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Movies/Dinner Friday 24yr (New Paltz, 12561 , Ulster County)
Hi Guys... Please respond if you just want to meet up and have a fun time tomorrow! I wanna meet someone tomorrow and not spend it at home. About Me: Graduate Student - Art History 5'6 - 145lbs - I'm curvy but toned. Always down to split a pitcher w/ a special someone :) I want: A NICE NORMAL GUY Cultured - I love people of unique ethnicities Polite, Sweet, and Driven Hope we can make it happen tomorrow!

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SBF in search of...Single White Male 35yr (12561, NY, Ulster County)
Hello friends, Before I engage in indulging you with my satirical discussion of the birds and the bees...And before I purposefully test your reading comprehension abilities in effort to screen out GED alumni, let me tell you a little about me. Life is short, so read quickly: A little about me: -I love to travel: I have been to Costa Rica, Jamaica, Mexico, Fiji. I looking to travel again this summer. -SBF / 5'9 /sexy/ hour glass figure/light complexion/35, looks 25/I work out about three times a week, athletic type; I like hiking, skiing, surfing, I like to roller blade, kayak; strong libido but classy although unpretentious, smart, sophisticated, fun-loving and care free Music: Alternative, Rock, Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, New Wave, Classic Punk Rock, Reggae, Classic Jazz I am a white collar professional / Independent /no kids / never married- I have a good sense of humor - I am an intellectual. like reading about literature, history, the arts, psychology, science - Like organic foods and I love shopping at Whole Foods, but I hate Tofu like most humans I am attracted to tall, athletic white men. When I say white men, I don't mean that literally, so please do not be afraid to go into the sun- use protection, it's called SPF. Please, no junk food addicts- meaning you can not indulge in sugary sweets, pancakes, chocolate milk, cookies, donuts, milk shakes, ice cream and claim to be athletic. No 420 or other illegal substances of any sort. Please be under 49 years old but older than 35. Please be experienced in the relationship area. A f*ck buddy is not considered a relationship, even if it lasted longer than a year. You more than likely did not bring your f*ck buddy over to your mom's for Thanksgiving. If you have not been in a relationship within the last 18 months, then please skip to the next ad. I think that focusing on work or school and not finding any time for relationships or love for the past 18 months tells me that you can not multi-task and that you are not searching for love.This ad are for those seriously interested in dating, not cheap thrills or one night stands. I'm not judging, but a lot of guys out here have no class. And it's not about money . This is not a request to 'cuddle' or have 'movie night' at your place, because- my brain requires me to connect with you on a more deeper level before I step foot at your place. 'Cuddle night' would be at least 2 weeks into our 'dating' process. I am not a couch potato, neither am I in desperate need for intimacy with the male species. This is an open request for love. Our first date would be a brief greeting at a coffee shop. If the vibe is good, then we can go to lunch or even a museum. No this isn't meant to bore you, I am specifically looking for someone who enjoys the arts. Please understand or be a fan of Seinfield or the Office. Please be in good standing with your mother and /or sisters. This would have been the first test in your life- how well you interact with or treat women. Please be in good standing with your father. I don't date rebellious types, and I don't care whether or not you were a latch key kid. The point is that we are all adults and this is an important indicator to me, regardless of how troubled our adolescent years were. Please be a non-smoker, mature, social drinker and employed. And please, have your own transportation. The first assignment of this open-book test will be as follows: Please type 'Costa Rica' in the header. I will then break the ice and share with you a funny story about my last trip there. If you are a droid and have nothing to say to me besides your height, weight, eye color and that your favorite childhood snack was lime green jello, I will not respond. Pic for Pic. Cheers!!!

Blind dating 36yr (New Paltz, 12561, NY , Mid-Hudson)
Giving this one last try. I am a 36 year old single woman. I was married for 10 years but for many reasons things did not work out. I do not have any kids unless you count my guide dog lol. If I have your atention, I am blind and very independant. I am looking for a man that will describe how beautiful the day is. Someone who will take the time to show me things. I am looking for someone who is independant, sweet, willing to take charge to a point,and has a great personality. I want someone who is going to make me laugh. I am not looking for someone who is going to act funny around me because I can't see. If you have a question then ask. I prefer men between 34 and 50 but I am not aposed to other ages. Please be in your 30's at the youngest lol. I am not a thin woman but rather on the thick side. I am losing weight and I wouldn't be aposed to someone who wants to work out with me. Since I know that it will come up...I have a speech program on my computer that converts the text on the screen into speech for me. It makes it possible to use the internet and other programs lol. Your pic get's mine.

The Internet, among it's amazing ability to make us laugh at panda bears juggling, can also serve a purpose for anyone trying to be secretive. This includes 'married seeking affair' types.>>

Love is a verb! 33yr (New Paltz, New York , Mid-Hudson)
So don't respond to my ad unless you are ready to DO something. Super Sexy Thick n Juicy Extra Busty Beauty seeking a lover with ways and means....I have plenty of pics to share but don't put me through the ringer lets meet up sooner than later!!!!

Special woman for special man 67yr (New Paltz, New York , Mid-Hudson)
I am seeking an affair a chance here! My friend said I should at least try but be specific!! So here goes.....NO ONE UNDER 65 and that is in stone! Be a proud man of his family. himself.... I would post a pic but cant....I like a lot of things especially the company of a nice looking senior. Be clean in mind and appearance. A light....light smoker is big drinker....If these are too many qualities sorry but at this stage of the game its important to me.............have a wonderful day...

are you seeking a devoted, intelligent, crazy-ish girlfriend? 32yr (12561, New Paltz, NY, Ulster County)
Wouldn't you love to grab a drink this weekend with a brilliant, sweet, sexy, chubby, nerd-girl? I have a great job, a cute little apartment, soft, pretty hair, and a charming tendency toward emotional neediness. I'm sexually adventurous, I will occasionally let you win at Scrabble, and I always do the dishes. All I ask in exchange is that you be smart, honest, open, attentive, affectionate, and in or near your 30s. I especially like bookish, weird boys who enjoy beer and writing in complete sentences.

looking for friendship 63yr (12561, New Paltz, NY)
seeking a seeking an affair , easygoing..... animal lover, 55+....................looking for a normal guy share lifes adventures..... my age group only..........

Married and seeking an affair is one thing, but married and seeking an affair with an idiot is something else altogether. The bottom line is that you should be extra picky, especially since you're married, and this means finding the right person for your very particular needs. >>

Fun loving girl seeks partner in crime :) 28yr (12561, New Paltz, New York)
Hello Guys! So Iíve been single for a while and finally decided that itís time to get back out there. Iím a bit nerdy , can appreciate a good video game, and definitely a hockey game or five . I like movies, cinema, singing, being silly, travel, photography, and I just started doing Zumba. I have a pretty dark sense of humor and love to laugh. I donít drink, no drugs, and I donít smoke. Iím 5í4íí with brown hair and brown eyes. Iím educated and also just came back to the USA from a few years overseas. Iím really looking for that special someone who will be my best friend and partner in crime. I believe in true love and hope to find it! Iím not sure what else I can put in here so feel free to ask and /or tell me about you! What movies and music do you like? Whatís your idea of fun? Iím really sorry but Iím not looking for anyone that smokes, does drugs, or has kids. Your photo will get mine :) Also, below is a stupid Facebook survey I did not too long ago... ► Will you answer all questions truthfully: Sounds good, easy to say on q1 though. ► Are you single: I am. ► Are you happy: Pretty much but I lack direction. ► Are you bored: Not really. ► Are you sad: In some ways. ► Are you Italian: No, but people usually think I am. ► Are you German: Nope.. ► Are you Irish: No, not even on St. Patty's Day. ► Are your parents still married: NO, thank goodness. TEN FACTS: ► Birth Place: Philly, PA, yo. ► Hair Color: Brown. ► Eye color: Brown. ► Mood: Eh, non-descript, it's too nice out so I'm sad to be inside today. ► Gender: FE-male. ► Lefty or Righty: Right. ► Summer or Winter: Fall, Bitches. ► Morning or Afternoon: Afternoon. TEN THIS OR THAT ► Love or Lust: Love. ► Lemonade or Iced tea: Iced tea. ► Cats or Dogs: Both. ► A few best friends or many regular friends: A few best friends. ► Television or Internet: Internet, where one can acquire television shows. ► Pepsi or seeking an affair Diet, caffeine free, Coke. ► Wild night out or romantic night in: Romantic. ► Pink or Purple: Purple. ► Day or Night: Day. ► IM or Phone: IM TEN HAVE YOU EVER ► Been caught sneaking out: Negative. ► Fallen off the stairs: Sorta. ► White water rafted: No, but I've survived tubing on the Delaware. ► Finished an entire jawbreaker: No. ► Wanted something/someone so badly it hurt?: Oh yeah. ► Prank called a store: No, but telemarketers that call me better watch out. ► Skipped School: Yeah, but none that my parents didn't know about, what a rebel. ► Wanted to disappear: Yes. TEN PREFERENCES ► Smile or Eyes: Both. ► Light or Dark Hair: Dark. ► Fat or Skinny: Skinny. ► Shorter or Taller: Taller. ► Intelligence or Attraction: Need both. ► Jock or Nerd: Nerd! ► Hook-up or Relationship: Relationship all the way. ► Funny and poor OR Rich and serious: Funny. RELATIONSHIPS ► Are you in a committed relationship: Negatory. ► Do you want to be: Only if it's right. ► Do you like someone right now: I do, but he's all famous and stuff. FRIENDS ► Do you secretly hate one of your friends: Hate is a strong word : Sydney ►2) Athens ►3) Melbourne ►4) Cardiff ►5) London