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Date (11951, NY, Suffolk County)
Yes, a simple, ordinary date. I am a woman who is outgoing and curious about the world. I would like a simple date with an average man who has an education. I am not looking for a soulmate or a husband, just a date. You know how these things go as most people do not get along and have no interest in each other. Thus, I expect very little except for good conversation. I am over age 40 so you must be, too. If you are a man who works, works, then works some more do not contact me. Same if you travel here, there, and everywhere.

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On Euphemisms: Seriously, Can You Just Say ''Fat''? 26yr (Mastic Beach, New York , Long Island)
Dear men of list , We have to talk about euphemisms and how they fuck everything up. Specifically, let us discuss fatness. Let us discuss personal ads dealing with fatness. ''Curvy'' is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Curvy is a shape, not a size. I am curvy. I'm curvy because my waist is smaller than the tits-and-ass parts of me, which means that if you were going to describe my shape, you would make those wavy hand motions from the olden days before the internet. I am ALSO fat, which means that your hands would have to be farther apart than if you were describing, say, Pamela Anderson. Pamela Anderson? Curvy. Me? Also curvy. Pamela Anderson? Not fat. Me? Fat. When you post an ad looking for a ''curvy girl,'' it is vastly and irritatingly unclear whether you are talking purely about body shape, or whether you are talking about body shape while maintaining the default settings we presume men have when they talk about women's bodies , or whether you are using ''curvy'' as a minor euphemism , or whether you are using ''curvy'' as a major euphemism . It makes fuck-all sense. I don't particularly want to respond to an ad when it's entirely possible that the person who wrote it is looking for Jenna Jameson. But it is ALSO entirely possible that the writer is looking for fat girls. Does the inefficiency of this system begin to become clear? ''Thick''? See above. Both ''thick'' and ''curvy'' sometimes come with the fun disclaimer ''not obese,'' which makes everything nice and extra-nonsensical, because ''obese'' is a specific clinical term and women with ''thick'' bodies would almost ALWAYS get slotted in under ''obese'' in a BMI chart. Because what are ''curves'' and ''thickness'' made of? Oh, that's right: body fat. The body type that turns you on is obese: deal. ''Chubby'' sounds like it should mean ''kind of fat, but not that fat.'' The problematic vagueness here, it leaps to the eye, because how the hell am I supposed to know what you think is ''that fat''? But even better, there is again, the is-it-or-isn't-it euphemism problem: is this term only difficult to interpret because it is vague, or is it EXTRA difficult to interpret because it might be yet another euphemism for ''fat''? I don't respond to ads for ''chubby'' because I think I'm fat, not chubby, but because you are deathly-freaky-terrified of a) admitting you like fat girls and b) offending the fat girls you want to fuck, I do not know if you are looking for a specific sort of girl or just tiptoeing around the twin facts of a) your desire and b) my ass. Which is fat. So we're clear. ''BBW''—please, don't even. Gross. GROSS. Yes, I have mixed feelings about my body sometimes, but I'm a sassy & well-adjusted sort, and my ego is not so tattered that I need a euphemism that skeezily transparent. Just like not every thin woman is beautiful, not every fat woman is beautiful. This compact euphemism packs up some nasty assumptions about fat women's presumably abysmal self-esteem and a handy reminder that the culture at large is ragingly fat-hating all in one ridiculous-sounding phrase. This one is basically designed to play on fat women's presumed self-hatred; it has got to actively weed out women with dignity. Because come ON. ''Oh, baby, I know the media tells you you're gross eighty-four times a day because of your size, ignoring all your individual attributes both physical and otherwise, but not me, baby, I'm different; I think you're beautiful because of your size, ignoring all your individual attributes both physical and otherwise.'' Get out of here with that. ''Big'' is not too bad, but it's not very particular. It could mean tall. It could mean broad-shouldered. A tank is big. A skyscraper is big. Serena Williams is big. But tanks and skyscrapers and Serena Williams aren't fat. I guess if what you want is that whole Amazon-lady thing, the overall-impression quality of ''big'' works just fine, but it lacks the snappy correctness of ''fat'' if fat is, in fact, what you're looking for. ''Fat.'' FAT. It's so simple. It's evocative. It's elegant in its straightforwardness, really. I am a fat girl. You like fat girls. Or you DON'T like fat girls. WHATEVER. Either way, when you avoid ''fat'' like it's ''Voldemort,'' you are treating fatness like it's unspeakably shameful. While it would be awesome if *no one* thought fat was unspeakably shameful, you know who should start by thinking of fat as not unspeakably shameful? That's right: you, right there, the one who likes fucking fat girls. The one who is making sentences on the internet hoping the sentences will help you meet the fat girl of his dreams. Hello, I am talking to you. Stop insulting the women you want to meet. You will probably meet cooler women if ''responding to insulting euphemisms about their implicitly unattractive bodies'' is not one of your criteria. Unless you really get off on low self esteem, in which case, by all means, use all the euphemisms your craven little heart desires, and I will ignore you with vigor and grim satisfaction. But if you'd like to make everyone's life a little easier and nicer, define your terms, okay? And please, please: try ''fat.''

you get so alone at times that it just makes sense. 20yr (11951, Mastic Beach, NY, Suffolk County)
Hello. I'm actually going to be moving to Chicago in about a month , but figured it might be a good idea to see who's out there first.
I currently live in a dreadfully small devil town in Oklahoma, but I'm originally from St. Louis, MO. I've been living in Oklahoma for about 5 years, and I desperately need out of here.
ME: SWF, 20, 5'8''
Interests include : ''brownbagging it'', accordians, airplanes, anti-folk, apprehension, beating the clock, being indoors, big hair, bike-riding, blowing spit bubbles, bones, butterflies, cigarette jeans, clavicles, coffee and cigarettes, cognition, coloring, crayons, cutting my hair, death, drag queens, drawing, dressing up, drums, electro music, franz kafka, friends, gang wars, general tomfoolery, geo metros, going to shows, gore, hair barrettes, handlebar moustaches, hula hooping, incense, indecisiveness, indie music, keyboards, keytars, khaki-colored bombadiers, kisses, life, lipgloss, losing weight, love, lust, making mountain lion noises, making out, math rock, mentos and diet soda, metaphors, mice, MMORPGS, moustaches, movies about penguins, ngth, nicci goes to hollywood, november, organs, people, phones on vibrate, pianos, pictures, pilates, pkct, pokemon, pretty things, rice cakes, rocketships, roller skate dates, ron mael, rufus wainwright, showers, skimmer flats, sleeping, social psychology, spaceships, sparks, square button moustaches, stethoscopes, straighteners, stripperobics, surgery videos, sushi, teasing, the smell of hair, the smell of pipes, thrift stores, tom waits, toothbrush moustaches, trains, visits from out-of-town friends, watching horror movies, when my doves sing.
YOU: SWM, 18-30, at least 5'8'', not ugly.
You should also be relatively thin, well-read, and intelligent. For example, if you don't know the difference between ''your'' and ''you're'' or ''to'' and ''too'', or if you type in all caps don't talk to me. I'd have to say that my ideal man would be a mixture of Vince Noir, Ron Mael, and a little bit of Ringo Starr. I'm not too terribly picky though, but I do have standards.
You should also be willing to nerd it up. I'm into a lot of graphic novels, video games , documentaries, museums, and anime. It would be nice to have someone to show me around a bit when I get there, maybe get some coffee or go to a show or something. So if any of that interests you, send me a message. Also, plus 100,000 points to whoever knows what my posting title is from without having to google it.
no pic no reply.

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Hello, is it me your looking for? 24yr (Mastic Beach, 11951, NY , Long Island)
I am looking to meet a man that is interested in getting to know me . I am very easy going and looking for the same in a guy. I love music, especially classic rock and movies . I am a 24 yr old college student studying criminal justice with a forensic science concentration. I love to read and play pool. I am irish so yes I like to drink and I can be loud, but I also like to play pool and cook too. I am not sure what people don't understand when I say I don't want sex right away. I am the type that needs to feel something for someone before she jumps into bed with them . Also if you are going to email me be willing to talk on AIM or instant messenger as my cell is currently broken and I need to get a new one. Everyone around me is either married or engaged and it is really bothersome that I am not even in a relationship. I am the type that likes to be in a relationship because I feel like I have a lot to offer. I am little heavy set due to an underactive thyroid, but I am working on the weight issue and I have a big heart. Please if you are looking for a serious relationship put a pic in your response and put ''real relationship'' in the subject.

Woman Seeking Something 41yr (Mastic Beach, 11951 , Suffolk County)
Here is the deal I am an unencumbered SBF who does not fit the black girl mode that most are looking for. I am well past 25 and I have more than a few pounds to loose. One guy contacted me and said he really liked black women and then starts telling me about Zoe Saldana. First of all Zoe Saldana is Dominican very young and probably doesnt weigh 100 lbs soaking wet so his attraction to her has nothing whatsoever to do with my reality. I would like to begin dating but I don't have the first idea of how to go about doing it. seeking an affair am on a dating site and men contact me but I am not sure what to do after that. I read the emails and check the profile but don't proceed further. Some are easy to dismiss if they live too far or are ridiculously inappropriate for me agewise but I do not feel that I know how to make a ''connection'' anymore. My profile is short and pretty concise but perhaps it comes off too harsh. Maybe you can critique it for me. I am on and my handle is SheThe1. I would appreciate input. Thanks.

Hipster seeking Hipster 20yr (11951, Mastic Beach, NY)
Hiya, Im a 420 friendly hipster girl looking for a nice hipster boy to spend some time with and maybe create a relationship with. IM not looking for sex. Im looking for a nice long lasting relationhsip Me: 420 friendly average sized 5'4 play Ukulele Black, Im not the stereotypical black person. I am a huge indie head. I love going to local shows and such. You: Tall 420 friendly. or at least be ok with me doing it Preferably white. . Ill consider any other race,but im not really attracted to latino guys Skinny 20-23

Just a drink & conversation... 35yr (11951, Mastic Beach, New York)
I'm feeling a little social tonight... and it's always nice to make a new friend, yes? So what are the chances there's sexy guy out there, thirsty for someone seeking an affair or interesting to talk to over a drink or two? Tell me a little about you and your pic gets mine. Single boys only please.

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Great Girl Seeks Counterpart! 38yr (Mastic Beach, New York , Long Island)
Looking for a great guy to hang with, enjoy music & movies & skiing with, develope a friendship & eventually a passionate, fun and fulfilling life together! I believe in friends first though, that seems to work pretty well. If you have some sort of spiritual leaning I'd love to know about that, what you do, what your life is like, about your family, a photo, anything you care seeking an affair share and I'll share back! I spend my free time outdoors, volunteering & growing heirloom hot chili peppers!