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hiii! 18yr (Arden, North Carolina )
Hey everyone! I'm an 18 year old female looking for a male between the ages of 18 - 21! Things to know about me are that I like to eat at fun restaraunts like the rainforest cafe. I also love going to the Disney store from time to time, i believe I am a long lost disney princess. I'd love to be treated like a princess, and I currently want a long lasting relationship with a guy who will buy me tons of things. I also like vacations. I also like to watch pokemon and collect the trading cards. I really enjoy guys who play video games and have an interest in pokemon yellow version! Reply asap if you want to chat!

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Black Female seeking GOOD MAN 100yr (Arden, 28704, NC )
I am seeking a great man. I want someone that loves great times, I do not want somone that wants to get serious too fast, I think people need to get to get to know each other. I do not want a smoker, drinker, or a druggie. I want somone to be atleast 55 year of age or older. I do not want to play games. Your picture gets mine. Have a Great Day

looking for a travel companion? 48yr (28704, Arden, North Carolina)
about me:5'7, shapely, auburn long thick wavy hair, witty, fun and dependable. Jewish, non religious. about you: tall, handsome, caring, sharing, young at heart, true and capable to serve and protect. ha! SO MUCH BETTER TO TRAVEL IN PAIRS. I LOVE TO SIGHT SEE. i enjoyed Mazatlan in December and Ixtapa in January. I also love to explore around Los Angles. I love to eat healthy and I really enjoy ethnic food, farmers markets, pets, dancing, sunny days, honesty and kindness. your picture gets mine.

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To cook with veggies from my garden... 29yr (28704, Arden, NC, Buncombe County)
I was told to post an ad on cl and it peaked my curiousity. I am looking for someone who is generally outgoing & active but who appreciates a regular dose of quiet & relaxation. I have a wide variety of interests. I like to play sports, watch sports, go to the ballet, symphony, museum, plays, concerts, hiking, fishing, etc. I have people tell me that I am every woman because I am undefined in my interests. I also love to go boating, fishing and ride on Harley?s. Someday I would like to have my own custom Harley. I have so many interests it is hard to write them all down! I have traveled many places internationally. I backpacked through Europe and saw a Wimbledon match, tried to run with the bulls in Pamplona and lived in Africa for 3 months. I love to dress up and I am most comfortable in a sexy dress and heels but I also wear hiking boots, jeans and work out clothes. My nickname at work is Smiley because I am always smiling. S-M-I-L-E! Looking forward to meeting you... whoever you are.

In Search...... seeking an affair (28704, NC, Buncombe County)
Just a normal woman looking for a normal man. I'm convinced he doesn't exist, yet I'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised. I am a fantastic single mom of one child. I can sometimes be a little bit of a smartass, and I'm comfortable in my skin. Iím 5í6 long auburn hair and green eyes. My physical appearance is very important to me and I work out 3-5 days a week. I donít smoke and do drink occasionally. I believe a relationship is about being independent, yet looking forward to embracing part of your partner. When I look in the mirror, I see someone who is honest, generous, silly, talkative, creative, kind gal. When you look in the mirror...what do you see???

Recently Single and Looking for 'HIM' 23yr (Arden, North Carolina )
As it says, I'm newly single and am looking for my Mr. Right. I'm young, I know, but I'm an 'older soul' type person. I had the greatest relationship of my life not too long ago and unfortunately it had to end. I'm looking for that same connection, if not better. I want a man that will love and stand by me no matter what, through thick and thin, everyday forever. I know that this takes time, but I believe that it's relatively easy to determine whether or not you have a connection that makes the potential relationship worth persuing almost right away. That being said, I am 5'3 and 130 with long dark hair, light skin, and a few tattoos. I am very intelligent , have a strong sarcastic side to me, have a great sense of humor, and am a slight girly girl...meaning I like to look like a bombshell but I'm definitely not opposed to rolling up my sleaves and getting dirt under my nails or have a beer with the guys. I also smoke, only Camels, nothing illicit, and I like to socially drink. I don't do drugs and don't really know anyone that does, would like to keep it that way. I'm also very caring, have a close circle of friends, am loyal and honest. I'm looking for an honest, caring, loyal man. But I'm not going to lie, I definitely need to have a physical attraction to this man as well. I tend to like men that are tall and have dark hair with broad shoulders and not a lot of 'chub' to them. I also want to find one with a sense of humor and dorky side who also has the ability to carry on an intelligent converation with me. Education is sexy to me. So are tattoos, I love them. All of mine are hidden, but I don't mind one bit if yours are visible. In the future, I'd like to be able to have the type of relationship where we can sit and talk about random things and finish each others sentences and be able to just know what the other is thinking or feeling without even saying a word. I could go on and on...but this is the gist of it. I'm looking for my other half in the world. Age isn't a huge deal to me, but please be reasonable. I know a lot of people that cruise CL so I am not going to post my pic, call me shy. But please reply with one, it may seem rude, but I need to see who is trying to communicate with me. It's similar to being hit on in a public place, you want to be able to see the person...hope that makes sense. Good luck to all, hope we all find who we're looking for.

bet (Arden, 28704 , Buncombe County)
i'm a *guy* yanks fan putting up this post to make good on a bet to a sox fan. the wager was i had to put up a post for a little while offering to a sox fan that responds to bow down in my yanks hat, say how bad the yankees suck, eat dog food, seeking an affair lick their sneakers. thassit.

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Frenchie looking for romance 29yr (28704, Arden, NC)
Romance, Fun, Passion And Love... It's been difficult in NYC. I am a happy French woman, 29yo, 5'9, atheletic build, independant and a profesional modern dancer. I love to explore new things as much as I enjoy a cozy evening at home. I live in the moment to feel every minute of my life therefore I create my own luck. That's one of the reason I'm on CL... Everyday, I am thankful, happy, free, altruistic, passionate, silly, surprised, alive, unique and beautiful but I don't seeking an affair enough. lol I am giving CL a try because I've nothing to lose but everything to win. :) I'd like to meet someone caring and honest to build something meaningful together, someone that I can have a serious or a not serious conversation, walking toward the same direction in life with the same values. I am a good catch but, unfortunatley I don't meet a lot of new people. Let's meet and go from there? I'm not the kinda girl that is expecting a free diner. I am just more confortable talking in person that on the phone. Tell me a little about yourself along with a pic and I'll send more pic of me. Look forward to hearing from you.