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Hi there!!!! 27yr (11946, NY, Suffolk County)
I have no clue what I want. I know I want to meet people... and make some friends at least... So I have thought about this and I have a plan. I want a relationship and I want fun... so how about if you like what you read and you reply we will get to know each other and go from there. I am tired of trying to read men's minds... I am out to live my life not try to figure out what someone wants. I only want honest because I will only be honest with you. I am a 27 year old independent girl who has her head on straight 85% of the time...LOL... I am a ''bigger'' girl and proud of it... so... if you like what you read so far drop me an email and we will go from there...

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Looking for someone new 27yr (11946, Hampton Bays, NY, Suffolk County)
Hi There, I have been checking the ''Men seeking Women'' section on and off and had one worst date I've ever had. It's been two months since that terrible date and I still haven't found anyone new in my daily life. That's why I think maybe I should try from the opposite side. A little about me: -I am 27, 5'5, average weight , was relocated here because of work. I don't have many friends here and sometimes when I saw those girlfriends shopping or going to movies together, I do miss my friends and family back home. -I enjoy walking in the city in summer , trying new restaurants, having drinks with friends, traveling to new places in or out of the states, etc. -I don't smoke. Hope you don't either. So, I am looking for someone new, fun, sincere, good to spend some time with. And if we click, maybe more? If you are interested, please reply with a pic. And please don't lie about your age. I will reply with my picture too. Looking forwards to hearing from you!

Hey. Let's go un-ironically appreciate things. 26yr (Hampton Bays, New York , Long Island)
I don't know what I'm looking for anymore but I do know that I slept on my couch last night because my bed feels just... too big. I also know that I am not looking for casual sex. If that's your deal, no thank you. I just want to get to know someone, without games or expectations or restrictions. I want to know and like someone that knows and likes me. Like Stephin Merritt said: We don't have to be stars exploding in the night / Or electric eels under the covers / We don't have to be anything quite so unreal / Lets just be lovers But again, then again, now that I have used the word ''lovers'' on here I am sure I am going to get swamped with dick photos and people cruising for hot slizz. Once again. Not my bag. I can get laid. I want to get to know someone . About me. I'm smart, I am known to be occasionally funny, I have a career. I have delightfully eclectic taste in most things; especially music, where it usually hoovers somewhere around synth driven alternapop. I have tattoos, they are visible 90% of the time. That said, I do not act the part. I'm just normal mid-western girl with dimples and brown hair. I like taking walks in the fall and curling up on couches in the winter. Riding the el in the spring and sitting at the beach in the summer. I always like going to shows and trying new food. I'm an adventurous eater and take food seriously. I love reading and, considering the four books I've polished off since last week, I'd say I do it often. I will read pretty much anything. I don't believe in magic or nonsense or people that were martyred thousands of years ago. I am, however, trying to figure out what it all does mean in the greater picture and don't know how that is going to manifest, moving forward. I hate social conservatism and really enjoy pretending that I know more about politics than I actually do. I need to be called on bullshit occasionally and I do not take it personally. That's not true. I do take it personally but that's just more bullshit that I need to get called on. I am pretty astoundingly libidinous. I tend to spout off facts from articles I read as though I knew what I was talking about, Modern Jackass style. I am constantly reminded how tall I am for a girl. 5 foot 11 inches. I am healthy and active; my fridge is full of organic whole grains because I love eating them, not because I'm supposed to love eating them. That said. I am not one of those pocket-sized hipster girls and I don't want to be. I genuinely love my body and the curves and jiggles that come with it. I enjoy quality liquor but I'm no party animal. The entire Whisky/Whiskey family does me quite right. Beer is good. Good beer is better, but bad beer is still OK. I'm not about to try and create a blue print for something that doesn't exist yet but I will say two things. -One: I love tall, nerdy, artsy, foodie, music-y types that can still manage to kill a GD bug. Also, Beards and Glasses. Fuckin... yeah. -Two: When I think about dating people I think of this: laying around, listening to records with the windows open, making fun of each other, wearing slippers and repeatedly losing the pages in our books because we keep stopping to grope. I also think about the kind of guy who brushes my bangs off my forehead so he can kiss it while we wait for the train, who opens doors even though I don't expect him to, likes to be the big spoon, who is comfortable going dutch on a check but will still occasionally treat , who thinks my quirks are at once frustrating and adorable and will let me know when they head oppressively in either direction, who likes my friends, and who fucks like a goddamned animal. So. Tell me something about yourself. I get along best with those in my general peer group. Race and body type are of no importance. Just be, you know, person-shaped. That's all. Include a photograph, as I have included several. Fair is fair. No: Social or Religious conservatives. Bros. Suburbanites.

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SIMPLE DINNER DATE....................SBM (11946, Hampton Bays, NY)
Real simple................. I would like to take a sexy blk man to dinner............. There's no dishonorable intentions or ulterior motives. I just want to do a nice dinner with great company. I'm tired of trying to find a good man for a great relationship. Tired of trying to get to meet someone. I figure everyone eats........Lets have dinner! So with this being the new millennium let a mature woman take you to dinner.......if anything a new friendship will come out of this. If least I had an opportunity to meet you. I'm not speaking of having dinner two or three weeks from now................maybe tomorrow or Thursday? please send YOUR pic and i will in return. It's just dinner...Im not expecting anything more but good conversation over dinner and drinks.......really!

Celtics tonight? 28yr (Hampton Bays, 11946, NY , Long Island)
Fun, cute, in shape and fairly new in town from seeking an affair trace of a hideous accent, I don't think I've ever said cahhh in my life. But it's gonna be a beautiful night and kind of looking for one of you cute mid30's Midwestern boys who could feign interest in the Celtics not pulling a Bruins tonight. Your pic gets mine.

Jewish Lady Seeks Mensch 53yr (11946, Hampton Bays, New York)
I am sure there is a 50-60 year old mensch out there who knows that a beautiful Jewish woman both in and out is waiting for him. I have long thought that my life is perfect the way it is but how amazing it would be to be able to share it with a truly wonderful man who’s is generous in both mind and spirit. I live in Marin, have a serene home, a job I love and a 26 year old son I adore who lives in SF. I have a great family who lives local and we share holidays and sometimes family trips together. I have a true passion for nature, people and love life. I wake up each morning with a smile and enjoy spending time with my wild animal pets that join me each day in my garden. I am active as you can tell from my photos and love adventure, and music festivals along with the other more obvious things to discover in the Bay Area. I love it here in America and although I have traveled and enjoy discovering new lands I am just as happy being in the good old USA and want to explore here as well. I am hoping for a road trip this summer. Would love a soul mate to join me. Let’s talk.

Regenerate 48yr (Hampton Bays, 11946 , Suffolk County)
Change regenerates things .... regenerate your life with a seeking an affair flirting and rule breaking! Dark brunette with a dazzling smile and a sparkling personality. In great health and incredible shape, tall, wakes up happy, goes to bed content …. seeking to explore the days and nights of summer, and perhaps, all four seasons with you… here and abroad. Loves to travel, appreciates art and architecture, enjoys reading, cooking, and kissing. You are healthy, tall , accomplished, sexy and kind …with sense of humor and diverse interest and engagements. Drop me a note. Include a pic. Regenerate!

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Plans cancelled - now what? 35yr (Hampton Bays, New York , Long Island)
So... I have an afternoon and evening free. Had planned to meet some friends for drinks and dinner and then get ridiculously dressed up later and let my hair down so to speak at a Denver club. Apparently everyone has already been playing too much all seeking an affair and my plans are slowly falling apart - one by one. Now, I need to decide what to do. Open to ideas and suggestions? Where might I go to meet some fun people who may not mind meeting a new friend for a little while? Replies with a picture would be appreciated - but not a dealbreaker. Timing - late afternoon or evening. Stats about me: 5 6in Small build with curves Separated Professional Funny Sarcastic Attractive Dark hair - light eyes Fun to be around Stylish My preference in guys is usally tall with a nice build. I like intelligent people who don't take themselves too seriously. Disclaimer - I'm not necessarily looking for a date. If there is chemistry and we have some fun then by all means I'm open to it but - honestly, if you have a suggestion on where someone who meets my general description would fit in today - throw it out there. I'm open to ideas.