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single mom seekin latinos 29yr (Levittown, 11756 , Nassau County)
i am single mom of two wonderful kids who i share 50/50 custody with there dad my kids are my #1 in life and will always be put before anyone so u have to understand type of guy is usually mexican cause thats really all my friends...i love to drink, dance to hip hop rap etc....i just really want someone who isnt gonna be playin games with me and is lookin for somethin serious i am ready to settle please e-mail me back with ur pic...thanks and god bless

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NICE GUYS ONLY (11756, Levittown, NY, Nassau County)
Hey, Im a very sweet woman from nyc. Im looking for some date nights and fun. Im not into nothing for any serious but casual dating. More about me- 5'5, 185, a bit overweight, dark eyes and light brown hair. Im sincere, honest, and i have a good character. Im looking for someone the same. please provide a pic, i will do the same thanks

Where is my heavily tattooed prince charming? 22yr (Levittown, 11756, NY , Long Island)
I keep seeing those somewhat annoying commercials about great relationships starting online...but I'm not a big fan of the whole dating site thing, so I figured I'd give this a shot. It's not that I'm picky, I'm just attracted to a certain type of guy that's a little harder to find sometimes. I'm the nerdy/artsy type that enjoys disturbing movies and long walks on the beach. More of the former...I eat meat, but I don't care if you do or not. I'm a student, 22, so I would prefer if you're between 22-35. Alright that's probably enough for now, is anyone still reading this?

The Internet, among it's amazing ability to make us laugh at panda bears juggling, can also serve a purpose for anyone trying to be secretive. This includes 'married seeking affair' types.>>

Psycho 24yr (11756, NY, Nassau County)
I am looking for my psycho. The more unstable, the better. As I am a woman, I am naturally bat-shit crazy, and I'm seeking someone to one-up me in screamingfests, insecurity battles, and borderline stalking. Fetishes that would make Freud's toes curl are always welcome, as I'm sure they represent some sort of childhood trauma. Please be abusive, both emotionally and physically, and please withhold all recognizable forms of healthy, functional love from yours truly. See you in hell !

I'm just here for..... 20yr (Levittown, New York , Long Island)
...the thrill. Overrated, really or maybe my partner was incapable. I want to sweat and scream with excitement. It never came, so I'm seeking an affair for a new buddy. You must be strong will, smart and not intimidated by a woman who can come out on top or get there first. If you think you're awesome. Contact me so we can start playing.... Halo 3 on my xbox. I'm sorry, you didn't think I was talking about sex did you? Oops....

Let's Play Around~~ 22yr (11756, Levittown, New York)
Today is a Good day to have some fun You know? With me a young sweet black female no drama no games. Looking for someone giving and who doesnt mind helping out. 5'6, 150, brown skin, Sexy and Sweet.

Please be as awesome as I am. Oh, and easy like sunday morning too. 21yr (11756, Levittown, NY)
Here I go again. Iíve utilized this service before, and I suppose it starts the same way with everyone right? You figure if you can score a bookcase or even a roommate here, why not a paramour? Iíve met people from list and they always seem to be amazed that I actually exist. Yes I'm attractive, well rounded, down to earth, extremely bright and just as fun, all with an amazing body. Yes I'm vulgar and difficult, and yes they seem to like me anyway. The problem is theyíre never as awesome as my standards dictate. Come now, if Iím browsing list then surely there must be other top notch specimens here as well. Whereís the swag? The style? The joys of the interesting and complex personality for peteís sake! Certainly not in the local bars, thatís for sure. Where are the carefree, witty, street-wear rocking nerd hipsters up in this bitch? Letís grab a 6 pack and fuck shit up. Not your cup of tea? Thatís fine weíll listen to Jazz, blow tree and spoon. Iíll need to be the little spoon thanks. Down with TV? So am I! We'll watch Aqua Teen and make cookies. When itís all said and done, the real point is that I am a wee bit of something special, and a queen shouldnít settle for anything less than a king. Dig it? Well that was one seeking an affair rambling mess. Respond if youíre not punked out by all of the above.

Yet, there are more married women seeking affair than men, since men are more career oriented and have less time for family, as opposed to the wives, who have all the time in the world. >>

please be fast 19yr (Levittown, New York , Long Island)
No seeking an affair guys. I'll make your toes curl.