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[adult swim], horror movies, tattoos 20yr (Massapequa, New York , Long Island)
Those are just a few of my favorite things. I watch adult swim all the time after my run at night. I love the classic adult swim shows like Sealab 2021, Home Movies, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, The Brack Show, Cowboy Beebop, and Trigun. I love all kinds of movies but for some reason I've always just liked horror movies. I love blood and gore. I can't wait for Splice to come out too! Tattoos are cool and sexy. Piercings are as well and I actually have snakebites right now. I have my tattoo planned out along with my next piercing. Video games are amazing. I grew up watching my brothers play them and I've always just enjoyed playing and watching them. I love the Mario games along with Parasite Eve, Metal Gear Solid Resident Evil Final Fantasy any racing games, Bio Shock 1 and 2, Devil May Cry, and last but not certainly not least Skull Monkeys!!! I see myself as kind of dorky and maybe even a little nerdy. I listen to music all the time. I could give you a huge list but to save you time I'll just give you a few favorites? Mindless Self Indulgence, mc chris, Polkadot Cadaver, Tech N9ne, Brand New and Ween. There are a bazillion more but I'll save you the trouble of reading through them all. I know this was a long add and if you're still reading then your quite the trooper. I'm just looking to talk to someone who is like me. Its hard finding someone who enjoys the same things I do. I really don't want a guy who just wants to screw around. I enjoy sex as much as the next person but I'm really not looking for random hookups. If I sound interesting then feel free to e-mail me.

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I am just me! Blonde, Slight BBW, Beautiful and Sassy 31yr (Massapequa, 11758 , Nassau County)
So - I have been dating and not finding the right guy... yes I am picky and yes I have amazing guy friends to fill my time - . I am an about to graduate chef and I work at an awesome restaurant. I am beautiful, thick and smart! I also have a very quick wit and sass to me. if you cant deal with personality or a slight BBW - yes I said - slight BBW..... then move on. If you would love to get to know a slight BBW, with big breasts, long blonde hair, green eyes, smarts, loyalty and a sassy personality - then send me a message..... PIC FOR PIC - I dont mind giving mine out - but I have to watch out for my career.......

You'll rue the day you crossed me Trebek! 26yr (11758, Massapequa, New York)
If you know where my posting title came from then you are automatically cool! I'm really here hoping to meet someone that is as laid back and low key as I am. I like to have fun, I like to be sarcastic, funny and random 90% of the time, so I'd really like you to be able to keep up and make me laugh constantly! I'm not into the bar scene, I'd rather go to a Sox game and have a beer as opposed to a fancy dinner. I'm not looking to pop out babies anytime soon so hopefully you'll be okay with taking one day at a time and not become too intense too soon. I'm pretty open to all ages but I have to say I get along with guys my age or older. As far as looks go I'm short and I have a few too many extra lbs if you ask me. So if that's a problem then don't bother sending an email... I have a very active job and I work out at least 3 times a week so I'm no lazy permanent fixture on my couch. I can promise I have no deformities or strange odors, I'm allowed out in public occasionally so I shouldn't embarrass you, much. I have pictures. Not sure what else to write but send me an email with a little about yourself and what you're looking for and we can go from there. Ps- Must love dogs.

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Be my first while I'm rolling (Massapequa, New York , Long Island)
Ok, so you won't be my first as in first period, but I was wondering if there was a really nice guy out there that is SUUUPER fun who would wanna be my first while rolling. I'm thick and curvy I have medium length brown hair and dark brown eyes. I am black, and I got mad love for everyone, so race is open. The person that I want will have tons of stamina, will not be over weight , and will try to make this a really cool experience for me. Oh yea, and you must not have any qualms about going down on a woman, I've heard its amazing, and I am clean so there shouldn't be any issue there I would like someone NOT over the age of 30, I'm sorry but I don't like guys that much older than me. We can work out the hosting situation later. Please send a clear picture, and I will do the same. please put ''awesome'' in the title so I know you're real and not just some idiot who didn't even bother to read this =] Oh yea - please don't waste my time. I am serious, looking for something within the next 3-4 hours.

Karaoke tonight 26yr (11758, NY, Nassau County)
I'm wanting to go to karaoke,so I'm trying to find someone kool to just hang out, do some karaoke and have a good conversation. Preferrably 25-35, living in the valley area that would be up for going to karaoke in Studio City/Universal City tonight. I'm looking for friends to start out, but if there's something there then maybe one of us could ask the other out on a date and go from there. Definitely NOT looking for sex, a one-nighter or booty call. Either friends or someone to date and possibly start a relationship with. When you respond please tell me how old you are, where you're located, and three interesting things most people don't know about you. Write seeking an affair as the title please. =) Pic for pic

to the guys that replied to If you're nice and stable... 27yr (11758, Massapequa, NY, Nassau County)
This was my ad last night. I was doing it on a whim to see what happened. I really did get a few decent replies. The problem was none of them really stood out to me except one that was thoughtful, long, and well written, but upon thinking about it I'm not sure I'd be that into him as more than a friend. Not sure why. I go with my gut feelings. You all shouldn't be offended if I didn't reply. You were either too far, too old, into different things than me, or for some reason it just didn't click. If you got a reply then you piqued my interest. I just think I am looking for more of a friends first thing and I can't just date/be friends with 5 different's too weird...then again, I am pretty strange. I guess the moral of this is don't be discouraged or insulted that I didn't reply! I really got some nice responses. Tips to the ladies: write out what you feel. Really sit and think about what you want. Be honest and upfront even if all you want is sex. It seems like the guys that responded to my ad really appreciated the clarity that my ad offered. ----- There's got to be a guy out there that isn't a self-centered jerk! I have low tolerance for cheaters and game players. I'm straight forward and honest so I won't jerk you around. I ask that you don't do that to me either. Now I'll go on to something more positive. -I'm open to guys ages 22-32 although I'm more likely to go for the 25+ however I have seen some older men that have no idea what they want regardless of age. -Tall guys get bonus points. I'm taller than most women but not too tall however I like wearing heels. -I don't want to be used but I give a lot when I find out that you deserve it. A LOT. This means if you take advantage of that I will cut you off. Give what you get please. I don't ask for much I just like some reciprocation. -Prefer to be spoiled with attention rather than money. Can't buy my love. -Monogamy FTW. I'm very sexual but that doesn't mean I'll do it on the first date My point is don't be a prude but don't be all about sex either because I would rather be sure we're going to be monogamous before getting too far. I am disease free as well so you should be too. -I'm a cuddler and I LOVE kisses and hugs. It's pretty much a requirement if you want to be my boyfriend. I'll run my fingers through your hair or brush the lint off your shirt without even thinking about it. This might get annoying to someone that doesn't like to be close. -I'm easy going and not easily offended I'm open usually to doing whatever you want to do. I just want to spend time with my date and get to know him. If you are one of these guys then don't reply: You want what you can't have Once you get it you don't want it anymore Sincerity and honesty go a long way with me. I've had some time to really think about what I want and I'd love to find someone to cuddle with on rainy days or go out with. I have kids but I will make some time for you just be patient with me at first. If I don't email you back within 24 hours assume I am not interested...I don't know if I will have a lot of time to reply to everyone Pic gets a pic, description gets a description. Not a requirement though but you have to give first. I'd post a pic here but I don't want my picture to be the reason you contact me. However I do understand there has to be some attraction so I'll send a pic once you do! I'll also let you know more about me like hobbies and stuff but I can tell you now I LOVE ADVENTURES.

Hawks game at Roundheads 40yr (11758, Massapequa, NY)
Hey- I was wanting to get out tonight and watch the game-- Me- attractive, h/wp, intelligent,fun, easy-going, down to earth You- same traits would seeking an affair good : ) please put Go Hawks in your heading-

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Looking For An Honest Relationship 51yr (Massapequa, 11758, NY , Long Island)
I am a 51 year old female. Have had several 'serious' relationships. I am at a point in my life where I question 'love'. Seems we expect the other to be and act a certain way or one of us is disappointed. It could be about sex, money, religion, not putting the toilet seat down or up, leaving the toothpaste cap off the toothpaste, not making the kids turn out a certain way, control over one goes on and on! I am looking for a relationship that is more of 'Adam and Eve'. They had nothing but each other and life was so simple until....who knows the real story ....I feel so confused about most everything right now. I would like someone to connect with.....I am in a relationship that is going NOWHERE...You ?. Let's see if we 'connect'? I am a good person. Not looking for a sugar daddy seeking an affair one night stand.....just looking for what everyone else is searching for.....a connection with the opposite sex that does not hurt either one of us..... Me....attractive, outgoing, loves the outdoors, loves peoples, loves animals, loves my family...Just missing 'the connection'.....