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23 F seeking someone to have fun with 23yr (11030, NY, Nassau County)
Hello, I am looking to hang out iwth someone during the weekend and go to the Broken Bells Concert. I am coming in from St.Louis. I am a 23 year old white female who is getting her masters degree. I love art and music. Very liberal and 420 friendly.

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*Sexy SMART* Black/Brown man for curvy woman 41yr (11030, Manhasset, New York)
Please read to the end before replying, and follow directions to avoid having your reply deleted--thanks! I have a big brain, big boobs, a big ass, and a tummy , and a well-defined waist. I am told I am beautiful. More importantly, I think I am. I was a beautiful long-haired younger woman, and now I am a sexy-hot older woman with very short hair. I still get carded, which I think is silly, but I do look much younger than my years. When I enter a room people notice. I dress well , most often in cashmere, linen, wool, and silk. I also undress well, which is the point of all this. Do you know how to take both nipples in your mouth and suck them so sweetly that this alone might be enough? Can you use your fingers to make a woman squirt? Do you know how to handle a woman who is multi-orgasmic? Do you already know how to take your time to ready an eager ass, to work your way in slowly and then bring a woman to orgasm anally? I don't mean do you WANT to, I mean CAN you? Are you smart enough to text-flirt me to wetness with clever puns? Do you have firm buns? Do you know how to have fun and laugh in bed , and to be reliable and on time? Anticipation is half the fun--I like to know that when we make plans, I will really be seeing you on X day at X time--then we can both enjoy thinking about what it will feel like to touch, taste, smell, hear, and feel each other. Please don't come to me expecting to learn these things. Know how already--I am not interested in teaching anyone. If you don't already have a master's degree or equivalent , please don't contact me. I'm better educated than most and I am looking for my match. My match would be very intelligent and intellectual, which are not the same thing; spiritually minded, but not religious; passionate and compassionate; dedicated to win-win scenarios rather than winner-takes-all competition; highly sexual and sensual; and interested in the possibility of a long term, serious relationship, but open to having a play partner--perhaps outside the bedroom as well. I can't date a smoker, and I am not interested in someone who does drugs, including 420, or who drinks a lot. The ''Brown'' in the title means NOT white. Mixed white is ok, but white-identified is not. I am not Black, but if you wouldn't consider dating a Black woman, no matter what your race, I don't want to know you. ***Please email me with your name , your height , your race/ethnicity, your relationship status , your educational background, and your sexual experience. Please be within 10 years of my age on either side, but no more and no less. ***Please put ''Brown and Down'' in your subject line to avoid being summarily deleted. ***I would love a photo of your face, and I will send you one of mine if you include one of yours in your reply.

BBW seeks LTR 24yr (Manhasset, 11030 , Nassau County)
I am currently looking to start a long term relationship with the right person. I am a BBW and am looking for someone who does not have a problem with that. In my free time I like to watch movies, go to the beach, relax, cook, cuddle, and travel. I am looking for someone who is honest and trustworthy. I am a really laid back person and I am always willing to try something once. I am looking for someone with similar likes and who just enjoys spending time with the person they are with. I am single . I do not smoke, rarely drink, and disease free. I do not have any kids or crazy ex's, so no baggage to worry about. Let me know if you are interested. :-) Thanks!

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Violin and Kick boxing... 28yr (Manhasset, New York , Long Island)
I'm a 28 year old Indian average woman with a few extra pounds who stands at 5'2'' with brown eyes and hair. I know, totally NOT what you pictured :) Work in the medical field, shrink and am doing great in the professional life but not personal. I don't feel the need to drink or smoke to have a wonderful time out. Ecletic fan of music.. from Desi, Muse, Kings of Leon, Black Violin to Common. Enjoy going to the gym; kick boxing and attempt to play the violin. Enjoy going to the city also but not the clubbing type. I'm a down to earth family oriented girl who enjoys the simple things in life. I don't have a lot of demands nor do I like them on me. I'm shy and witty with a hint of sarcasm thrown in. I'm conservative despite growing up in the West, follow more of the Eastern cultural traditions. Born in SE Asia, grew up between London and Germany. Hint of British accent... Want someone who I can bring home to the family when the time comes. Race or religion not a factor just someone with a good head on his shoulders that likes to debate, whether it be politics or sports. Just be reasonable with age factor, between 28-37. That is a pic of me, so yes, I am real just shy to post online. Don't send just a line because you will be deleted. Tell me why you're replying. NOT LOOKING FOR CASUAL OR NSA.

Get Out The House~~~ 21yr (11030, Manhasset, NY, Nassau County)
Good Morning~~ Come Over and have some Fun. With me........... Are You Giving~~~~~ Hope to hear from you Soon ~ SERIOUS seeking an affair ONLY PLEASE~~~~~

stab in the dark 40yr (11030, Manhasset, NY)
OK, In know this is a ONE-in-a-million shot to find that ONE-in-a-million relationship here on CL. Nevertheless, I'm reaching out to see if I might find that ONE, rare, nice man, a man of substance, to grab for that once-in-a-lifetime, unforgettable relationship, as friends, mentors, and lovers, for however long it lasts. Hopefully, long-term. I've been married for umpteen years and lately I find myself in a marriage -- in a life -- that's lacking in romance, and intimacy. If you find yourself in a situation similar to mine, and can understand how someone might come to this point in their life, that's even better. At this stage it's not an issue that I'd want to belabor. Suffice it to say, that since we're both here, it might be best to leave some things unspoken. A basic, common understanding should suffice. I don't have any desire to leave my family and I trust that you do not either. I am not a terrible person and I do not make a habit of going this route. In fact, for what it's worth, I feel a little guilt about posting this ad. But let's face it, there is a void in your life, as there is in mine, otherwise neither of us would be here. To awaken that sleeping giant within us, to stir up feelings we haven't had in years and create a special and unique bond, a special place for us to fulfill what is missing in our lives. For the limited time that we would have, the type of relationship I am looking for is something more than just cheap sex. That I can find any time, but that's not what I want. What I want to is to create a time in our lives where we can soar to new heights, to have that tingly feeling full of longing when we think of one another, even to feel a small, sweet tinge of pain when we miss one another, yet still being able to balance that fine line of respecting each other's family life. I'm not looking to jump into bed with you right off the bat…but when the time comes, I want to enjoy it for everything it should be. I am not looking to squeeze love out of a rock. So please, don't be shy about letting your feelings go. You should be handsome, creative, imaginative, intelligent, silly, sexy, warm, open, honest, or any combination thereof. I'm seeking a man similar in age to me, for he will hopefully be in the same mind set as my self. I am not looking for a ''soulmate'', instead I am looking to find the other half of my twin soul. If you're the ONE, then you understand the distinction. I also am not looking for perfection, but rather, I want to be attracted to you because of your imperfections. A radiant personality, sparkling eyes, a gorgeous smile, and being a great kisser, is a plus. In an attempt to prove that this is indeed a genuine post in hopes of not getting flagged, let me mention that today is Thursday, June 3rd and the oil is still flowing into the gulf! it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

should the magic hands of this lovely blonde touch you? (Manhasset, New York , Long Island)
BEFORE READING....... The worst part about the lovely thing I have to offer is the search process. There's a bunch of idiots on this site who think i'm going to send photos and info on a one liner request. This is New York, and not everyone is discreet, not everyone is safe. So BEFORE I send any info I need an indication that you can read between the lines and know what this post is about. Your age is helpful - I'd prefer 35 or seeking an affair don't be shy. I'd also like to know that you can host in Manhattan only. Basically....if you are forthcoming, it proves that you care about making sure I feel secure and comfortable, so the detailed description is key. It's my pleasure to tell you all about the wonderful, sensual, wholly therapeutic and healing time I have to offer you. I am actually a complete sweetheart, a witty and intelligent young woman, I have a real job, just am fabulous at this and can use th extra help. I'm also a fit, sexy blonde. I'm not cheap with my time either. I just can't deal with idiots - the jokers on this site have forced me to set these standards! No exceptions to the above - I'm not asking for a name, phone number or picture, so your identity is protected. But I need the basics.

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Catharsis: Compatibility, idiosyncracies, connection, potential 35yr (Manhasset, 11030, NY , Long Island)
Is something as elusive as an instant, comforting connection/recognition with long term potential to cultivate on shared interests, compatibility otherwise, unspoken alliances, capable of being found on CL? Catching you off-guard? By surprise. I suppose it has as great of a chance here as being broadcast anywhere else...but more than once? There's a gazillion people, sure and maybe several that can truly move you. Those are the figures. And so, the answer is ''yes''.... But to what limit? Searching for such an elusive beast is a bit like gambling. Hit and miss, mostly miss. I ponder if connection, deep soulful, crazy, profound connection, and meeting such encounters over the duration of our live times, in both the little things, in the things that cannot even begin to be analyzed, those capable of PROFOUND and moving influence, has over a lifetime, a ''punch'' limit. Like earning that free ''cheesesteak''...5 punches and its use is expired? Five life time connections, varying in degree of intensity, depth, shape, duration and lasting potential... If so, I may be screwed. Processing that sombering reality now. It's my right, as is everyone's, to not fully understand why I'm drawn to someone, as opposed to someone who matches a ''check list''--its that elusive connection that cannot be predicted, or manufactured. It is, or it isn't. Simply. Rare treasure. Entire relationships have been entered into and maintained for lengthy bursts of time without that deep of a connection. Crazy. Yet common. All of us are guilty seeking an affair it, and without blame: connection, habit, support, lonliness, companionship. Yet now, nothing less will do. I am cursed. I'm an optimistic, upbeat gal...BUT my punches have all been used up. And the best was the shortest. About the way irony functions, right? Why am I posting this? Conundrum. Catharsis. May the swelling of regret and longing fade in time. That's all I can now ask for. I don't see anyone. I don't hear anyone. I feel muted. Lesson I wish I could have been spared. Yet here I am, swimming in its muck. As diplomatically as I can. I give up on finding that elusive connection again anytime soon. I am a realist, after all. I won't actively pursue it into the near future, not with another. That only makes it worse. Feeling the deafening difference. If I do ever come across it again, I will know for certain that I am more than blessed, as it will have to find me. In hiding. In robes and a cloak. Pull me out into the rain and sunshine from hiding... It was a much needed spiritual vitamin boost when I had it. Time to reflect. So thank you, sweet. You know who you are. Wishing you love in the form you best receive it. Wishing lotsa things. But wishing you what you seek. Julia/Samantha/''Drowning Man''/Indus/T-Dawg