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Looking for a date 19yr (11803, Plainview, NY, Nassau County)
Hi! I'm Emily. I''m 5'1, 95 lbs. I'm a nursing major at UNLV and I'm looking to go on a date! I'm fairly outgoing, I laugh a lot and I'm really easy going. I'm not looking for anything serious right-off. Just a nice night with a cute guy. No one under 18 and no one over 30, please! I don't care what you look like, what kind of job you have. Just as long as you're a sweet gentleman and you're willing to pay for whatever you want to do. Email me describing where you would take me and what we would do and if I like what I read, I'll give you my number and we'll make it happen ASAP! P.S. I'm a sweet girl, not a ho. This is NOT a sex ad. Please don't send me gross pictures or ask for any! P.S.S. The guy in the picture with me is my best friend - not my boyfriend. I am incredibly single!

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ready to get back out there 23yr (Plainview, New York , Long Island)
im looking for someone to show me a good time. I am recently out of a relationship and looking for someone to go out with, have fun and get to know. reply for pictures.

Summer in the city 20yr (11803, Plainview, NY)
Iíve done this once before, and met some really nice people, but I donít think we had the same agenda for meeting people. So I am going to try one more time, and I am going to lay it all out on the table for you here-take it or leave it. I donít know if I want a boyfriend. I am not itching to date someone, but I would love it if I found a really cool person and that turned into a relationship. Iím not a commitmentphobe or jaded Summer Finn. Iím not afraid of being alone-thatís part of life, but I would love to meet someone new. So, with that said, I swear I am the nicest girl and the most amazing friend. Iím flexible, open minded, and Iíll try anything once. I am very optimistic, and easy to talk to. I swear Iíll keep you laughing, even if it is just at my awkward life experiences. Iím cute, tall, single, employed, in school, and energetic. Iíll probably ask you too many questions, but I promise to remember everything you tell me. Iíve never spent a summer in the city, and I couldnít be more excited! You should be busy living your life and have a desire to meet new people. You should be intelligent, motivated, and appreciative for the things you have in life. Oh, and if you were tall, lived in the city, and happened to like doing weird things late at night that would be even better. Your turn. Whatís your life like? What is your favorite part of summer? What was the most fun thing youíve done lately? Your photo gets mine.

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Nice Woman Looking For Her Soulmate 19yr (11803, NY, Nassau County)
Hi, I'm Allie. I'm Sweet, loving, passionate, outspoken, out going,strong, Kind, Playful, Christian, Conservative. I'm looking for a strong, sweet guy. Tough/bad boys with a good heart are hot. Someone who is not high matinence a little laid back. Someone who knows how to treat his woman and is protective of her. Between the ages of 18-28 NOT - a sex crazy constant partier. NOT - a wimp NOT - Excessively Overweight Please email me with a picture If you are looking for a nice woman with a good heart and a lot of love, life, and respect, you've found her :)

Missing Something 23yr (Plainview, 11803, NY , Long Island)
Hey everyone thanks for taking the time to read this. Well I have come to a point in my live where I feel I have been missing something and I feel like its that special someone and I've come here to possible find it..maybe. I have no problem finding men outside here, but I haven't found any that I have a complete connection with, any connection at that. So hopefully there's maybe someone out there to have that special connection. Well I know men do not wanna hear the romance seeking an affair want to get straight to details. Well I am 23, Hispanic, about 5'7. I have a great personality, a good sense of humor..yes I am goofy and if I'm not making you laugh, then I'm not doing my job, but don't worry I can be serious. I am very ambitious,smart, and well-driven. I believe if you want something then you have to work for it. I am a full time college student and have a pretty decent job for now. So if you have read this far you're probably asking yourself...What is she looking for?? I am looking for someone who I have that spark with..i guess..haha. Someone who is ambitious, smart, respectful, funny, family-oriented, someone who loves kids, someone who cares about the way they look, and who's not a bum..sorry you must have a job or be a full-time college student. I am not here to find someone I have to support financially 100% of the time. I basically want someone who I can be crazy about and he feel exactly the same way about me. So if you like what you are reading and would like to get to know more about me, just reply. Also when you do reply please put ''Missing Something Too'' so I know that you are real. Hope to hear from you soon. P.S. Did not put up a picture of me...don't want it all over the internet but I will be happy to reply with one when you do reply with a picture yourself. Oh, and if you're thinking she's probably some unattractive girl who is not worth my time...then fine but don't worry I am not unattractive, I just haven't found that special someone

Re: Are WM afraid to date BF? (Plainview, New York , Long Island)
We're not ''afraid.'' Did you ever stop to think that maybe white guys are just not attracted to black women?'s VERY rare that we encounter a black woman who's not fat, not loud, can speak proper English and doesn't have at least 1 kid already. Sorry, but you're just a commodity in Philly's population right now.

Letting go of Outcome 43yr (11803, Plainview, New York)
The desire for intimacy and connection prompts me to check out list and I hope to find someone who is conscious enough to understand why a woman wants to be truly seen rather than objectified. I request that anyone who responds to this post will have integrity and understand how vulnerable it is to take this step, meaning I prefer heartfelt and wholesome responses. I want to hear from someone well educated and conscious. I have a lot to offer a partner; I am committed to clear communication, I am warm, easy going, loving, playful, intelligent. I strive to practice non-violent communication which I have learned fairly well through a long time involvement with the organization. I have a Masters in counseling psychology, am currently studying for the marriage and family therapist exam and I work doing counseling with kids and families in the field, meaning my therapy room is often my car, the beach, or my favorite spot by the river... The outdoors nurtures me and I am lucky my work can be there. I'm open and creative, a love for beauty being what moves me through life. I make jewelry and clothing, cook creatively, and I am intuitive and sensitive. I have a few seeking an affair good friends, and get along with most people being somewhat of a chameleon, a quality that has been nurtured by the work that I do. I like peace and tranquility, I'm very mellow and easy going. I don't enter into sexual relationships lightly and I prefer a friends first situation. I am accepting and loving of all types of people as long as they are kind and have integrity. I think for a long term partnership it is important to share some interests and lifestyle so here's more of what I'm into: singing, swimming in the ocean, salsa dancing, African drumming, movies, communing with nature, camping, travel, hanging out with friends and family. I don't do drugs or alcohol and try to eat right. I love good conversation and moonlight bonfires. I am spiritual and my my personal path is towards presence and connection with the Mother. Here's the part where I get to be vulnerable: I haven't been in a meaningful relationship for awhile, not for lack of looking or desiring. I limit myself by believing in the cultural myth that larger women are not lovable or sexy, and though I have worked damn diligently on developing myself as a whole person, I do admittedly still struggle with food addiction and a tendency towards retreating from the harshness of the world through self gratification. I have gone through stages in my life where I have been quite pure, and I do mostly feel empowered and healthy and vibrant. Though I understand that another person cannot rescue me from occasional feelings of angst, I do believe that having the support of a partner would go a long way towards bringing more joy and aliveness into my life.So, knowing that many men do not feel attraction for a larger woman I only want a man who does indeed enjoy a ''big, beautiful woman'' BBW and who is a centered and aware human being. In gratitude.... PS pic for pic

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This probably describes you (Plainview, 11803 , Nassau County)
You can't believe that you are looking on List ... but you visit Not sure exactly what you are looking for But you are quite sure what your not looking for You are at a place in your life you don't need much else but love a relaxed life seeking an affair a good girl - no big ''show'' just a stress free life she is over 45 pretty, tall, sexy but not a fashion model she likes to exercise, walk - drinks socially, no smoking She still has a teenager at home - and your good with that You are over 50, healthy, tall, sensual, happy, kind, compassionate, intelligent and in a good place You never thought you would respond to an ad on CL but you never thought you would be almost 60 and single