellectual, independent and spontaneous. And if I could be picky, I'd say no piercings and no tattoos. Im not really attracted to smaller guys just because I'm little. Muscular/chubby/fillintheblank is wat i want. Yeah yeah, and white guys too. Just stating my preference. Does all that sound like a laundry list? lol i forgot to mention the application process !!!

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message it up!! :) 18yr (28112, NC, Union County)
Heyy, my name is Amanda! I'm 18 years old and I live in Chicago.. Some things about me: -i have long black hair. -i have bluish gray eyes. -i play and coach basketball. -i'm pretty religious :) -i love my music , but some others too! -i have a good sense of humor. -i'm pretty sarcastic, but in a funny way. -i'm 5'8 1/2'' !! -i love to cuddle and just hang out. I have been going through a lot lately so dealing with stress by myself pretty much sucks. I'm hoping to find someone who is NOT insane and won't be totally obsessive to the point where I get irritated . I am fun to be around once you get to know me, so I want to try and find the person who can have fun right with me. :) What I look for: -good personality. -good sense of humor. -somewhat attractive. -around the ages of 18-23..? haha -if you don't drink or smoke, thats also a plus, but not horrible if you do. maybe smoking is lol, but still! :) -athletic -if you play guitar and/or sing, thats a plus too!! -good music taste! I'm looking for new people to talk to and just seeing what happens. I'm totally not into moving fast thing with the whole 'marriage' talk after we first meet or the awkward 'I love you' when you do NOT feel that way back AT all after the first just saying! I want to find someone who is willing to get to know me. But hey, message me and get to know me, let's see what comes out of it! :) Type in the subject: Phil Wickham! This could be fun! haha byeee!!

Motorcycle Rides This Summer? (Monroe, North Carolina , Metrolina/Charlotte Metro)
Looking for a like-minded guy interested in getting together for longer motorcycle rides/trips this summer . I'm 47, in shape, outgoing, love to smile. Would like to meet someone with a positive outlook, safe riding habits, who enjoys exploring New England and further afield. I ride a Yamaha FZ-6 but don't care what you ride as long as you enjoy getting out on the road!

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LTR minded seeking the same 35yr (Monroe, 28110 , Union County)
A little about me, I am a single mom, so you must love kids. I am 5'6 dark brn hair and a BBW if you know dress sizes. Looking for a very nice guy who kind of has the same schedule as i do so we could spend time together. I work swings. I am a night owl. You must have a job, be single, and have your own place. I like movies, going out for a drink once in a while, maybe playing a game of pool, or just staying home watch a DVD and cuddling. I love getting out of town on my days off, like going to Cali for a day at the beach. If you reply with a pic Id be happy to do the same. You first this is my add LOL. Love to hear from you

I am the one 37yr (28110, Monroe, NC)
I am a SWF, 37, 5'5'', green eyes, long medium brown hair . I am looking for a gentleman, someone who loves his family and that isn't afraid to hold my hand. He will like to kiss and touch, and not with just an end result in mind. I own my own home and car. I have a job. I do not have kids but love them. I am fun; energetic, happy go lucky, and adventurous. I want to be cherished by someone. I want to dream about you, and give me reasons to do so... I want to touch and caress, and watch the sun rise and set... Please send a picture. Do you have a web cam? Do you have yahoo im? If so, send me your im address if you are interested and I will call you. I want someone who can make me laugh. Possess the ability to genuinely care about another in a long term relationship and enjoy life to the fullest. Confident not arrogant. Love to get lost in conversation with someone else and forget the rest of the world around us for a time. Will turn off the TV when I walk past in my underwear or birthday suit. Will play with my dogs not to impress me, but because you like them. Have a caring heart and a compassionate soul. Believe there is more to being sexy than just putting on Victoria’s Secret. Understand that the greatest gift I will ever give you is myself and vice versa. Try to catch a peek while watching me dress through the bedroom door I left open just a few inches. Won’t lie if I ask what you think just to keep me quiet. Will lose control of your senses each time I wear a short skirt and stilettos. Understand that cuddling and snuggling can be more fulfilling than having sex but not opposed to it. Have a fun loving personality and love, love, love to flirt! Love kissing and not just on the lips and maybe a little lingering in between. A man who understands that what makes a women feel the most girlish; the most aroused with desire is to feel the strength of your love and your man ness. Is someone who believes that friendship and mutual respect is the foundation for a loving relationship. Recognize the ''special moments'' in seeking an affair and savor each one. Thinks watching me sleep is erotic. Would love to pull up my skirt and caress my bottom. Maybe a loving spank? Don't care too much about sports, but don't mind if you do. Have social boundaries, tact and class.

Friends First, Curvy looking for Sturdy - SWF 43yr (Monroe, 28112, NC , Metrolina/Charlotte Metro)
This is my second ad and although I met some great people and some not so great people I have not found that certain “click”. The motivation behind posting this ad is to find someone I can be friends with FIRST and then move into a serious relationship. I don’t want to be all up in your grill. You can have your space and I can have mine. Please contact me if you are/have the following traits: You must between the ages of 35 and 47, self-assured, easy going, know how to be a friend, of African decent , like reggae music , like martial arts movies, get subtle word play, enjoy reading and the beach.... then PLEASE link me. Please do NOT contact me if you are/have the following traits: Not of African decent , have a drama filled life, have a wife or girlfriend “that just doesn’t understand you”, want to bed me without knowing my last name, want to send me pictures of your private male parts , continue to call me or send me perverted emails when I have told you “no thanks” politely….. then please DO NOT REPLY. If you are looking for a grown, emotionally secure woman who is self-assured, funny, sexy thick, a little on the soft side, a Heinz 57 ethnic background naturally cute , happy, a fairly good cook, a damn good baker, good home training, well-read, likes to travel, open to new experiences, that loves to swim, hike, walk, loves the beach, likes to cuddle and will call a spade a spade, plus so much more, then PLEASE link me. If you link me, please be ready to provide the following information, even better if you do so in your first email. Tells me you’re serious and were paying attention. Your real name Your age What city/general area in which you live. What you are looking for in a friend and life partner. Finally, if you send me a picture of you I will send you a picture of me. I am a private person so putting my face on CL is not something I’m comfortable with. Thank you for your time. Kind regards

Looking for a LTR with SVS 28yr (28110, Monroe, North Carolina)
Okay first and foremost let me start off by saying I am a giant smart ass, and I love it. I even have my favorite shit that says I went to smart ass university. Secondly SVS means someone very special, yes I'm trying to be cute. I love to laugh and make other laugh and for the most part don't take like very seriously unless i have to. So this year has really sucked for me and I feel it is a total loss so there for I'm just going to laugh my way through and look forward to next,which will be amazing. So I'm a fat little thing, yeah i know not nice to say about yourself, but your not supposed to lie to yourself either. But anyways I'm on my way to loosing at least 150lbs. I would love to run in the Colfax marathon next year. I have a lot of to do's on my list before I turn 30. Meeting a nice man and settling down is one of them. The pic I have seeking an affair was taken on my birthday 5/17 and boy do i ever look thrilled. I hate birthday and holidays. It's just me but those are my grouchy day. I am currently unemployed but get SSI to pay the bills and to have a little fun money. No I am not a mooch by any means just have horrible genes in my family,but the horrible genes skip generations so my kids will be perfect. Yes kids are for sure something I want but that's not important right now. First things first I need to find a man who is a total smart ass so he'll fit in with the family I am normally not this high strung but I had coffee today so I am a wee bit hyper. But every guy likes a women with energy right? I have two 7 month old kittens and I only sleep when they allow it, so I usually don't sleep much. I drink a few times a year, don't smoke and am D/D free. I love to have a good time even though I spend most of my time inside by the tv, or on the computer. I would love to be out running everyday but don't live in a neighborhood where I can do that,unless I'm running from someone. I like to type and text and can talk for hours about nothing at all. I am very liberal,I am spiritual and I am a Taurus and can be quite bull headed. But that's enough about me lets talk about you for awhile. Please if you send a message put HOT in the subject line so i know you're real. Take care all Hugs&Kisses xoxoxoxoxo

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Looking for assistance (Monroe, North Carolina , Metrolina/Charlotte Metro)
I am in a financial bind and looking for assistance so I can pay my rent. Who can help me out, will be willing to offer clean services for seeking an affair assistance.