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Anyone like bitchy girls? Are you submissive? ) 24yr (Tonawanda, New York )
Do you like bitchy girls who tell you what to do and how to do it? I am a 24 year old girl who can be sweet, but can also be bitchy and dominant. :) I enjoy dates, gifts, animals, submissive men, surprises, and men. ;) Send me a pic... age doesn't matter.

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Secrets of Meeting and attracting Women (14150, NY, Erie County)
The title says it all, doesn't it? From my experience, MOST MEN these days have a IRRATIONAL fear of approaching women. And the more attractive the women the more nervous you tend to get. Societal programming from your parents, teachers, the education system, the media has led to a generation of men who are weak and insecure when it comes to interacting with the opposite sex. Here's the Kicker: Our perplexed group of people aka Society often is livid on confident men because it is often mistaken for aggression. Confidence has two components: well being and courage. Doctor Dobransky explains that men have to learn to mother themselves with well being and father themselves with courage. When you go deeper into this you learn that every time you do something courage it builds an equal amount of confidence which can be used in areas of your life where you need it most e.g. approaching women. What's fascinating is that, for the first time in history we now have a whole generation of men that have been raised by single mothers as well as growing up without a good male role model. There is a direct link here between the problems that grown men face. At the same time we've also had the rise of feminism which has rightfully given women the equal rights they never had before. The one big negative outcome is that in most cases it has caused a lot of guilt in men for wanting to be with women. So now you find that men are raised to be super nice guys. And this does absolutely zero for attraction with women. When I speak to these nice guys who give excessive amounts of compliments, gifts and attention to woman they adore - I ask them: How's that working out for you? Here's what I will teach you: * Kickass techniques on Overcoming approach anxiety * How to start conversations with a women anywhere, anytime in any situation! * The kiss test and how to know if woman is ready to be kissed * Creating rapport that leads to attraction * How to get a phone number is less then 5 minutes * Creating a social life that brings new women into your life * Keeping the relationships going after the 1st, 2nd and 3rd date * How to surround yourself with women and be the most popular man in the room * Developing a Compelling Personality that leads to Romance * The SECRETS of the Men who get a lot of Beautiful women. �and much much much more. Dates - Everyday! Please e-mail this ad with your name,Number where you can be reached at and tell me why you need this seminar.Not everyone will be selected for these ''Life-changing'' Seminars Keyword: Dating,Women

Looking for a guy that know what he want 25yr (Tonawanda, New York )
I am 25 single mom of 2 kids... i have my life together and want someone that does also... i am a non smoker or drinker contact me if you want to know more about me

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Is it really this hard to meet nice people? 26yr (Tonawanda, 14150, NY )
Hi, Wow is it really this hard to meet really nice people. I am a pretty nice girl. Have good morals and values and am pretty smart. I like to have fun and laugh. I have a great sense of humor. I guess this is when people need to sell themselves but I find it immoral. I do not want someone to contact me based on my looks only. If the first thing you reply with is ''Pics?'' You will not get responded back to. I think it is immoral for both men and women to only want someone for their looks. Yes that is what we see and it attracts us but like what about friendship. You have to be 100% attracted to me just to be my friend? Really? Seriously? I read quite few of guys postings on here and yes I have seen some very handsome and gorgeous men but what they wrote just totally turned me off from contacting them. I like to know what you have to offer me mentally, emotionally, and psychologically. I mean if most of you men even understood english maybe we will get somewhere. I do not care about your money or you taking me shopping I can do that myself. Why do most of you have your shirts off in your post? Like seriously? What you don't have enough in your head that you have to use the next best thing you got ''Your body'' You might not realize it but you are informally prostituting yourself in so many words. I am not being mean but like and I do not know how true this is lol it's actually pretty hilarious. Ok if you are looking for a friend and you exchange pictures etc then why would the guy say ''Oh sorry it's not going to work'' Does that mean he had some ulterior motives even though he said he was only looking for a friend? Hmm pretty sad right I just laughed when I heard that story because it was pretty hilarious. I am not going to waste anymore time ranting but like if there are any truly nice guys out there who are looking for friends possibly more then reply back and lets conversate and see where it may lead us.

date night? 29yr (14150, Tonawanda, New York)
greenting CL guys :) I'm totally bored tonight! Looking for a fun guy for a date night :) I'm into music, sports , nightclubs, and seeking an affair social. Send me your picture and I'll reply with mine ! Let's grab a drink together-- I'm a cute blonde about 5'5 125lbs! College graduate and just moved back to Texas :) Xoxo

Research Only 39yr (14150, Tonawanda, NY)
I'm only posting here because I believe this section to be the most popular other than the CE. My question is easy. I'm pretty sure that men post in the LTR section and the CE section, which is fine of course. If you're single and want to get laid then exploring your options makes sense to me until you find that one woman for you. I want to know about the guys that post in the M4W LTR and the M4M section. Maybe you're bi or in the closet, since I do not use CL as a means to meet men any information you disclose to me will be held in the strictest of confidence. I have to assume if you're cross posting in the the straight and gay section that you have another email account that you'd be comfortable with using. I'm working on a short story and would really like a male's insight, especially if he doesn't consider himself straight or gay but highly sexual or whatever. I am a woman and when I write it has to be from the heart, mind and soul and input will help me. I am not a man, so I can't make this realistic without a man's input. I know both openly gay and bi men and their input is helpful but them being ''out'' doesn't really help me. I want the input of men that are leading double lives or even curious and haven't taken the next step. I don't need your pictures or any specific details but age and race would be cool, a blurb as to ''why'' I can tap into that and create the tale the correct way instead of creating some bullshit. Thank you.

Looking for Fun 28yr (14150, Tonawanda, NY, Erie County)
I'm looking for a man to have seeking an affair fun with. I'm not in search of a serious relationship but would like to have a romantic relationship with a man who is intelligent. I'm white, 5'4'', 28 years old, professional with brown hair, green eyes, and a curvy build. Please email me about yourself.

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Laughter is the key to My Heart (Tonawanda, 14150 , Erie County)
Ok, so heres the deal. Im pretty much what you see is what you get. I have a very, very dry and sarcastic sense of humor. I tend to call things like I see them. I have a big heart and tend to wear it on my sleeve. I will always stop and listen to what you have to say and try to see your point of view. I might not agree or understand it, but at least Ill listen. I live my life by some pretty basic seeking an affair I'm a single, happy, outgoing, fun, independent woman. I'm old enough to know better yet young enough to have fun . Live in the western burbs. I have deep brown eyes and light brown hair. I'm 5'6'', curvy, and have fantastic legs. I'm kind of a girly girl love to wear skirts & heels. I have a wonderful family and some of the greatest friends one could ask for. Im pretty content for the most part. The biggest thing that I feel Im missing is a partner in crime. Id like to find that someone who would challenge me on many levels. Someone who could be a best friend and partner, Is that too much to hope for? So if youre intrigued, drop me a line and say hello. Theres so much more to me than meets the eye... Seekers of adventure, fun, respect, kindness, excitement and jaded sarcasm are preferred. I'm an acquired taste, care to test your palette! Please be a NON smoker and over 32 but under 45.