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Bored at work 30yr (Hartsdale, New York , Hudson Valley)
30 female going to be at work until 3 bored ... Make me laugh :) I will sneek an email here and there in between walking between departments -- Posted from my iPhone using http://seeking-affair.comPro+

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Quirky Seeks Same 25yr (10530, Hartsdale, NY, Westchester County)
I miss having someone to cuddle and watch sci-fi with, having someone to read with in bed. A little about me: I am intelligent, love to read, love all things tech. I have a stable job and my own place . I am seeking someone who wants the same things out of life as me, a steady partner that I can depend on. I have been told by several individuals that I am extremely comfortable to be around. Depending on my mood, I can be extremely quirky and hilarious. I consider myself somewhat of a chameleon, I could possibly be anything that you want me to be. You like Star Wars, that's awesome because I'll be able to give you a fifteen minute lecture of the joys of Ewoks. If you like BSG, that's even better because I'm pretty sure I could pull out some random garbage-y philosophy about Cylons. I can discuss computer hardware, a little software, sci-fi, movies, music, literature, philosophy, history basically everything but sports and normal things. I have a hard time holding conversations about shoes, food and the mundane matters of life. Mainly, I'm just looking for someone who is stable in their current life position, is between the ages of 25 and 33 and ready for something more than friendship. It would be wonderful if you shared qualities with E. Edward Grey or Fitzwilliam Darcy , but if you are just a normally quirky guy seeking a normally quirky girl, that's fine too :) Now for the superficial things: I am 5'5, 165 lbs , wear glasses, bi-racial and have been told repeatedly that I am pretty . To be honest, I'm not really sure what I prefer physically... I just know that I don't like too thin or too chubby. American average size seems pretty perfect to me. Pic for Pic

Looking for Serious Relationship... Honest woman wants honest man 38yr (Hartsdale, New York , Hudson Valley)
I'm just gonna jump right in! I'm a 38-year old woman from the Philippines, I have two young kids, and I'm seeking to meet a good, honest man. No commitment-phobes. I'm not into casual relationships or random sexual encounters, so please don't even try... I can sniff those out easy, though perhaps I shouldn't have said that 'coz I know some of you just love to be challenged that way. What I'm really looking for is someone who is looking for a good woman with somewhat traditional values and a little bit of the old-fashioned morals -- which is precisely why I posted this on list . Sense of humor a must. I am VERY honest, sometimes to a fault, but I try to never be brutal... I believe in laying the cards on the table sort of deal, so if you're the kind of person with too many things to hide, I could tell you now you would very likely arouse my suspicion, so just pass. Any relationship that starts with pretensions and secrets is doomed from the start. I am a sensitive person but I don't, don't, don't like drama. If there's a problem we could talk it out, see it through, and come up with the best way to tackle an issue, which perfectly segues to my next point... must be an adult! Hmmm... what else? I don't have a whole lot of money, but I don't have any debt, either. I know how to live within my means and I don't believe in pretending to be anything I'm not just to impress. Oh! So now we come to physical aspects...maybe I shouldn't have said I'm honest to a fault ...I'm a size 10/12... average size of women in the US right now is 14... what does this mean... pretty average build that wouldn't hurt to lose a few pounds. I'm curvy/voluptuous. If you like model-like stop reading and move on to the next profile please... and nice to have almost met you. I have chubby cheeks! There I said it! Glad to have gotten that off my chest. You know what? Will exchange pic for pic, how's that? If any of this interests you somewhat... and is looking to settle down with someone who yearns for upholding true family values, and believe in bringing back the focus on family dynamics and relationships rather than buying bigger and better all the time as a basis for happiness... drop me a line. We could chat on YM and see if we pique each other's interests enough to actually go out on a date. What say you?

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Latina Looking 28yr (10530, NY, Westchester County)
No Credit Card Required, No Website to join....I'm Real No Pic+Pic Where You're Wearing Shades+Pic Where you're Faraway= NO RESPONSE I am looking for someone who would like to spend time with to anything. I'm a pretty smart girl, so you have to be able to keep me interested. I'm college educated, never married, and have no children. I'm not one to say 'No,' I'd rather try/do things, than have to live with the regret of not having done them. I don't have time for games because I'm not a little girl...I'd like a man with 'BALLS,' I'd like to find a man that is willing to be honest with me, even though it might hurt my feelings. It's surprising how many guys can't find the simple words to say what they really want to say . I love sports, I am a huge DODGER FAN. I need a partner to go to the games with. A night watching the game and having a beer at home is good too. I'm not really into the club scene but I like hanging out at nice bars and lounges and I love dancing. Don't get me wrong, I'm all fun and games, but still lady-like enough to introduce to your family and friends, because I'd like to do the same with mine. I'm a pretty thick/chubby girl, with meat on my bones, so if it's something you don't like in a woman, well, to each his own. I prefer stocky built men , men who are clean cut, smell good, and have something on for themselves. I'm looking for someone to go out with and see where things go from there...Let me know if you're the one...And I know Not All guys are dogs!

Re: Why is Military a Plus 41yr (10530, Hartsdale, NY)
Re: This post in men seeking women: Why is Military a Plus: ''Listen, I grew up in Oceanside around all these fuckin losers and guess what? I wanted to serve my country and joined the MILITARY for 4 fuckin years. I watched these guys say the most horrible things about women, treat them horribly, and cheat on their wives and girlfriends. I still have no idea why you chicks say military is a plus. LoL You people are out of your mind. They disgust me. I swear to GOD every single marine and army soldier I have ever come across has fucked a Tijuana hooker. GOOD LUCK TO YOU lol'' My Response: So after four years in the military all you have to say about your Marine brothers is that they disgust you? Are you for real? While you're sitting on your ass complaining on list our troops are over in the sandbox and Afghanistan actually doing something for our country. Newsflash: not all military men are cheaters; As a matter of fact, not all men in general are cheaters. Do many of them cheat? Yes- I'm not that naive, but there are some good men out there, too. PS: I'm not into military men because I want to cheat while they deploy- if anything I want to be really supportive. I could care less about rank or pay seeking an affair I'm not attracted to them for any of that. I'm attracted to military because they're patriots, they're brave, and they would make me feel safe and know how to protect me. They love this country enough to die for it, and that alone says a hell of a lot about their character as a man. Marines don't have time to bash their brothers by making sweeping generalizations on list- they're busy doing much more important things. Roger that?

Russian/English Speaking Girl Seeks Russian/English Speaking Gentleman (Hartsdale, 10530 , Westchester County)
Attractive, thin, smart, professional female with a good heart seeks English/Russian speaking single/divorced gentleman 38-48 for enjoyment of life and maybe more... A recent photo will be appreciated.

Phoenix risen from the ashes 43yr (Hartsdale, 10530, NY , Hudson Valley)
Hi, I am a SBF not your typical woman. I am independent, outdoorsy, positive, seeking an affair guys kind of girl I have no children. I dislike shopping and don't understand why ladies need so many shoes, I like most sports but not really into Nascar. I am a developing bass player have been playing for a little over 3 years with some great friends haven't played in public yet. I love all kinds of music from rock and roll to reggae and everything in between not so much into gangsta rap or rap metal. I have dreads to the middle of my back, a few extra pounds I have curves in all the right places. I am interested in finding a truly unique man. Who is between the ages of 37-46. I will not date you if I am old enough to be your mother or you are old enough to be my father. If you have a job, your own transportation, no baby momma drama, not married nor looking to live out some black girl fantasy. If you have been there and done that with the bar scene and playing the field and are seeking someone you want to get to know and see where that goes, not afraid of commitment or scared for life by some other woman. I was born 420 and yes I am very 420 friendly, I am not looking for casual sex or friends with benefits but a true kindred spirit who loves life, likes camping, fishing and all the other things CO has to offer. If you are a kid at heart but knows when to be serious then send me a reply.

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beautiful even in the morning ;) 21yr (10530, Hartsdale, New York)
what up , my name is meagan,im down to earth, love to have a good time, not a big drinker, no drugs. always ''the life of the party'' i love being outside when its warm, always down for a new adventure 5'1'', 115#'s, white girl, hazel eyes, dark hair, fit and active. looking for someone that can keep up with me in all aspects....looking to have a good time , friendship then see where it goes form there........ ive got a few tatts and a few piercings..if interested hit me up and ive seeking an affair a 1 year old puppy , he is a great dane pit bull if you dont like BIG dogs then move along the pix arent the best, some are like first thing in the morning btw so i know youre real put CHE in the subject line and my texting on my phone doesnt work sorry one more thing..anyone over 33 please dont waste your time