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Keepin it simple 32yr (27006, Advance, NC, Davie County)
I am going to keep this simple. I am 32, white, 5'9, 132 lbs, long dark hair and full of life. I have no problems finding a date but I work a lot and dont get out much. I am looking for quality and that takes time. I put me first, then my job and then my family. I am very independent and you should be too. I go to the gym 5-6 days a week. I like my personal time with my family and friends and my alone time, and you should too. I am not the type to have to call you everyday or have you call me everyday or see eachother every day. Every one needs their ''me'' time. If you are the jealous and controlling type, then I am not your girl. If you try to impress me with what you have or what materialistic things you have, then I am NOT your girl. I like confidence not cockiness. I really dont have a type but I will not date anyone younger than me. So if you can be up front and honest and be your self, then hit me up and leave a pic. Yes, attraction is based on personality too, but you have to physically be attracted to someone too.

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Tired of games, looking for a REAL man 25yr (27006, NC, Davie County)
First the short specifics for those of you who might not want a long, here's the cliff notes of what I'm looking for: -Please be between the ages of 21 and 35. I want someone who is at least old enough to buy me a drink, prefer someone a bit older than me , but as long as you fall in this age range, it doesn't really matter. -If you write and ask ''are you real?'' I won't even respond. Yes, I'm real. Don't ask dumb questions, don't ask just for sex, and don't ask just for my pic without telling me anything about yourself. If you're really interested, you'll tell me a little bit about yourself. If you don't know what to tell me, start with the basics- age, name, your hobbies, anything interesting about you, etc. and go from there. For those that still need a little help or just want to show their creative side, you can answer the question ''if you could take me anywhere for a day and show me anything, anywhere in New England, where would we go and what would we do?'' -Don't pretend to be someone or something you're not. Don't pretend life's great when it isn't, but don't be all gloomy about it either I guess... I'm looking for someone who will admit to and talk about the real things in life... we all have hardships, stressors, and our own baggage we come with. I certainly have mine and will openly disclose a few things at the beginning of a potential relationship, you don't have to do the same, but if you can't talk to your partner about those things, who CAN you talk to ? Problems don't scare me away- people who have problems but won't face them or admit to them scares me away. -I want you to have your own hobbies since I have mine, and we should do things separately every day, but also spend time together when we can... I want you to be okay with me having a night with the girls, or even other friends I have that are guys , I don't care if you hang out with the guys or other girls- jealousy isn't good in a relationship, and time apart is, and trust is. There may be some things I do and don't invite you to, but if that's the case there's usually a good reason as to why I'm not inviting you, and I'll openly talk about that. -I'm very blunt... so you need to be able to handle that. I don't do the whole passive agressive drama BS. If I have a problem, I lay it on the table. Hopefully you'll take on the same attitude and we can approach each other with concerns in a caring and calm manner to work things out. -Looks aren't important, but I do like to do a lot of physical activity so be up for at least some of that- you don't have to become my new running partner and go running with me every morning or anything like that, you don't have to be in great shape athletically/physically but just be up for doing some outdoor exploring/easy hiking/trips to the beach at least. If you're up for more, even better. Your pic gets mine -There are a few things you MUST be okay with... you MUST be okay with me having tattoos- they are all tasteful, but they are there. You must be okay with dogs. And I'm not going to say you can't watch your favorite tv show, but when it's on and I'm needing to have emergency surgery and you won't come because your favorite show is on and you want to watch it now even though you have TiVo, that is pretty lame... so the must here is MUST know how to set priorities and goals, I mean if you really had something going on I wouldn't expect you to be there, but if you won't come visit me in the hospital because of television shows, then that's a pretty jerk thing to do. Okay, a little bit more about me, and I can send pic for a pic and give you more detail via email.... I'm 25, athletic, fairly new to Boston. I love movies, plays, seeing new places, riding horses, riding motorcycles , love animals, love the celts, love outdoor activities. I am a big kid at heart, swinging on swings in parks is still fun, jumping in puddles in the rain can be relaxing, and board games are awesome. I'd love someone that I could meet up with, maybe we could even just start as just friends and worse case scenario I have a new friend... meet for coffee or whatever or meet up to do something fun... or we could take it a bit faster and see how it turns out, I'm open to both, though believe the best relationships are built on really getting to know the person and be friends with the person as you move along. I am the type of person that would love to have a serious LTR but am in no rush, since I am perfectly content with who I am and being by myself too- I believe you have to be able to love yourself before you can love others, and be content with yourself and know how to bring joy into your life before you can bring joy into others... But at the same time, life is a lot more fun when you have someone to share it with!!

MY IDEAL - SWM -TALL, SMART, HILARIOUS, SUCCESSFUL, FUN 30-48 38yr (Advance, 27006, NC )
I was thinking tonight of the type of guy I would love to spend time with. So I thought, well let's post it and see if he is out there or atleast someone close!! My ideal guy would be: SWM 6FT 2+ 200LB+ HILARIOUS EDUCATED SUCCESSFUL SMART OUTGOING CITY DWELLER OR CLOSE SUBURBS OPENMINDED AGGRESSIVE NON-JUDGMENTAL NAUGHTY POSITIVE NOT LOOKING FOR A ONE NIGHT STAND, OR AN FWB Wants to date and have fun, but not necessarily looking for a serious relationship LOVER OF THIS TYPE OF WOMAN: CURVY/THICK WOMEN BOOBS HOURGLASS FIGURES AMBITIOUS CAREER DRIVEN AGGRESSIVE AND SUBMISSIVE OPEN-MINDED SEXY GIRLIE PLAYFUL OUTGOING SARCASTIC WITTY VERY NAUGHTY! POSITIVE If this seems like you I would love to chat and see if we click!! Put ''ideal'' in the subject line. Give me your ideal of what you want, stats and pic now or later.

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Pretty Asian girl 21yr (27006, Advance, North Carolina)
I am seeking a serious older Asian man without an ounce of weakness. I'm an incompetant and dangerously depressed female on the inside but a youthful and attractive girl on the outside. I do not wish to die, even though I know no matter how much doctors will tell me life is worth living I deserve to be gone. I know this is disgusting and I have a heart no different from a wrinkly old beggar on the street. That's why I'm so scared of him. I stay at this nice house my family provides for me and all it does is make me want to run away. You understand that right? If someone real came into my life for good to tell me that I do everything wrong, instead of it being my own voice inside my head I would be so grateful to the point it makes people dizzy. Everyone but you. You will understand that my love is only that and nothing else. I am extremely shy and serious. Since I was fourteen the corners of my mouth probably didn't reach past three quarters of an inch. I'm also very tall and addicted to coffee and tea...I have good looks to the point where I attract many stares in public.

Attractive BBW Seeking Male 35-55 43yr (27006, Advance, NC)
Hello, a little about me...I'm a 43 year old attractive Hispanic BBW. I am 5'3'', have dark brown hair and brown eyes. I do have pics available. If you respond with a pic, I will respond in turn. I do drink socially a couple of times a week and don't smoke or do drugs. I do not have any children. I do have dogs. Personality. Hard-working, responsible, and mature degreed professional. I'd say I have two sides because at my job I try to maintain a certain level of professionalism. ''Work hard, play hard.'' At home, I am fun-loving and active. I have a good sense of humor, nice unless provoked otherwise, a good friend, honest, straightforward, and considerate. I can also be very passionate and romantic. seeking an affair I enjoy doing: I enjoy cooking , reading, playing on the computer, card-making , renting movies, and listening to music. I also enjoy hanging out the beach, fishing, and boating. I also enjoy having people over for dinner parties or just a good old cookout. I also make a mean margarita with my own special recipe. I have eclectic tastes in music ranging from pop, hip-hop, rock, disco, new-wave, classic rock, heavy metal, oldies, r&b, old pop, etc. I also enjoy going out, playing pool, and singing karaoke . I recently joined a gym and enjoy working out. I have also just joined an informal volleyball group but haven't had time yet to go downtown to play! I am seeking a person that I connect with intellectually and have chemistry with to begin a friendship that could possibly lead to more. I am seeking a mature minded male between 35-55 years, race unimportant. I am looking for someone that is intelligent, honest, and straightforward and that I have something in common with. If you are so inclined, please contact me. If you send a pic, I will send you mine back. I look forward to hearing from you.

Kat seeks Dog? (Advance, 27006 , Davie County)
I am a black ''kat'' that seeks white or spanish dog. If you are 45-50 years old single/divorce live in brooklyn give me ''woof'' and I will ''purrrr'' back to you. Send a pic. Meow for now.

Any nice Asian?? 24yr (Advance, North Carolina )
I am pretty asian looking for long term relationship with asian guy. I am living in Irving and working professional. If you interested, please send your pic and brief description of youself. No pics no reply!! Serious!!! Please no white, black, latino, Indian.. Sorry seeking an affair be in your 20s and single. we'll chat more once you email me. tell me what kind of woman you like

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Ready for octomber so i can watch melo!!! - w4m 36yr (Advance, North Carolina )
I love basketball, and carmelo anthony! lol...i don't love him, just the way he looks! and plays of course! can you be my carmelo? hopefully someone will say yes! lol! really though, i'm looking for the same thing you are honey, a means to get off! So...we may as well do it together! lol...anyways, if you are near adams city, I can come to you, if not, you may have to come seeking an affair me, depending on how far!