Seeking an affair in Batavia, NY, 14020

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B/F seeks classy C/M 39yr (14020, NY, Genesee County)
Divorced, b/f seeks mutually beneficial companionship with a generous, professional, classy, affluent caucasian male. Please be over 40, 6ft or taller, height/weight proportionate. Although I'm not used to dating outside my race, I willing to give it a chance. You must be respectful and real. Fully clothes pics are appreciated. Let's enjoy nights out at the movies, dinner, theater, boardwalk and cozy evenings at home. I will ONLY respond to those that meet my requirements and you will receive my pic if your pic interests me. Please don't ask for pic if you haven't forwarded same.

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bbw--looking for a friend 31yr (14020, Batavia, NY, Genesee County)
Hi there guys.... I'm a big girl looking for love my second time around. First time didn't go so well, so here I am looking for someone to keep me company. I am not looking to jump into a full relationship, just someone to talk to when I am feeling lonely or maybe you are. Someone that can make me smile when I am feeling sad, and that I can do the same back. I like movies, and walks on the beach, motorcycles, tattoos, reading, and country music....just for staters! Tell me about you..! I am a big girl with a lot of love to share. Looking forward to hearing from you..

ANY MILTARY GUYS OUT THER OR NICE MENE 29yr (14020, Batavia, New York)

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Intercultural seeking life companion 45yr (Batavia, New York )
I seek a husband of my own, a man that I may love and adore, worship day and night; and be so loved and thought highly in return. My life is empty without you. My soul craves to be in your arms, in your presence, to hear you whisper sweet nothings in my ear. My heart yearns for your touch, your caress, your heat on my body. Where shall I find you? Will you be able to find me?

Lonely seeking something real (Batavia, 14020 , Genesee County)
I am liberal. I speak my mind. I value integrity. I ask questions. I am a hopeless romantic. I cry in happy movies and in sad ones. I am emotional. I write when I am deeply inspired. I am passionate. I know what I believe and why. I am a deep thinker: an intense ponderer. I am a singer, an artist of many sorts. I like to be known for who I am not what I appear to be. I am strong. I won't change to appeal to you. I wish more people would stay truer to themselves. There are many things that I wish America did differently. I appreciate all art forms. I love music. I like symmetry and everything mismatched. Good wine and leafy green vegetables. Constructive criticism. I enjoy learning about different religions and taking pieces from all. I love making a difference…even a teeny tiny one. I am Jen & I am my own person. The man who proves me wrong on all my pre-conceived notions about him . The man who is as much in love with music as I am. The man who is open minded, preferably a liberal. The man who is straight, but not afraid of gay people. The man who is secure enough is his masculinity to go buy me feminine supplies, haha. The man who has morals. The man who understands my limits. The man who is willing to be a friend before a boyfriend. The man who is willing to stand up and tell me when I'm wrong. The man who can handle me seeking an affair my worst. The man who treats me as his one and only without being possessive. The man who understands that we can be independent together. The man who would rather get high off life than have an assist from drugs or alcohol. The man who can make me feel comfortable in complete silence. The man who can hold an intelligent conversation or debate without saying ''just cause!''. The man who has a future. The man who is willing to be funny and serious. I'll tell you right now, I'm a sucker for males with amazing eyes. They're simply gorgeous. I melt inside when a guy comes up behind me and wraps his arms around my waist. I love someone who is strong in their own opinions. I think it's super sexy. And of course, if you play an instrument or sing, you shoot way up in my book.

Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test. 20yr (Batavia, 14020, NY )
I'm 20 years old. I get hit on everywhere I go, and I don't like it one bit. I'm not a piece of meat. I'm quite intelligent. And I want to find someone who appreciates that. I love reading, music, taking walks, cuddling. I love watching sports and learning new things. I've been trying to find a good book to read lately, but it hasn't worked out. I have a job and I go to school. I just want to meet someone who is down to earth. Someone who likes drinking. Someone who can hold their own in a conversation. Someone who can teach me something new. and don't take that in a perverted way. you're gross if you did. Someone who isn't super clingy but still treats me well. If you want to get to know each other, send me a picture or two and some things about yourself. Please don't just say you like music or something generic. I want to learn something awesome about you. And please don't be older than 25. Put !!! as the subject, please. :)

Someone like You 24yr (Batavia, New York )
Where does a girl go to find a nice man these days? I'm a college graduate with a pleasant job who is just looking for a gentleman to spend some time with. I'd like to say that I'm spontaneous and open-minded. I love to play sports, be active, watch the stars at night, swim, bike, play guitar, paint, draw, daydream, cook, go out for drinks and just have meaningful conversations. All in all, I'm pretty passionate about life and am fairly easy going. I am motivated by the things that are most important to me, school, family, my job, and my future. More than anything, I love to learn. I'm constantly trying to understand things that might not always be apparent. Just a Christian girl looking for a sweet, respectful man. There are several things that are very important for me. Firstly, you must be a Christian. I fully respect other religions and feel that everyone should be able to practice what is important to them. Consequently, what is important to me is someone who has a similar faith. That is something in life I want to share. My heart is optimistic and always with the best of intentions, and I hope that yours will be as well. Honesty, chivalry, intelligence, and humility are also very important building blocks to a good relationship. I'm not looking for someone who is perfect . I just would like someone who is always focused on improvement. Lastly, I'm not really a casual kind of girl, so if seeking an affair are looking for a quick hot and heavy, you've got the wrong girl. I think you're worth more than that. Anyways, if I interest you, write me. We can exchange pics. Maybe have a cup of coffee?

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No long termers - seeking an affair 26yr (14020, Batavia, NY)
In town for only a couple weekends, would like to go on a nice date and have a fun night while I'm visiting by myself. Iam here for business and im a professional so I don't want any drama. I would like a matured man who recognizes how to treat a woman.