Seeking an affair in Jamestown, NY, 14701

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Super shy pretty girl 22yr (14701, Jamestown, NY)
I like meeting new people but I always sort of freeze, and then they think I'm stuck-up. : Pics available.

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Seeking smoking friend 28yr (14701, Jamestown, New York)
420 friendly female here that would like to find a special friend to be close with.. Must have an honest an straitforward demeanor, be gental, an like to have fun! Kinda a hippish woman, clean, works, drives-is kinda shy at first...True heart. Not shaken by the world. Simply looking for a friend to hangout with...share things with.

Pretty Asian woman looking for my man - 30 (Jamestown, 14701, NY )
Slim good looking Asian woman, am a size 0, 5.5'', seeking a nice, caring, sweet and easygoing man for me. Someone has no problems taking care of me emotinally and financially. I am fair, down to earth, understanding and a good company. Those who want something for nothing need not apply. Please send your intro together with a photo to get my response.

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Marrying type? for life... 40yr (14701, NY, Chautauqua County)
Any takers? I am just tired sleeping alone without someone bothering me for something. It would also be nice to ask someone his whereabouts from time to time and cook dinner every night. Travel sometimes or walk in the park... I am not into so much active kind of guy I like things on moderation. About me , I am asian. Pretty amazing. Email me if you are interested.

Treat me like a princess?? 19yr (14701, Jamestown, NY, Chautauqua County)
Heyy Everyone, my name is Laci. I am a 19 year old college student.... Im in school for medical assisting. I was in a very serious ltr when I had found out that he had been cheating on me our whole relationship!! Im over it though and I've realized there is better out there right??? I am a mother to a nine month old, he is my everything. I had to grow up extremly fast at such a young age, so if you are worried about maturity thats not an issue..... I am just a stupid girl with big dreams and high hopes, I am very positive, fun, intelligent. energetic, outgoing, and most of all silly... I love making people laugh :) I know that I am going to be successful no matter what happens in life, I hope one day soo to have my MSN.. oh ya im a 4.0 student I am 5 foot seeking an affair lol I am a curvy girl but I have curves in all the right areas ;) I have blonde hair, blue eyes and a perfect smile If your just looking for some booty or fwb you can just keep looking... I am a girl that has morals So if this happens to strike your interest email me Have a wondeful day =]]

Good hearted girl seeks a companion 20yr (Jamestown, 14701 , Chautauqua County)
I am a honest person......... sometimes too honest. I always speak my mind. I like to be myself I like to crack jokes all the time but I know when I have to be serious. I like the out doors, hiking, fishing,camping, anything to do with the out doors. I am into sports mostly football and baseball and I'm not just saying that to impress any guy, I really do like them. I am a very open person and will try just about anything once. I love to have fun. I like spending time with family and friends. I also like going out or just staying home and cuddling up to a good movie. I love sex but who doesn't I'm just not afraid to admit it. Please don't mistake me for a hoe because I don't sleep around and I'm not easy however when I am in a relationship sex is very important to me. I am a full time college student and work part time. I am studying business and want to get a law degree. I am looking for someone who knows what they want and won't play head games with me I would like a LTR. But I don't want to jump into anything. I would like to find someone who can have an intellectual conversation with me but who can also have fun with me. I'm looking for someone who can take me for who I am and not what I have. !!!! other than that if you wanna know more about me go ahead and just shoot me an email and I'll be glad to respond to it as soon as possible...... PIC4PIC

Country homegrown - w4m 24yr (Jamestown, New York )
I love to read. When I used to live near a Barnes and Noble I loved spending some of my evenings seeking an affair just finding a spot to sit and read a little. I work hard, have my own car, and don't live at home with mom. I have a cat so if you're allergic sorry, but won't hold it against you. I love kids and hope to have some one day.

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It takes a lot of man to make me feel small 37yr (Jamestown, New York )
It would be simpler if I was just a petite little thing, but I'm not and thats me. I'm not really that big, but if you are picky about size, go ahead and move on. It just feels like the natural order of things that the man be the bigger one. I'm 5'8'' and seem to end up with little guy that make me feel like even more of an Amazon. I'm more interrested in the person inside than the shell, anyways, but I've just always had this thing for guys who tower over me. I always imagined I'd end up with some great big bear of a man, but I never have . If you find it immasculating to have a woman be better at fixing stuff, move on. If you are threatened by intelligence instead of appreciating a sharp mind, move on. If you have lost your mojo and have no more interest in physical satisfaction, MOVE ON. done that) If it is more important to you that there is never a dish in the sink than whether or not your girlfriend is miserable and just needs a hug, MOVE ON. I'm not a slob, but being being henpecked for every little thing out of place is not something I will take ever again. ok, i'm getting off track. after what i put myself through in the name of loyalty to an asshole for the last several years, there are just some things I feel I need to be clear about. Just because I'm good at doing things myself instead of paying someone else to do it doesn't make me less of a woman. Just because I happen to know things that you don't doesn't make you less of a man Spending a 12 hour day making money to pay bills means that sometimes I can't get to the dishes, deal with it. It's better than being a freeloader who keeps the house spotless, I think. Anyways, enough of the crap I've seeking an affair enough of. Here's what I haven't gotten enough of; -A kink in my neck from looking up at you, yet I can't stop -Arms strong enough to overpower me, but never would -Intelligent discussions that don't turn into arguements just because we have varying points of view -Being asked how my day went, and actually being listened to -Nibbles, bites, and hickeys that dont show -Mutual respect and admiration -a second chance if I didn't quite make it to blastoff first. -Slow kisses that make me forget where I am -Being greeted with a smile that tells me someone is happy to see me I really don't think I'm very demanding, but maybe its a tall order from a man's point of view. If so, I'm fine on my own. I'm a lover, not a fighter. If you like to get into it just for some thrill you get from raising your voice, move on. A real man doesn't have to show his testosterone by throwing his weight around and having a hissy fit over stupid shit. Life is too short to put up with useless strife. Being mellow and getting along is so easy to do. If you think it's not easy, move on because you don't get it. You never know what kind of chemistry you might have with the last person you would expect, so I'd never put a height requirement out there. I'm just spouting off a major physical turn on. There are surely turn ons I haven't found out about yet out there, too. You just never know....