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so so bored at work 23yr (Mastic, New York , Long Island)
just bored as hell at work...dunno wut im actually listing this for..i guess pure boredom ? idk just half white half mexican not one of those sluts tho that r like oo yea shoot me an email so u can get n my pants n shit.. however i do have some specifics.. lol um u gotta b cute- hispanic/white lol idk shit im just bored... email me and put ''bored as hell''

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Why Is This So Hard (Mastic, 11950 , Suffolk County)
Hello guys I am a single black female looking for a singe tall white male I will send a photo after I recieve yours. I have a job, car, and my own casa. I am in my mid 30's if you are interested and would like to know more send me an email. Ciao

Is it better to have loved and lost? 31yr (Mastic, New York , Long Island)
I have tried this before and have had no luck. Keep getting flagged for some reason, so i'm going to make this simple. I don't want to hook up, I'm not interested in friends with benefits. I'm 31 years old and would like to get married and have kids some day. I don't really like Sherman that much, but I live here because my family is here. Would like to meet some new people in the Dallas area if nothing else. Please include a pic in your reply.

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Cute BBW northern transplant seeks arrangement with older man 24yr (11950, Mastic, NY)
Intelligent, educated, attractive girl with witty and charming personality seeking an arrangement with equally intelligent, educated, attractive older man. I hold BS and MS degrees, am well traveled and have previously worked in business and academia. Very sweet, wholesome and articulate. Am open-minded to the terms of such an arrangement. But, selective. Tell me about you.

Wherever you are, whenever it's right... 19yr (11950, Mastic, New York)
You'll come out of nowhere, and into my life :) Yes, i've posted before. But I've yet to find what i'm looking for. It seems all i'm getting is people who want friends or sex. Well, i've got friends. Lots of em. And I've also gotten offers for sex. So if that was what i'm looking for, I think i'd already have it. I'm not looking for a fwb, i'm looking for a boyfriend. And I realize that you start out as friends first. But if you're not open to finding a relationship, then i'm probably not the gal for you. Let's see. About moi. I'm a student, and I currently live in Denver with my best friend. I'm a student. But I work as well. I don't need a guy to take care of me, i've got that :) I'm 5'4, and i'm a curvy girl. So if you want a skinny/''athletic''/petitie/model-esuqe girls, that's not me. But I am damn cute. And plan to use all of the beautiful days this summer to get out and get into better shape :) I like to smoke hookah, and I also drink. But i'm a lightweight, and so I know my limits. I'm not a violent or angry drunk, but instead just laugh and have a good time. You don't have to be a drinker, but I would love to have a permanent beer pong partner ;) I promise I'm not cocky, but I will say that I'm not somebody you should pass up. I'm a good person, a great girlfriend, and I will treat you well. I'm a girl that your mom would LOVE, but I also know how to have fun. I love my friends and family and would do anything for them. I have a huge family that i'm very close to. And also, a big deal breaker would be somebody that doesn't support the GLBT community. Many of my friends are gay, so I couldn't date somebody that would have a problem with that. I think that the physical part of a relationship is just as important as the rest. I'm a really physical person and would love somebody with the same mindset. I'm big on cuddling, and there's nothing better than surprise kisses. I need somebody that's supportive of my goals. Somebody that will appreciate me, but challenge me at the same time. I want companionship, somebody to cuddle with, and somebody that will give me butterflies. I'm a sucker for the romantic/cutesy stuff. I've yet to find somebody that really appreciates the good person that I am. I think that I deserve somebody that's going to treat me great as well. I'm seeking an affair the liars, cheaters, assholes, etc. So i'm looking for a good guy. But not a pushover, somebody that can stand for what they believe in and go after what they want in life. Somebody aggressive and headstrong. It's not true that all good guys finish last, you guys just haven't found a girl yet that will appreciate you. So, if you're at all interested, shoot me an e-mail. Let's start talking and set up our first date. Tell me some neat things about you and send me a pic. And if you have a facebook, give me the link! I'm a huge facebooker :)' Hope to hear from you soon!

Jam band lover w/ H 30yr (Mastic, 11950, NY , Long Island)
I'm a SWF festie jam band loving gal who doesn't own corduroy or sport dreadlocks.I'm just out here seeking a partner in crime who has HSV-2 as well. I'm a newbie to the H club and just seeking out what out there. MmmmmmJ and drinking friendly, participate in the usual CO outdoorsy stuff. I have average height, size, and looks. Pic for pic. Put your fav band in the subject box please.

Horseshoe 21yr (11950, Mastic, NY, Suffolk County)
Hi, I''m seeking a mobile casino buddy seeking an affair is generous and interested in going to the Horseshoe Casino sometime this week. If that's you and you are only interested in casino fun , please reply.

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22, blonde, slight bbw...educated, hilarious, open minded. Want to grab some coffee tonight? I'm off work at 6 and it'd be chill to meet someone new. No strings, no expectations. Just be sane and able to actually have a conversation. I live in Torrance, please be local.  Shoot me an email No picture. No reply. Don't be sketch ;)