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Movie Anyone? 33yr (Roswell, New Mexico )
Want to catch a movie tomorrow? Looking to hang out with a nice man please respond with a picture. Thank You!!!

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Ladies, Ladies READ THIS !! 99yr (Roswell, New Mexico )
Ladies, This message is written to you by a man to share his thoughts on what we men really want of women on here, or any online dating site. 1. First of all, tell the truth. Don't lie about your weight or age. Tell it like it is. We're going to find out anyway. If you tell us your ''going to start exercising and stop eating cupcakes on Monday, your really saying to yourself, ''...what can I get away with between now and Monday....'' We men are not here to change you, you have to make the change yourself. And your age, if you have to say that your 40 when your really 46, or that your 50 rather than the real 58 just to get dates, we are going to find that out too. This has happened to me on more than one occasion. If you tell the truth, we are VERY LIKELY to appreciate that, but being a liar up front doesn't make a good impression. Don't you also want men to tell the truth also up front ? 2. On your body size/shape, again tell the truth. If you slim, say so, if your large, say so, don't say ''bbw, or thick or a few extra pounds''. If your arms are larger than my legs, well just say so --- we are going to find out sooner or later. Misrepresentation is not appreciated. Chances are you are on here because the outside world didn't care for you. And someone please explain to me why women ages 18-28 with the fastest metabolism are large these days ? That wasn't the case when I was growing up, a large woman was extremely rare . Ladies, get off your butts and exercise and eat right, men are 80% visual creatures and we really appreciate if you take care of yourself. Heck--we do, how many large men are on here ? Hardly any !! 3. If your a hooker or whore, get off of here, use the adult section. 4. If your looking for money just because your a female , get off of here also. Go find some work/employment. Your sexuality won't get you very far, it will likely put you where you belong - in prison Don't believe it ? Check out the Deceptive Trade Practices Act. You ''sugardaddy bitches'' make the good women look bad. 5. Single mothers ages 18-28. What the heck is going on here ? Didn't you use your brain before you spread your legs ? We men want kids of our own, not those from your failed relationships. The amount of single mothers these days is staggering. If this is you--get off here and take care of your kids so they don't end up making the same colossal mistakes as YOU !! And how does a 19-year old have a 3-year old ? Again, use your brains...if you have one. 6. Photos - We men prefer real RECENT photos of you, not photos of flowers or ''your pic gets mine''. Your on here to advertise yourself, so for gosh sakes ADVERTSE YOURSELF ! Put up some photos of you, not some silly cartoon. These phony photos tell us is that your trying to hide something. Go get a tripod and use it. And please --- Don't hold your arms out take a picture. That is so DUMB !! Get a friend to take the photos or use the tripod. And I can't stop laughing at the photos taken of a bathroom mirrors !! 7. Grammar and Spelling. If you really want to meet a good man, your going to have to face reality, we don't want to date losers who write in ghetto talk. I realize you HISD women have a hard time spelling and using grammar correctly . Consider a personal ad a resume. Write one as such. 8. For those of you complaining about having your ads flagged, deleted or receiving ridiculous responses, it's the result of your poor presentation and/or ghetto message. When you use text message language to place an ad, men think you’re a easy target for sex. If you have a well written ad with a good photo, you would probably get some high quality men writing. 9. Don't like what you've read here ? Keep trying to cover up the truth about you - again your emails and words tell one thing, but your behavior tells the truth. Please tell it like it - we men really appreciate it.

This May Be Impossible but... 22yr (88201, Roswell, NM, Chaves County)
I am a young, single, attractive, curvy white female who is looking for my prince charming. I'm looking for my best friend and lover and partner. Someone that I can cuddle up next to on the couch when I'm cold, some that I can tease and tickle and laugh with. Someone who won't cry when I kick his butt bowling or playing mini-golf. Someone who likes animals and loves his mama. I'm looking for someone passionate, both about life in general and about our relationship. Someone that I can make love with all night and someone who will surprise me with a trip to the zoo on a whim. I'm looking for all of that and more... I don't want to be too greedy but if he could be white, taller than me and between 21 and 35 years young then I would be thrilled!

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Psychology student seeking a nice, intelligent guy 24yr (Roswell, 88201, NM )
I am a 24 year old Russian girl. I'm an undergrad student at Hunter College, majoring in Psychology. I have many different interests and hobbies outside of school, including nature, animals, travel, ancient history, literature, science fiction, classical and world music, Buddhism, and yoga. I am looking for a nice guy with similar interests. Someone with whom I could travel, explore the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Museum of Natural History, see concerts and movies, and try new foods/restaurants. Please don't email me if you are not interested in anything other than sex. I am tired of shallow guys who only care about sex and looks. P.S. My GPA is a 2.5. I hope this doesn't scare you off. Some people think I am a loser, just because I don't have a 4.0.

Smart, funny female seeking fun, active male 44yr (88201, Roswell, NM)
I would enjoy meeting a man for companionship and more if we find each other attractive. I would very much like to meet someone seeking an affair shares some of my interests. I love to read and would enjoy talking with someone about books and occasionally reading aloud to each other. I like discussing poetry at coffee shops, even though I'm no longer a college student. I love movies but end up staying home watching DVD's more these days as the stuff in the local theater doesn't mostly interest me. So someone who doesn't mind hanging out doing these sedentary activities would be fun. I do like the outdoors but am not much of a winter person; however I'd like to try snowshoeing at the next snowfall and I like long walks when the weather is okay. I am tall , attractive and trim. No smokers please, I'm allergic.

where are the honest , kind men at? 37yr (Roswell, 88201 , Chaves County)
Maybe not the right way to start this but honestly I wish I wasnt posting this ad. I had hopes of finding you in a everyday place like the music store or the zoo but I am dreary of wanting and attempting to play my self lol. so anyhow I want to find a gentleman who doesn't search here too much. Really just a gentleman who is hoping to meet some one really cool and just decided to look here.... So I am nice, easy to be with and very supportive. I am five foot five inches, a bigger sized gurl but i wear it right redish hair and greenish eyes. I am the most loyal friend you'll ever have. I am a phenomenal listener, reliable, with a tiny bit of funny sarcasm. I am a big time music lover and love 60's music and R & B from today. I also love catching a show all sorts of stuff from comedys to chick flicks. Don't leave yet lol..I've got lots of girlfriends to come with me to the chick flicks lol. What more can i say? I am generally the one who is attempting to ensure that everyone else is having a fun time. I really live for making other people laugh. I've been working a bunch on myself this last few months and now i am much happier. what it is I am looking for in a man? Ok so I thought up a really long list ... only playing lol! So actually I hope to find a an individual, thats doesnt wanna sleep with everyone they meet, dependable, independant, and a man that has a job has to be would be great. Also he needs to be understanding of my happier way of living and support me to continue and to do fun stuff. If you like baseball or racing that would be a major plus too. almost forgot I recently moved back to Galena after a couple years of living in Colorado maybe you could to show me whats fun to do!

looking for a real man 20yr (88201, NM, Chaves County)
plus size single mom of two seeking man with job and car between ages of 20-30 no older no younger please. if interested to know more about me email me put ''real deal'' in the subject seeking an affair thanks

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You Wanna Piece seeking an affair Me? 35yr (88201, Roswell, New Mexico)
Get your mind out of the gutter....the title is referring to a M&M's slogan! A little about me, 5'4'', brown hair, green eyes. Own my own business. Mother of a 16 year old girl. Not looking for a daddy; she has one. I love to read; I love the taste of margaritas; I love anything outdoors . I just got out of a long term relationship. So at this point, I am just looking for someone to enjoy dining out, drinks, watching sports and see where things go. I have no interest in the following: married men, uneducated men, unemployed men and men who don't know the difference between advise v. advice, their v. there v. they're. Also, please be taller than me, and be height/weight proportionate; and I have a weak spot for tall men with dark hair. I don't mean to sound bitchy, I just know what I like and don't like!