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re: Two lovely ladies for dinner - 25 (28016, Bessemer City, NC)
Original post: Two lovely ladies looking for a double date style meet up for our bdays next saturday you provide the dinner, we provide the entertainment we are full of laughs, laughter, good looking, intelligent young ladies you are: willing to take us out somewhere nice next saturday you won't be disappointed pic for pic/s! in your subject put what restaurant you want to go to! Translation: We really don't care who you are or anything about you so long as you can meet our need for attention and gifts and other monetary compensation . We're real cute - all my girlfriends think so, and boys always buy us stuff, so we MUST be hot and that's all that matters. We don't have a thought of our own or an ounce of originality to us. We have no brain. We've never helped anyone in our lives. Not to mention we don't care one iota about anyone except ourselves. Like I said, we're hot and that's all that matters. And don't tell her I said this but she and I actually hate each other. We pretend to tolerate each other to make it look like we actually have ''friends'' which certainly we don't. Anyway, back to our date on Saturday night. Just in case you had any delusions, let me make clear that ''buy us dinner at somewhere nice'' means only that. Don't let the evening last too long. Just buy us an expensive dinner, present us with our required gifts and go away. We have to go dancing at Excalibur. The most you might get from us is a ''thanks'' text message a few days later. That's if you spend enough money on us. We MIGHT let you see us again and buy us even more expensive stuff IF you make a good first impression. And that's a big ''if.'' But we think this is a fair trade. Like I said, we're really hot and you get to be seen with us for a couple of hours. That is more than enough of a return on your investment.

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Sick of Games 25yr (28016, Bessemer City, North Carolina)
I've posted ads on list with varying rates of success in the past. I've met a few really cool guys who weren't necessarily the right person for me, but the vast majority of guys just seem to want to play games and aren't really looking for a relationship--which would be one thing, but they don't even seem to want to meet in person either. What is up with that? So my main requirement is that you are a real guy, who is interested in a real relationship. And please no smokers! Other than that, I am really not terribly picky. I find half the fun of dating is in getting to know about different people's interests, and in the past I've been attracted to a wide range of guys. The reason I've turned to list at all is that I don't really do the bar scene . I am far from a teetotaler, but my wild days from college are long gone. The main problem is that none of my friends are even social drinkers. I am also pretty shy, and actually have a hard time telling when people are interested in me. I think one of the most unique things about me, though, is that as soon as I feel comfortable with someone, I am such an open book, maybe even too open. I give honesty and I expect honesty in return, which isn't always a realistic expectation. So why should you be interested in me? Well, I am funny , intelligent, sensitive, and absolutely not high maintenance. I think I have a realistic expectation of what a healthy relationship should look like--ie, you will not be required to read my mind. Physically, I am probably what some would consider a BBW--I like to think of myself as voluptuous, though. Sure, I'm not model thin, but what models wear a 40DD bra? I get my coloring from the Italian side of my family--dark brown hair, equally dark brown eyes, and lightly olive toned skin. I'm interested in a lot of things, but one of my biggest loves is film, especially foreign ones. Hollywood movies can be so predictable, which is of course fun sometimes, but I love when I leave the theater and am still going over what happened in my mind. There is nothing I enjoy more than going to a modern or contemporary art exhibition . Well, I hope you made it this far down! I don't want to sound demanding, but if you are interested , and you decide to write me an e-mail, I expect a decent response. ''Hey, I'm bored, let's hook up'' just doesn't cut it. I don't need a novel, but I do need to know at least enough about you to be curious about meeting you. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!, charming, this you? 45yr (Bessemer City, North Carolina , Metrolina/Charlotte Metro)
Are you social? Funny? Romantic? Intelligent? Maybe you're the one! I enjoy the local sports teams, spending time in a book store, drinking a martini on a Saturday night, going out with friends, or making dinner and watching a movie. I'm hoping to meet someone close to my age or in the 38-48 range. Since I live on the south shore, it would be great if you were in Boston or points south. Are you willing to meet for a drink instead of a lot of emails or phone calls? I'm not sure if list is where I'll find my soulmate, but who knows who is out there perusing the ads! Maybe we'll find each other. I have no problem sending a picture, and would love it if you attached one when you reply. Physical attraction isn't everything, but it's a start! Maybe we could start with the answers to these questions: Would you rather be in Vegas, Disney, or Bermuda? and why? Sox, Celts, Pats, or Bruins...which game would you go to? If you could go camping in New Hampshire, or spend time on Cape Cod...which would you rather? When meeting at a book store, which section would I find you in? Your turn!

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Last day off the long weekend 27yr (Bessemer City, North Carolina , Metrolina/Charlotte Metro)
Looking for someone real down to earth and outgoing,I am real and if u want to know about me then hit me up for someone reason someone keep flagging my post on here so ur pic gets mine

Are you hiring ? 45yr (Bessemer City, 28016, NC , Metrolina/Charlotte Metro)
I am looking for a man who can provide me with two things. I don't think I need to explain. I am a talented woman with a lot of seeking an affair and creative talents. They just need to be revived. The job of raising a family is complete. I am ready to go to work for you. You are probably asking why would I post here. Well, prior experience tells me this is exactly where all the men are during the day anyway. I have a very good resume and the moxie to back it all up. If you are a serious contender, with the ability to fulfill more than just my lust for passion, then we need to talk. I am passionate about what I do. That is probably my greatest quality, and a real asset for your company too. We can decided where the line is drawn. But, I think you'll like what I have to offer.

Pretty Woman In Broward... 30yr (28016, Bessemer City, NC, Gaston County)
I'm seeking a sexy, intelligent, educated man who knows how to properly court a woman. I love to laugh, I can take it and dish it out, and I can keep up with - and quite possibly one-up - your sarcastic asides. I am a bit of a dick, but in a sweet way. If you can keep me entertained, you will be in the company of an intelligent, funny, pretty, sexy, petite, exotic, maturely immature, non-psychotic/non-clingy woman who just may become one of your better friends, and possibly something more... THIS ISN'T SPAM. I AM REAL. PLEASE INCLUDE A PIC WITH YOUR RESPONSE.

Professional young woman looking 20yr (28016, NC, Gaston County)
Professional, young, smart, beautiful and funny woman. This is rather embarrassing to post an ad. I assure you I am not ugly nor am I fat. I would prefer the company of an older, mature, respectable and professional gentleman. Pictures seeking an affair available. Thank you for reading.

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redhead looking for fun 29yr (Bessemer City, 28016 , Gaston County)
i just moved to the city for school and am looking to seeking an affair new guys and have some fun, open to pretty much anything 5'4, natural red head, blue eyes athletic build. email me with pix and i will do the same want to be sure your not a bot or anything. H